And the Awards go to.......Froula, MacKinnon, and Elliott.  No, not a law firm.  A firm group of deserving Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians.
     Awarded at the Noon meeting of the Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club Jan 4 by Immediate Past President Chris Gilbreath, Emily Froula received the Rae Mowery Fellowship Award, De' MacKinnon was awarded the Presidential Service honor, and Walt Elliott was named Rotarian of the Year.  Gilbreath commented on each of the recipients in the following note:
     The Rae Mowery Fellowship Award goes to Emily Froula.  Her efforts towards rebuilding the High School Interact and Youth Exchange programs, the support for expanding the Holiday Senior Card program and her work in developing our social media presence all were invaluable to our club.
The 2022 Presidential Service Award went to De' MacKinnon. Her vigilant monitoring of our Club's affairs, her recognition of opportunities to better serve our club and our community and her effective documentation and efficient monitoring of  leadership actions made our entire club more successful.
Finally,  Walt Elliot was recognized as the 2022 Rotarian of the Year. After his Presidency he continued to provide the expertise and determination to have our club operate effectively utilizing the technology needed for our hybrid meeting format.  In addition, he thoughtfully spent hours coordinating our meeting speaker program providing informative and timely guest presenters. Likewise, Walt's presence on the board insured that all efforts were thoughtfully weighed and considered.  Finally, in the year that "People in Action" became a major area of emphasis Walt was a fixture at every activity, leading by example.
     All three leaders made a huge difference in our club and our community.