forwarded by Blood Drive Chair Jon Sole
Good Afternoon Kingston Community Donors!
Big thanks for a great blood drive on 8/22/17!
The ongoing support and dedication of donors is very appreciated. We truly value your partnership in our lifesaving pursuits.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
Drive Results:
  • Total Registered Whole Blood Donors: 41 people  
  • Units of Whole Blood Collected: 34 units
  • Apheresis Donors Registered: 5
  • Apheresis Units Collected: 4
  • Lives Saved: Since each whole blood donation can save up to three lives and each apheresis donation can save more than 3 lives, your collective donations will help save more than 114 patients in our community. 
  • We welcomed 10 first-time donors.
Your efforts will bring health and comfort to many patients. The blood donations collected at the blood drive are critical to maintain a stable blood supply for surgeries, medical emergencies, and for supporting patients battling life-threatening illnesses like leukemia and other cancers.
Each day, 800 people must donate blood to support Bloodworks Northwest blood supply in order to meet the needs of patients in our hospitals. Your blood drive played an important role in helping meet that goal.
Thank you from all of us at Bloodworks NW for your support in this life-saving mission.
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