At their Mar 1 Noon meeting, Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians embraced ten-year member De' MacKinnon as both their meeting guest-Emcee, and guest speaker.  
     De' began with the story of how she became a member of the Club in 2013, when she retired from teaching high school after falling while hanging homecoming decorations.  She was invited by member Clint Boxman, although she points out the Rotary myth that one be required to be invited to be a Rotarian.
She chronicled her various posts in the Club - membership chair, youth exchange chair, foundation chair, and currently, secretary, which she is looking to surrender. 
     De' is a proud member of the Kingston Historical Society.  As guest speaker, she told of the Society's founding in 2002.  She showed members a copy of the first historical book about Kingston, published in 1989, Little City by the Sea.  It told of the first car ferry to serve Kingston-Edmonds in 1923. Noting Benjamin Bannister is considered the father of Kingston, De' said the Society is working currently to document people who lived here before Washington statehood in 1889.  She also handed out the latest Kingston history book, published by the Society in 2019.  Most recently, local high school students have been involved in an art project to depict Kingston history by reimagining historical photos of Kingston.