District Governor Greg Horn visited the Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club Wednesday, Mar 31.  He’s in charge of Rotary District 5020, which he described as the largest in North America, with 93 Clubs and almost 4400 members.  Horn has been a Rotarian twenty-five years.

    The Governor outlined the journey to his post which began three years ago.  He cited the leadership skills Rotarians build.  And talked about Rotary being a networking organization originally, having grown into a service organization.  He talked about Rotary building alliances with Toastmasters, and the recent addition of the Environment to Rotary’s initiatives worldwide.

    To date, since the Club’s founding, Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians have contributed $122k to the Rotary Foundation, half of which comes back to the District for local projects, the remaining half enabling Rotary’s worldwide projects.