It took a series of slides and about forty minutes for Rotary District 5020 Community Grants Coordinator Bob Zawilski to explain the process of applying for - and receiving - a grant for local Rotary Club community and international projects at the November 18 meeting of the Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club.  It is reasonably complex and tightly controlled, but funds are available.  There are ninety-two Rotary Clubs in District 5020 competing for the almost $200k grant money allocated by the District each year.  Each grant must be matched by the local Club, meaning, for example, a $7k project would be half-funded by the District Grant. Zawilski explained it is a two year process with preparation in year 1 and execution in year 2.  Member training is involved.  Memorandums-of-understanding are involved.  Club Presidents for each of the years are required to be trained.  After project completion, receipts and proof-of-completion (photographs) are required to get the money.  Zawilski explained some Clubs in District 5020 are very skilled at this.  Thanks to Mark Libby, Kingston’s Club is gearing up to compete.