From left: Kierston Cashman, Collin Gomez, Emily Ramirez, Clara Kehoe, Kate Halverson.
On camera: Alexis Williams
Interact, in their search for an international project, began corresponding with Days for Girls last year.  Days for Girls is an international charity that provides feminine hygiene products for impoverished girls globally, mostly in Africa.  Headquartered in Bellingham, WA, it has an annual budget of $3 million and receives high ratings by the organizations that evaluate charities.
Poulsbo Days for Girls is the local chapter.  Their forte is manufacturing the reusable products in "Sew-Ins" and then assembling and shipping them out as "kits". 
The Kingston NK Rotary club supports a similar charity, Side by Side, with annual contributions at about $1,500.  Recognizing the intersection of goals, Poulsbo Days for Girls and Side by Side, work closely and coordinate their efforts regarding feminine hygiene.
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