Empact Northwest Comes to the Aid of Folks Around the World from its Base in Kingston, WA
​​​​​​     Empact Northwest Executive Director Jake Gillanders spoke to Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians at their Jun 22 meeting.  He explained the organization was founded in 2010 to provide rescue, medical, and logistical support to those affected by disaster worldwide; preparedness support to communities in need, and professional rescue training.  Gillanders said "our bread and butter is earthquakes and hurricanes.  In fact, Empact Northwest got its start responding to the disastrous earthquake in Haiti.  Recently, however, it has shifted its mission, perhaps temporarily, to helping in Ukraine and Poland.  They were on the ground in Ukraine within a week of the start of the war.  To date, ten EN responders have treated 300 patients and delivered 15k pounds of food, hygiene, and shelter supplies.
     Gillander told Rotarians his organization initially consisted of paramedics and firefighters.  They have a total of 53 personnel, all but eight of whom are volunteers.  They have eight staff members, four of whom are part time.  
     When asked what we should be thinking about, he said, "preparedness."  In the event of an earthquake, or other large disaster, households "need to be able to manage their own affairs, to survive on their own, for two weeks."  In the event of "the big one" it may take as long as six months to recover.  
     More information regarding Empact Northwest at: empactnorthwest.org.