Posted by Ron Carter
Breane Martinez, Club President
If ever there was a juggling act to behold, it is right here in Kingston, Washington, where master magician and local Rotary club president Breane Martinez practices.  Family.  Career.  Community.  Shuffle.  Career.  Family.  Community.  Shuffle.  She keeps all three plates spinning on their sticks, not losing a one to the concrete below. 
            Community: Breane became the Club’s president July 1, 2018, having been Rotarian for eight years.  Career: 15-year physical therapist.  Family: spouse of Owen; mother of Benett (7) and Jax (5).  Breane holds an undergraduate degree in Health and Sciences from Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska, and a Master’s in Physical Therapy from Loma Linda University in southern California.  During her Loma Linda internship, she practiced at Kitsap Physical Therapy in Kingston, where, eventually, she was hired full-time and has been helping people ever since.  Kitsap Physical Therapy is also where she met her husband-to-be, Owen, who was working out in the adjoining gym. She gets great career satisfaction working with patients,  seeing progress, knowing she is helping improve their quality of life.  That is a theme of her involvement in the community as well.  Helping improve it’s quality of life. 
            Breane grew up in a family that was service oriented.  At the age of two-weeks, her parents took her on a missionary trip to Mexico.  Not that she remembers the trip.  Her parents gave her the foundation, the modeling, for a life of service.  She tells the story of an experience when she was “eleven or twelve, my parents told me this year we are having no Christmas.  No presents.  No tree.  Instead, we’re going to Guatemala to help in an orphanage.  That was a turning-point trip.  Seeing those kids.  It made such an impact on me.” When asked about her motivation, she says, “I want to have a positive impact, to leave a small positive impact in my community.  I get daily satisfaction in helping people.” 
            Before becoming the Kingston North Kitsap Rotary’s President, she led, and continues to lead, the Club’s annual major fundraiser, the Swing for Rotary golf tournament.  Under her leadership, net proceeds have grown each year, setting another record in 2018 at $47k.  This with an active roster of barely 50 members.  She has also recently led the Club to establish the Kitsap-Olympic Ale Trail, where “hikers” buy a $20 pass to discount pours at more than 15 local breweries and eating establishments.  Half the proceeds go back into community organizations as designated by hikers when they sign up.  “The Trail” is patterned after one developed by Fort Collins, CO Foothills Rotary Club.  Info at:
            Martinez claims Rotary has helped her grow a lot. “I was so nervous when I chaired the first meeting of the golf committee.  But I found I enjoy leadership roles. Rotary means a lot to me.  I enjoy being part of something bigger than myself - the community,  the friendship, and the fellowship.  It motivates me to be better.  I’m inspired by Rotary.”