Ever heard of KOB?  No, we are not talking about the radio station in Albuquerque. KOB, around here, stands for the KINGSTON ORDER BOMBERS.  It is a new group created by the Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club to help out local businesses that have been adversely affected by Covid-19.  Starting with restaurant order-bombing, then expanding to other retail businesses, orders will be placed from Hansville to Suquamish, Port Gamble to Kingston. 

    KOB will connect with local restaurants, one per week, to schedule the events.  At the direction of the restaurants, menus and order opportunities will be communicated to Club members each week.  It is anticipated KOB will continue through the summer, possibly highlighting a business more than once, and expanding to other, non-restaurant, businesses.

An important element of the program is to not overwhelm the business with orders.  Club members will contact that week’s “coordinator,” a Rotarian, who will serve as a sort-of front-end person for the restaurant, to keep track of demand.  Rotarians will then call the restaurant to order takeout, or to make a dining-in reservation.    

    First up, Kingston Ale House, March 10.  The full menu - lunch and dinner - is available, and the Ale House is offering 25% discounts on bottles of wine.  Coordinator is Nancy Martin, nanjmartin@mac.com.  Inform Nancy of your intention to be a “bomber,” then call the Ale House directly - 360-881-0412 - to book take-out, or a table.

    It is not necessary to be a Rotarian to be a “bomber.”  But it is necessary to inform that week’s Rotarian coordinator, before contacting the restaurant.  

    Kingston Order Bombers, brought to you by your friends at the Main and Satellite Clubs of Kingston North Kitsap Rotary.