Who knew?  Who knew it was possible to select from three styles of pizza?  Only those on the Kingston Order Bombers run over Sourdough Willys yesterday, Jun 4, in Kingston.  Yes, those worthy Rotarians and their friends who partook - 25 bombers/12 pies confirmed Rotarian Emily Froula, perhaps more - chose between Sicilian, Detroit, or New York style crusts.  And the “mother” originated more than 100-years ago, according to Willys website.  At about $25 each, the mission landed at least an extra $300 worth of “dough” to the till.  Mission accomplished.

Switching taste bud gears entirely, Kingston Order Bombers next - and last - target is Galare Thai in Kingston, Thursday, Jun 10, 4-8p, takeout only.  Galare will mark the fourteenth consecutive week of bombing runs on local restaurants and their neighbors.  We’ll have more later.  The combined impact has been impressive.  Galare Thai’s Mark Itti reports Covid-19 has had significant impact with staffing and menu items in particular.  Fortunately, they had a large base of repeat customers who frequently used takeout only prior to Covid.  

Rotarian David Winn is coordinating expectations at Galare Thai.  Please signal to David your intention to put our project over the top - KingstonOrderBombers@gmail.com - or tahuya81@comcast.net.  Find your favorites below and order when Galare Thai is open 4-8p.  Order by email - ittiot@gmail.com - or 360-297-4022.  The date again is next Thursday, Jun 10.

One last push.