They are up.  The colorful, Valley Nursery-curated, flower baskets around town.  168 of them, less the 24 shade baskets that will go up along  Main street in the shady area in a few days.  There are 26 more than last year, owing to additional light poles, primarily along the west side of Lindvog, in 2022.  Fifteen hangers and helpers lifted the baskets on high May 11.  Rotarian Kris Libby is the leader of the outfit behind the project, Kingston’s Community Beautification Committee (CBC).

    Fifteen Rotarians, Kiwanians, and CBC members gathered on a sunny day at Village Green Park, the staging area.  The baskets were sorted into pickups, trailers, and trucks for the journey to their final destination.  The dual-wheeled, heavy-duty, side step truck of Kiwanian Dave Wetter was especially useful as many baskets could be lifted from the truck, rather than a ladder.  Here Wetter friend Les Poole (right) and Rotarian Brian Stenejhem head out for a “hang.”

    Many baskets required a ladder.  Here Mike Martin, son of Rotarians Nancy and Dan Martin reaches to hang a basket near Kola Kole Park.

         Rotary Presidents were not excused from the work party.  Current president Chris Gilbreath (right) and former president Doug Hallock prepare to ascend the ladder near the Scout Hall.

    Getting the baskets ready required some effort, too.  Chain hangers had to be attached to each basket at the staging area prior to loading into transport vehicles.  Here CBC member Chiquita Smith (left), and Rotarians Stan Mack and Suzanne Jenny prep with the chains.

    So, who pays for all of the good-looking, summer-inspiring, visitor-welcoming pots of Kingston color? Members of the community through a CBC adoption program.  For a $100 donation, and a $30 annual maintenance fee, folks adopt a basket.  Which one?  They don’t know, but they do know they have added to the beauty of our community each year.  With the additional baskets, additional adoptions are available.  The easiest way to do so is to check in with Shannon Castillo at Thistle Floral and Home: 360-930-2843 - or - Better yet, go see Shannon at her shop in Kingston.