Kitsap County Assessor Phil Cook (left), and Kitsap County Treasurer Pete Boissonneau spoke at the  May 10 Noon meeting of Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club.
     The two work in tandem.  In simple terms, the Assessor figures out what you property is worth every year, and the Treasurer collects property taxes based on that information, serving as the Bank of the County and Taxing District.  Boissonneau, a Port Orchard Rotarian said the Treasurer's office handles the County bank accounts, investments, debt management, and records for the Local Utility Districts.
     Cook said the average home value in Kitsap County this year is $615k.  Kingston's average value is $817k, and for Hansville it is $709k.  Because of low interest rates, limited availability of housing, construction challenges, and Kitsap desirability, these averages have increased markedly the last few years.