Rotarians worldwide know the five-letter word, p-o-l-i-o.  For many years it has been Rotary International’s mission to totally eradicate polio.  Except for a few cases, that mission has been accomplished.  Bill Feldt, of the Federal Way Rotary Club, is hopeful Rotary International will shift focus to a seven-letter word, m-a-l-a-r-i-a.  Feldt was the noontime speaker at Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club’s Dec 16 meeting.  He is an active member of Malaria Partners International.  Feldt says malaria is the greatest killer ever.  In 2018, 228-million cases were reported, primarily in areas around the equator, resulting in 405,000 deaths.  Grants from Rotary Foundation, the Gates Foundation, and World Vision support the work Malaria Partners International is doing in sub-Saharan Africa, primarily Uganda and Zambia.  Their efforts are three-pronged:  education and information, spraying, and medical care.  Rotary is on site helping train community health workers, equipping them with Rotary-logo’d hats and bicycles, and helping with transportation and housing.  


    Everyone needs a party. Who better to turn to than Kingston North Kitsap Rotarian Nancy Martin for help.  Martin planned the Club’s annual holiday party, which was not to be knocked down by something like a world virus.  Champagne.  Check.  Holiday meal.  Got it.  White elephant gift grab.  Yup.  Last year, innocent us, partied at the Kingston Cove Yacht Club.  This year, we partied all over Kingston North Kitsap Friday, Dec 18.  From our homes.  On the web.  Thanks to Zoom.  The holidays we toasted.  The chicken was roasted.  Thanks to Nancy Martin, who hosted.  Rotarians celebrate a four-way test:  1) is it the truth  2) is it fair to all concerned   3) will it build goodwill and better friendships and 4) will it be beneficial to all concerned.  Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians add a fifth measure to the four-way test:  will it be fun?  It was fun.