The Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club celebrated its 20th anniversary in style, on Mar 20th, at Village Green Community Center.
    Fifty-five Rotarians and their guests celebrated the twenty years of good this Club has meant to our community.  They were welcomed by two-time president Doug Hallock.
     Hallock is one of four charter members who are still active.  Nancy Martin, unofficial Club historian, seen here on the right is another of the charter members.
     Martin explains the Kingston Club was split off from Poulsbo in 2004.  "The Poulsbo Club was quite
large and included many members from Kingston, Suquamish, and Indianola.  It was a morning meeting Club, and the thought was to start another Club which met at a different time and on a different day.  That way it offered an opportunity do do makeup meetings."  The leaders of the split-off were Brad Brown, Dr. Tom LaMar, Helen Ralph, Dr. Gene Medina, and Jim Martin, Poulsbo Rotarians who helped get our Club started.  Brown was President during organizing meetings, Medina, North Kitsap Schools Superintendent, was first full term President.  Dr. LaMar took attendees through the 21-past Presidents, and a video history of Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club.
     As Randy Monlux, also a Charter member will attest, meetings were in the basement of the old Community Center (now Coffee Oasis).  With no kitchen and no caterer, the meal was either Mexican food, or pizza that was brought in.  Monlux below with his wife, Evi.
     The first Club project was building a storage shed at Port of Kingston where the Farmers Market could store their tents and supplies.  That was followed by raising money for lights on the football field at Kingston High, Village Green Park shelter and playground, electronic reader board, sports complex, and the annual contributions to the good of the community.  When asked about "Points of Light" over the years, Martin said, "definitely Clint Boxman who graciously served two terms and has been 'Auctioneer Extraordinaire' for all of our events.  Also, Fredrick Branchflower, who was a great 'idea man,' and Bill Maule whose statesmanship brought a touch of class to all of our events."