OK.  Let’s face it.  We sort of take clean water from the tap, at the turn of a valve, for granted around here.  After all, this is not California.  Free-flowing water from the tap would not happen without active management of six wells in Kingston, eight in North Kitsap, and a large aquifer in Seabeck, discovered in 1995. And the community would be less connected without 250 miles of broadband in Kitsap County managed by our local PUD.  Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians heard a presentation from Kitsap County PUD Commissioner Debra Lester, Telecom Director Angela Bennink, and Water/Wastewater Director Dave Epperson at their meeting Oct 6.  

    Rotarians learned the PUD was formed in 1940 to explore providing electrical service as a special purpose District instead of a private company.  U.S. entry into World War II and rapid growth in and around the naval shipyard at Bremerton initially delayed and eventually precluded assumption of electrical service by KPUD.  

    KPUD began providing utility service as a water system manager in the 1970’s.  In 2003, with a desire to connect schools and libraries, KPUD began providing telecom service in the County.  Such service has gone to areas of the county especially underserved by traditional internet providers.  

    Next week, Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians look forward to learning how to leverage Linkedin from Latitude 48’s Mel Filbin.