Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians welcomed new member York Barrett at their Wednesday, April 26 meeting.
     Membership Chair Bill Beaudoin presented a red badge to Barrett, thus launching his journey to blue badge membership status.
     Rotarians were reminded of the need for volunteers at the Bike Fest, Sunday, April 30, noon-5 p.m., Kingston High School.
     The featured speaker at the meeting was Nan Su, a historian of Chinese Culture.  He spoke via Zoom from his office in San Jose, CA.
     Su said many people have long been interested in China.  This is true today more than ever before. The ethical values and principles derived from traditional Chinese culture have never been more important.
His presentation was titled Wisdom and Humanity from Ancient Chinese Culture.  
     Su explained that Tao is the backbone of Chinese culture, that humans follow earth, earth follows, heaven, and heaven follows Tao.  On the other hand, he said, the core of confucianism is humanity.  
Interestingly, Chinese Emperors have worn yellow robes, symbolic of the color of the earth.
     Su said today's Chinese leaders, that generation, has wiped out traditional Chinese culture, resulting in no moral or ethical values.  Government is the only value.  He said America is the only place that allows traditional Chinese culture.  And pointed to Shen Yun, an extravaganza that lets you experience the beauty and wonder of China before Communism.