North Kitsap Fire and Rescue Assistant Chief Rick LaGrandeur spoke to Rotarians at their Noon Team meeting August 24.  He reminded them "NKFR is locally-owned and operated."
     LaGrandeur has been on the force since 1992.  He will be promoted to be the District's new Chief in early 2023.  He told Rotarians the mission of NKFR is: "proud to serve the protection of life and property."  
     NKFR operates four stations over a 46-square mile service area.  All operational personnel are fully trained to respond to both fire calls and medical aid calls.  Of the 3,360 calls in 2021, 68% were for medical incidents, only 2% were for fires, the remainder were for other incidents such as wires down, burning complaints, and fire alarm activations.  At least 11 responders are on duty across four stations every day.
     NKFR operates an expense budget of $10.2m with no federal, state, or county funding.  77% of the budget comes from property taxes, the balance from ambulance transport billing and contracts for services.
     LaGrandeur told Kingston North Kitsap Rotary's Noon Team about NKFR's upcoming Proposition 1 levy, which will appear on the November ballot.  It replaces an expiring maintenance and operations levy, plus it will provide funding to finance replacement of the District's Suquamish station.  Additionally, it will provide funding to finance scheduled facilities maintenance and equipment replacement.  As well, as North Kitsap continues to grow, it will allow for the hiring of three additional firefighters.