Troy Clay, CEO of Neo-Kayet Investments, the economic development arm of the Port Gamble-S'klallam Tribe, spoke to Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians at their noon meeting, Wednesday, August 3.
     Most folks know of the Port Gamble-S'klallam Tribe, but they don't know of Noo-Kayet. Clay, Noo-Kayet's CEO the past year-and-a-half, advised Rotarians of the businesses his organization runs, including the Point Casino and Hotel, High Point Cannabis, Gliding Eagle Market, and Country Corner convenience store (soon to be re-named the Point). The mission of Noo-Kayet is to advance the economic sovereignty of the Tribe, leading to a tribal economy that provides opportunities for jobs and business for tribal members; that provides diverse opportunities and the capacity to manage them toward a better quality of life the the Tribal Nation.  Noo-Kayet employs about 650.
     Clay told about his reorganization goals, his five year strategic plan, and about development plans underway.  For instance, concepts are being developed to create a town-center, walkable, village feel around their Little Boston headquarters.  He sees a future where there is less dependency on gaming.  He said he "loves this Tribe, and adores Port Gamble.  The Tribe cares deeply about Kingston and this community."