In 2002 Etta Turner, a Rotary Youth Exchange Student, was on her way to horseback riding in the mountains of Bolivia.  The bus she was in drove off a cliff.  She died.  To honor her life and legacy Tacoma-based Etta’s Project was born in 2003.  This is what Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians were reminded at their noon meeting, Sep 1.  Each year the Kingston Club invests $3k in the Etta’s Project cause.  

    Etta’s Project works in Bolivia, the poorest country in South America. In rural areas of Eastern Bolivia, the current service area, the majority of families live without adequate water, sanitation and access to health care. In 2012, only 24% of rural Bolivians had access to improved sanitation. Studies show that the provision of safe water coupled with proper sanitation facilities can reduce deaths from diarrhea and water-related illnesses by 65%, and improve overall childhood mortality by 55%.

    Speaking by Zoom on behalf of Etta’s Project, Pennye Nixon told Rotarians how their investments contributed to new water systems, including a river diversion system where it was not possible to dig a well.  They have also helped build ecological composting latrines, and weekly training on facilities maintenance.  Projects like this around the world, and community projects here in North Kitsap.  Rotary matters.