Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians "dished" the free community meal to local residents Friday evening, Feb 9.
     Left to right, Rotarians Chris and Mary Jane Gilbreath, Kingston Cares' Fran Larabee, and Rotarian 
Emily Froula.  From the other side of the counter, the production looked like this.
     The main course was Shepherd's Pie (or a variation thereof), with assorted sides and a tasty Bundtini cupcake desert from Rotarian Breane Martinez' Nothing Bundt Cakes.  According to Rotary's event lead, Jet Woelke, 150 free meals were provided to the community at Village Green Community Center, complete with quartet entertainment.
     Woelke (right)  and support team members Walt Elliott (left) and Brian Stenejham (center).
     Community members held an option to take away their free meal.  Greeting them at the Village Green entrance with instructions were Rotarians Bill Beaudoin (left) and Stan Mack.
     Rotarians in Action to support this community we call Kingston-North Kitsap.