KNK Rotary has made a $1000 donation to Shelterbox, funding one of the MANY needed Shelterboxes for this huge disaster.  We're happy to see the following report, from , Communication and Public Affairs Executive at B&ES:

More families are moving into ShelterBox tents after Typhoon Haiyan, one of the worst storms ever recorded, devastated the Philippines.

ShelterBox Response Teams have been working day and night to help families since the typhoon hit. Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, our teams have been able to reach some of the worst affected areas, including Cebu and the remote Bantayan Island, providing vulnerable families with lifesaving aid.
Recounting the moment the first families moved into ShelterBox tents on Banyatan Island, Response Team volunteer, Simon Clarke, said:
‘The very first tent we set up was for a lady with a two week old baby. At the time the typhoon hit, her baby was only a week old. She was in such a desperate situation - giving her and her daughter a tent to live in until their house is repaired was an incredible feeling.'
More tents and essential aid from ShelterBox is arriving as I write and being transported to some of the most difficult to reach communities.
If you have already made a donation towards our appeal, thank you so much. Over the coming weeks we will continue working to provide thousands more families with the aid they need to survive.
But the harsh reality is that families receiving help are still in the minority. With the latest figures confirming the typhoon has affected over 13 million people and forced more than 4 million from their homes, the scale of the devastation is enormous and we still urgently need your support.
If you haven’t already, please donate today or take a moment to read about the other ways you can help below.