submitted by Naomi Maasberg
The Stillwaters project moved forward on Saturday last, in the hands of Fredrick and Bill. They got the roof on and then finished it up on Monday. it's quite the lovely woodshed (which is good because it will someday be right by the parking area) and very, very sturdy. 
We're ready for the big project on Wednesday, April 12 about 1:45 pm-- to fill up the woodshed, clear the debris, and re-plant the area with native plants. If needed, we'll be at it again on 4/19. Depends on how many show up on the 12th, and whether or not the weather cooperates!
We've been fortunate to have some donated materials from Kingston Lumber Supply, Henery Hardware, Olympic Organics, and the Stillwaters 'stash' of used lumber, mostly from Doug Woodside. So the cash cost for materials was only $120, paid by Rotary.