The Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians served up the first Grab & Go Community Meal of the year.  Thirteen, thirteen, and 120.
          What do you get when you mix thirteen, thirteen, and 120? Math majors need not wrap their heads around this one.  The answer, of course, is the first free Grab & Go Community meal of the year. Thirteen Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians and a Scout or two went into action Friday, Jan 13, to prepare and distribute 120 meals to members of the community.  Rotarian Jet Galvin led the Rotary team; they prepared a rib-sticking meal: pulled pork sandwich, cole slaw, apple slice and desert, notably, which included mini-cake donated by Nothing Bundt Cake Shop owner, and Rotarian, Breane Martinez. 


     Grab & Goal Community meals are hosted by Kingston Cares and Village Green Community Center.  They are distributed monthly on the second Friday of the month from the doorstep of Village Green.  The meals are free to recipients, although many return a handsome tip in thanks.