The Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club International Committee recently received an update on the Laos-Cambodia Project, a literacy effort supporting the Kavet, an ethnic group that lives in far north Cambodia along the Laos border.  Annual grants from the Club have supported the Project over the last eight years.  The Kavet are the most disadvantaged people in Cambodia.  Due to isolation and civil war, government literacy services rarely reach their communities.  A year ago Anne Thomas, founder of the project, told Rotarians "we create the future beginning in primary grades, through high school, and now university. When we teach somebody to read, everything takes off."
     Through November 2021, thirty-eight volunteer Kavet teachers have instructed nineteen classes, with about 335 students, more than half girls and young women. Throughout the pandemic classes have continued. Many, if not most,
are held a night.
Classes have been held under houses and in classrooms built by the community.
 It is common for Rotarians around the world to support literacy projects, such as the Laos-Cambodia Project.  Thomas reminds us nothing is more fundamental than learning to read.