Eric Gonzales told Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians that his Urban Collective Art Project uses creativity and energy to inspire youth.
     Gonzales, Executive Director of the program, moved to North Kitsap three years ago from California.  In addition to his belongings, Gonzales moved the Urban Collective Art Program, too, expanding its reach beyond California to Washington state.  The Program is known for its presence at community festivals, and commonly known for community murals.  The outgrowth is an art-focused environment for youth that offers real world experience through brand development, and marketing.  For example, during the 2020 census in California, the Urban Collective Art Program was recruited to reach adults, through their kids - and the art - to take part in the census.  
     Since arriving here, Gonzales has developed murals in Bainbridge Island, Bremerton, and Poulsbo.  Much of the art involves graffiti - the positive type.  Spray paint is widely used to tell stories in murals.  The mission of the organization is to promote the professional expansion of urban-influenced art careers within the community through art education, demonstration, and creative outreach.  
     Gonzales brought an art project for Rotarians to complete:  My community is.....!  Here's how they finished the artwork.  
     Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians are reminded the 15th Annual Swing for Rotary Golf Tournament is just weeks away, Jun 10.  It is time to swing into action, volunteering for assignments, assembling and registering a golf group - getting involved in this last big Club event.  Just one more push......