In 2021, World Relief Seattle worked with people from 87 countries.  Refugees.  To help them settle here. Most from Afghanistan, now from Ukraine.  
     That is what World Relief Seattle Outreach Manager Liz Nelson told Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians at their noon meeting, Wednesday, May 4.  World Relief is a global christian humanitarian organization that began its work in 1979.  Its vision is intentionally stated in the shape of a home.
     In 2021, World Relief Seattle worked to help settle 608 refugees and asylees from 12 countries, 532 of whom fled persecution in Afghanistan.  Services provided included english classes, interpretation services, transportation assistance, school enrollment help, legal help, skills in workplace training, and connection to their own faith communities.  
     While the majority of assistance in 2021 was in support of those fleeing Afghanistan, Nelson told Rotarians World Vision is now helping those coming here from Ukraine, as well.