Kingston Order Bombers Strike Ale House
     It is the 2021 focus of the Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club: leading members, like-minded organizations, and citizens in an assistance effort to help those in North Kitsap who have been severely impacted by Covid-19.  Those that are pushed into homelessness, food insecurity, learning gaps, and local businesses struggling with closures and limited openings caused by the worldwide pandemic.  
     One initiative, to help local businesses, is creation of a group known as the Kingston Order Bombers.  Made up of members, relatives, friends, and others, the Order Bombers intend to strike one local business a week for the foreseeable future.  The first such event went live Wednesday, Mar 10.                                                                                              
    With almost 50 bombers, according to The Kingston Ale House's Kim Francisco, her business more than doubled that night.  She said, "we were really busy 5 to 6:30p, but it was manageable."  The next "bombing" event is set for Mar 18, 4-7p, at Kingston's Kafe Neo.
Interested community members should contact Mark Libby (360-881-0197 or not later than 1p, Mar 17.   
What to do with your Coronavirus aid money
     President Biden recently signed the $1.9 trillion coronavirus aid package into law.  Under its terms, the new law will provide a $1400 check to most Americans.  For some, this is vitally needed to help with rents and mortgages, food, car payments, and the like.  
     For many who receive the $1400,  the money is not needed to meet immediate needs.  It is, in a sense, "found money."  Your Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club requests that those folks give consideration to using their found money to help those in the community who need it through charitable gifts to local organizations that help those in need. Maybe they join the 100% Club by giving it all to charity around here.  Or, the 50% Club.  Or maybe they would like to join our Kingston Order Bombers each week buying food and services from local businesses.  OK.  Go ahead.  Buy a new golf club.  Or a new outfit.  But give the rest to ShareNet, or Kitsap Homes of Compassion, or the Boys and Girls Club.  Or become an Order Bomber.

The $2 million grant goes toward Rotary club-led Partners for a Malaria-Free Zambia program; an additional $4 million contributed by partners the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and World Vision USA.


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