School Superintendent Speaks to Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians
Along with North Kitsap School Board Member Mike Desmond, North Kitsap Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Laurynn Evans spoke to Rotarians at their Jan 5 meeting.
     Dr. Evans' presentation centered on two upcoming continuing local levies, essentially renewals of levies passed by voters in 2018  One, Proposition 1, replacement of educational programs and operations, seeks to continue funding for day-to-day school operations and programs that support North Kitsap students. Evans explained this levy accounts for 15-percent of the operational budget, funding that is not provided by the state.  This helps with shortages in nurses, psychologists, janitors and playing field staff, tech support, and funding of district sports.
     Proposition 2, the second levy renewal, is a replacement facilities and technology capital projects levy.  It focuses resources on building maintenance and repairs, technology for schools, equitable learning spaces, and future focused planning, i.e. new buildings that will be necessary to accommodate projected student growth in the district. Evans indicated the District was $80m in arrears in deferred maintenance when she came on board in July 2017.  Since then the deferred obligation has been whittled to $40m.  She indicated the technology piece of the 2018 capital levy had been a lifesaver in delivering online learning during the pandemic.  
     Desmond, the school board member, urged Rotarians to help passage of the levies by understanding the need, and urging others to support the measures.  Notably, Desmond indicated his role on the board, given his military and civilian experience in project development, is forward thinking, looking ahead such that capital projects meet projected needs.  
     The District notes it "receives funding from state and federal sources, but like all school districts in Washington state, relies on local, voter-approved levies to ensure our students, schools and staff have the resources needed.  The levies help bridge the gap between what the state funds and what we need."  The election is Feb 8, 2022. 
Those Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club Santas Just Keep Delivering
2,762 holiday cards, plus wreaths, miniature trees, advent calendars, and even Hershey's kisses had already been spread across North Kitsap.  But NO.  Not enough. Those Kingston North Kitsap Santas had one more gift to deliver to the community.
On December 24, under the direction of Mess Officer Bill Bedoin, the Rotary Band played on.  Community meals were prepared by Rotarians. Here's the band.
From left Chris Gilbreath, Suzanne Jenny, Stan Mack, Bobbie Moore, Keith Beebe, Terry Bedoin, Bill Bedoin, and Walt Elliott.  Here Walt, Suzanne, and Chris assemble the meals.
One-hundred-twenty of them.  That's 120 measures of turkey, dressing, potatoes, casserole beans, and cranberries.  Plus a helping of pumpkin pie.  And on Christmas day, the community was presented with free Christmas dinners, with all the trimmings.  Just drive through the drive at Kingston's Village Green Community Center.
This is not the first community meal presented by the Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club, but it is one of the most memorable.  What Rotarians do.  Give to their communities.  
Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians Make for a Brighter Christmas in North Kitsap
This is the second year of a Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club project, led by Satellite Club members, to brighten the holidays of folks in North Kitsap who are shut-ins, by themselves, elderly, and who may not otherwise have a greeting from someone that says, "We care Happy holidays."  This year's goal was to deliver 1500 handwritten holiday cards.  As of Dec 14, 2,518 cards had been prepared for delivery. Here Rotarians Rae Winn (left), Brian Stenehjem, and Emily Froula at work sorting and prepping the cards.
Folks in places like Martha & Mary, Village Green Senior Center, Liberty Shores, Brookdale, the Retsil Veterans Home, and others will receive the holiday love. And with the help of a $1k grant and $200 in coupons from the Poulsbo Home Depot, the Rotary elves will deliver poinsettias, wreaths, cards and trees.  Here, David Winn, Satellite Club President, "shops" for the joy-giving items.
In addition, 50 poinsettias, 50 advent calendars, and 50 Hershey's kiss bags were delivered to ShareNet.  The holiday card and gift project puts a "wrap" on Kingston North Kitsap Club activities for the year.  It has been an active, fruitful, and productive year, with many Rotary hands making good in the North Kitsap community.



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