North Kitsap has grown, and continues to grow rapidly.  The lack of fields and courts is well-documented.  Folks often drive miles, at awkward hours, just to access practice and playing facilities.  Those that are available are often poorly maintained, almost unusable.  This Rotary-led project is at its very early stages of visioning and community communication.  Those interested in contributing to the cause, including in-kind donations of labor and materials, should contact:


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the vision for this complex?

Rotary Kingston-North Kitsap is leading the efforts to create a multi-use complex in Kingston for sports and recreation for all ages. This complex would consist of indoor and outdoor facilities, including turf fields for multiple sports, an indoor facility, and other sports and recreation options. Our goal is to have a complex that can be used year-round and for a wide variety of activities and events (not just sports), for example birthday parties, family/community gatherings, team building/retreat activities, etc.

Why do we need this? Why can’t we just use the NKSD and other North Kitsap facilities?

There is a shortage of sports and recreation facilities throughout Kitsap County, but this is most acute in North Kitsap and, in particular, the greater Kingston area. Our community has grown more rapidly than our infrastructure and we already face a shortage of fields and facilities for sports and recreation today. This problem will only grow with the already permitted developments being built and the expected population growth in North Kitsap. Currently, due to high demand by school teams and limitations on use of school facilities by club sports, NKSD fields and courts do not cover the needs of the community. The same goes for other facilities in North Kitsap – the demand simply outweighs the supply. The need for a public complex like this has been discussed for years, and we have design records going back to 1995 for a widely supported facility like this that was never built.

What is our Rotary club’s role in this?

Like our role in the Village Green Community Center, Rotary KNK plans on spearheading the fundraising efforts, raising awareness, and trying to facilitate partnerships for this project on behalf of the community. Our club did not build the Village Green, but rather provided early support for the project and raised funds so that it could be built. Likewise, we do not manage the Village Green facility. We see our role in the Kingston Sports & Recreation Complex to be similar.

Will this raise my property taxes?

Planning and capital construction for this project will be funded primarily by donations, sponsorships, grants, etc., just like the Village Green. Funding for operations and maintenance of the facility is yet to be determined, but we are looking at various options. Our goal is to keep any taxation and/or use fees as affordable as possible for our community. Once again, this could be very similar to the Metropolitan Park District and Village Green Community Center.

Where will this be located? What about the environment?

Rotary KNK and other interested parties are currently looking for land that can support this complex and provide easy access to users in North Kitsap. Our need is for approximately 20 acres of flat land in the Kingston area. We are currently looking into several options but community input and suggestions would be appreciated. We will work closely with the county to ensure mitigation for all environmental impact.

Why is this good for Kingston and North Kitsap?

This is an amazing opportunity for Kingston. Not only will it provide necessary sports and recreation facilities for our use, but it will encourage economic growth by allowing us to host games, tournaments, leadership retreats, etc. in North Kitsap. Like other similar projects in the past (Centralia, Puyallup, Spokane, Easton, Tri-Cities/Yakima, etc.), a complex like this will help support businesses and strengthen our community.

How can I help?

This project will take a lot of community support. We are currently looking for donations, sponsorships, partnerships, grant opportunities, etc. A first step is to secure the land to build this facility. Unless someone is willing to donate all or a portion of this land, we estimate the cost of land will be approximately $750,000. In addition to the significant funds raised from the Rotary KNK auction and golf tournament, we are currently raising money: We are also looking for companies and individuals willing to donate the resources needed to build this complex, such as in-kind donations for electrical, plumbing, turf, and dirt-work, etc. Please contact us at if you know of any opportunities for us to pursue.

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