Welcome to Our Satellite Club!
When Rotary International was formed in 1905, approximately thirty members “rotated” offices where they met weekly.  Today, Rotary Clubs around the world continue that tradition of weekly meetings.  Including ours, in Kingston.  Over the years Rotary Clubs have changed with the times.  Women were invited to become members in 1989.  Attendance standards were relaxed in 2016.  Now, furthering flexibility to become a Rotarian for those who simply cannot attend weekly meetings in the middle of the day, Kingston North Kitsap Rotary has a Satellite Club.  It meets monthly in the evenings to appeal to busy, working people who want to be involved, but don’t have a lot of time.  Members are asked to serve on one of the Main Club’s committees, in support of the overall goal of making North Kitsap a better place. Anyone interested from across North Kitsap, including Poulsbo, Hansville, Kingston, and Indianola, is welcome.  Interested parties should contact Michele Fujii at: fujii.michele@gmail.com.
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David and Trish Adler are becoming Rotarians.  Trish works in Seattle and cannot attend noon meetings in Kingston.  Because of David’s work, he cannot be at noon meetings.  David and Trish are interested in contributing in their community, fellowship with neighbors and friends, and involvement with fun projects. That is why they are joining the new Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Satellite Club.  The Club was launched in February 2019.  The new club welcomes anyone interested from across North Kitsap, including Poulsbo, Kingston, Hansville, and Indianola.  “This is an opportunity to be involved, to impact our community, and globally, to be a full-fledged Rotarian without the weekly meetings,” according to Breane Martinez, Kingston Rotary’s President. Martinez says “this is a ground-breaking effort, with only a few other such satellite clubs in the U.S.”  Current membership stands at eleven.  Meetings occur once monthly in the evening; generally they feature community speakers.  Members are asked to be a part of one of the main club’s committees.  The new club is led by Rotarian Michelle Fuji, who says “this is really an opportunity for busy people like me, to be Rotarians.  It opens the door to opportunity that heretofore was not available.”  Interested parties should contact Michelle at: fujii.michele@gmail.com. 

Our satellite club visited the Poulsbo coworking space Vibe Coworks and also are dinner at Crabtree Kitchen and Bar.  Both owned by local north Kitsap people! 
Please welcome our two new satellite members that transferred from the East Jefferson club.  They are Robin Summerfelt on the left and Caleb Summerfelt on the right.  Caleb publishes the District magazine and is interested in international service.  His mother, Robin, is a long time educator whose interests are in youth and community service.