Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club "Change of Command" held Wednesday, Jun 15 at Village Green Community Center
     In Rotary-speak, it is called "installation-outstallation."  In the military, "hail and farewell."  Outgoing President Chris Gilbreath, above left, appearing by Covid-induced Zoom, prefers "change of command."  Regardless, the event celebrated Gilbreath's term as Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club's President, which formally comes to an end Jun 30, and welcomes 2022-2023 President Jackie Baker, who conducted the meeting. In his remarks, Gilbreath expressed a "heartfelt thank you" and saluted Rotary for raising up the world, and the many Club members who were of great help during Chris' year as Club leader.
     Baker, in turn, saluted Chris (and his ever-present presidential partner - and spouse - Mary Jane). Jackie went on to outline her vision to continue the Gilbreath forward momentum.  Notably, she said "we will concentrate on seeing this as one club, not one noon club and one satellite club."  During her first month of leadership, meetings will feature more interaction, more getting to know each other.  Recruiting will be a goal under her watch.  She said her grandfather, a two-time Rotary Club president, would be very proud.
     Speaking of new members, three were introduced and welcomed at the meeting.  Jet Woelke (left), Jessica Garrett (center) and Adam Amos.
     The meeting also featured the presentation of three Paul Harris Awards.  Such awards honor contributions to Rotary's Foundation in  incremental amounts of $1k.  Mitch Brockett earned his third Paul Harris; Bill Maule (Mr. Rotary) earned his eighth Paul Harris.  And De' Mackinnon, below right, is presented her fifth Paul Harris Award by Jet Woelke and Doug Hallock.