submitted by Naomi Maasberg
This is Part 1 of a 3-part Restoration Project here at Stillwaters that is being accomplished by Interact Club members and a few Rotarians. This phase of the project was done on March 5th.
The ‘captain’ of the project is Fredrick Branchflower, who seems to have evaded my camera on this day. His friend, Bill Kiley, is the architect & head contractor for the woodshed part of the project; you can see him at the saw.
Interacters Jane Hermanson, Victor Hanson, and Aidan Bowers joined their advisor, Mark Baze, to help out for this first step in constructing a woodshed. In a couple hours, they cleared the area of debris and brush, leveled the ground, built a base and filled it with sand, and cut most of the lumber for the shed.
In Part 2, Bill, Fredrick and a few Interact members will assemble the woodshed. Part 3 is the biggest step, when a group of Interacters and Rotarians will stack the wood from the 15 trees that fell last Fall, and restore the ½ acre of woods with native trees and understory, before the area is overcome with blackberries or Scots’ broom.
This has been a fun project for a group to take on, and something both Interact and Rotary can take pride in seeing accomplished. We at Stillwaters are quite grateful to have a hard-working, dedicated, and skilled group like this as a resource!