Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians received an update on Village Green Community Center matters from non-other than one of their own, Bobbi Moore, a Board Member of the Metropolitan Park District Commission, and Marcy Kispert, the Community Center's director.  
     Kispert reported one of the biggest issues she's had to deal with is a hornet problem near the Boys and Girls Club entrance.  Next item she is working on is coordinating acoustic work in the center's gym, which will allow for that space to be used for other than bouncing balls.  Acoustic engineers who consulted on the project report it is one of the worst acoustic situations they have ever encountered.  Other initiatives include transitioning to local service providers for Village Green Community Center.  She noted many of the providers were originally hired from the east side of the Sound, when the building was built.  Kispert praised the 20-25 volunteers who serve weekly.  "They make this place," she said.
     Bobbi Moore, a Kingston North Kitsap Rotarian, was there from the initial dream of replacing Kingston's tired, small community center in 2002.  She has been a Metropolitan Park District Commissioner since its inception in 2010.  She explained the Levy Rate, Dollars Levied, and Assessed Valuation as part of the annual maintenance and operations funding for the park and the building.
     The Village Green Metropolitan Park District collects property taxes to provide on-going funding for maintenance and operations of the park and the building.  The District will receive an increase in revenues in 2023, as a result of increased valuations in the district.  However, commissioners have been able to keep the levy rate at or below their target of 15%.  Bobbi explained "payroll will take a big jump next year, because the District will be paying into the consolidated public employee retirement fund for the first time."  The MPD Commission meets monthly on the third Tuesday, at 6:30 p.m. at the Community Center.
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      Rotarians were reminded of the need for volunteers - more chance to be in action - centered on the annual hanging of the holiday wreaths.  There are two opportunities:  a "fluffing" party, to fluff up the wreaths and get them ready to hang, at Village Green on Nov 17 at 9 a.m., AND hanging of the wreaths on Nov 26, at 10 a.m. (meet at entrance to Village Green).