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Kingston Village Green Community Center
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It took a series of slides and about forty minutes for Rotary District 5020 Community Grants Coordinator Bob Zawilski to explain the process of applying for - and receiving - a grant for local Rotary Club community and international projects at the November 18 meeting of the Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club.  It is reasonably complex and tightly controlled, but funds are available.  There are ninety-two Rotary Clubs in District 5020 competing for the almost $200k grant money allocated by the District each year.  Each grant must be matched by the local Club, meaning, for example, a $7k project would be half-funded by the District Grant. Zawilski explained it is a two year process with preparation in year 1 and execution in year 2.  Member training is involved.  Memorandums-of-understanding are involved.  Club Presidents for each of the years are required to be trained.  After project completion, receipts and proof-of-completion (photographs) are required to get the money.  Zawilski explained some Clubs in District 5020 are very skilled at this.  Thanks to Mark Libby, Kingston’s Club is gearing up to compete. 

You will not meet a more energetic, cause-passionate person than Anne Thomas.  Anne was the featured speaker (for about the 5th time, according to Rotarian Fredrick Branchflower) at Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club’s Nov 11 meeting.  Anne is the driving force behind the Laos-Cambodia Project, a literacy effort supporting the Kavet, an ethnic group that lives in far north Cambodia along the Laos border.  The presentation, “From Literacy to University in 20 years,” highlighted the great gains the organization has made in teaching kids to read.  The kids learn to read in evening classes, called by Anne “the best show in town.”  Currently there are 800 students, 55 teachers - all volunteers - working in 2 provinces.  According to Thomas, “we create the future beginning in primary grades, through high school, and now university.  When we teach somebody to read, everything takes off.”  Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club is supporting the Laos-Cambodia Project again this year, the eighth year it has done so, with a $2k grant.  

    Another grant of value, closer to home, was that of the Club to the Boys and Girls Club operating out of Village Green Community Center. The Boys and Girls Club was challenged keeping kids coronavirus-distanced in the gym.  To remind them to keep their distance the Rotary Club purchased partitions that have been set up in the gym. Judging by the banner on the Village Green building, Boys and Girls Club Staff was appreciative.

The Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Satellite Club is leading the way in an on-going, community program in support of ShareNet, the Food Bank that provides North Kitsap with emergency food provision, screened emergency power and rental assistance, and weekend food backpacks for school children.  All Kingston North Kitsap Club members - and everyone they know, including readers of this article - are encouraged to visit the website where they can purchase “packages” of food and other items for ShareNet.  For $30, seven pounds of fresh produce can be purchased.  $20 delivers cereal and milk. The nice thing about this website is folks can link to other areas of need, too, including rental assistance, utilities, and infant care.  Rotary will get the funds to ShareNet as well as report where donors allocated their giving. 

CLICK HERE to visit the ShareNet Fundraiser.