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New Club Member Tells His Story

     New Club Member Nik Epanchin told Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians "his story" at their Noon meeting, 8.  Nik hails from a line of Russian descendants, who left Russia during the revolution.
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De' MacKinnon Day at Rotary

     At their Mar 1 Noon meeting, Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians embraced ten-year member De' MacKinnon as both their meeting guest-Emcee, and guest speaker.  
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Rotarians Updated on Bloedel Reserve

     At their Noon Team meeting Feb 22, Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians were told the story of Bloedel Reserve - its past, present, and future.  The speaker was Bloedel President and CEO, Ed Moydell.
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Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club Supports Water Project in Uganda Ron Carter 2023-02-20 08:00:00Z 0

Winner Winner - Auction Dinner

     In the spirit of fun-raising while fund-raising, Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians held their annual auction Saturday, Feb 11, at White Horse Golf Club, AND announced a major new initiative.
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Tim Carr Tells His Story and Informs Club on Energy Ron Carter 2023-02-01 08:00:00Z 0

Busy Interact Club

     It is a busy time for Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club's Interact Club at Kingston High. At the invitation of Rotary Club President Jackie Baker, Interact's McLane Bowers briefed members.
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Days for Girls

    At their Apr 28 noon meeting, Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians heard a presentation from Shirley Wildler, Director of the Poulsbo chapter of Days for Girls International.  There are more than 1k such chapters around the world, staffed with 50k volunteers.  Their mission is to supply feminine hygiene products and health education to women suffering “period poverty,”  

a condition that results when women of child-bearing age cannot work or attend school because they must stay home for lack money to buy feminine hygiene products.

    Shirley explained this is not just a third world problem in places like Africa, Cambodia, Lebanon, and Nepal.  She said one in ten experience period poverty in the U.K., 26% in New Zealand, and 20% in the U.S.  Scotland recently passed a measure requiring free female hygiene products.

    Days for Girls, the organization, has made and distributed two-million kits worldwide in its twelve years of existence.  The Poulsbo chapter has sent out more than 5k kits. The kits are designed to last three years of use.  They give women of child bearing age their days back.

     Information is available at: poulsbowa@daysforgirls.org.  

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Summit Assistance Dogs

    They open and close doors.  They turn lights on and off.  They retrieve dropped items and get the phone in an emergency.  And they alleviate depression.  Summit Assistance Dogs.  Service dogs trained two years before going into service for wheel-chair bound folks who need assistance.  That is the story told by Alice Collingwood to Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians at their Mar 3 meeting.  

    Training takes two years, initially eight weeks with a volunteer puppy raiser, then 18-24 months of advanced training in the hands of prisoners at the Monroe Reformatory.  The final two weeks of training is with the “client,” for whom the dog will work and with whom the dog will bond.  Collingwood said $20-$30k worth of training is involved.  There is no charge, and a two to five year wait to get an assistance dog, mostly a Labrador retriever, sometimes a Golden retriever. 

    Since the year 2000, the mission of Summit Assistance Dogs is to create life-changing partnerships between people and dogs.  


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Winter Auction

To take on many of the effects of Covid-19, funding is required.  To that end, Kingston North Kitsap Rotary invites you to the Club’s Winter Auction.  On line.  While funds raised will go to support its many initiatives throughout the year, such as scholarships, a good deal of the proceeds will help the Club to implement it’s Covid-19 Action Plan. In one twist on auction item procurement, instead of soliciting some of the auction items from local merchants, the Club will buy some of the auction items with funds raised by the auction. Successful bidders win, and a measure of business insecurity is addressed.  Here are the details on how you can participate in the auction, and support Covid-19 relief efforts right here in Kingston North Kitsap. The online auction begins Thursday, Feb 4, at 5:30 p.m.; it closes Friday, Feb 5, at 5:30 p.m. The live auction is set for Friday, Feb 5, 5:30-7:00 p.m. with Program and Raise the Paddle 7:00-7:30 p.m. For more information, and to participate, go to: charityauction.bid/kingstonrotary2021.  Mark your calendar now.  Feb 4, 5:30 p.m., and Feb 5, 5:30 p.m.

Here is a thought.  Many have recently received a $600 check from our federal government.  Could that be your seed money for the auction?  Or would you consider sending $600 to ShareNet, Fish Line, or Kitsap Homes of Compassion, and skipping the auction.  Either way, you help address needs resulting from Covid-19 impacts here in Kingston North Kitsap.  That’s a good thing.  And your local Rotarians thank you.

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It's Time to Fill the Wine Cooler!

With only a few short weeks before our Winter Auction, it's time to fill the Wine Cooler!  Each year the Wine Cooler has proven to be a successful auction item.  With everyone's help, we can fill the cooler with 35+ bottles of wine!
The year, due to COVID restrictions, we are asking each member to "pledge" a minimum of $20 so we can purchase the wine from D'Vine Wines in Kingston.  This will enable us to support a local business and at the same time, fill our Wine Cooler.  Just email me your "pledge" amount and I will add it to your quarterly statement in April.  My email address is hralph@centurytel.net .
We appreciate your support and look forward to having a successful "virtual" auction this year!
It's Time to Fill the Wine Cooler! Helen Ralph 2021-01-20 08:00:00Z 0

Rotary Auction Supports Club’s Covid-19 Initiatives

The reality of Rotary: find a need and fill it.  Rotary Clubs around the world, from the smallest with a few members to the largest with hundreds, are incessantly in search of the need, whether it is a project or an initiative, in their communities.  Then they go to work to take leadership, bring together other groups, and develop resources to fill the need.  That is what your Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club is about as we begin 2021.

Innocent us.  A year ago at this time, we were reading something about a virus that hit a care home in Kirkland.  As the month of February, 2020 developed, so did information about the virus.  Worst of all fears were realized.  We were dealing with a pandemic. Italy got it bad.  Then Spain.  The rest of Europe.  And here in the U.S.  Here in Kitsap.  Here in Kingston.  Covid-19 was a red light flashing NEED, NEED, NEED.  It took many months to know masks were good.  That it was not necessary to sanitize your groceries after a trip to Albertson’s.  It was better to be outdoors than in.  Social distance.  Stay in your pod.  That’s what we learned.  And thanks to “Warp Speed,” amazingly, vaccines were on the way. 

As vaccines begin to take us to herd immunity, out of the Covid-19 pandemic, a group of Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians, led by the Club’s President-elect, Chris Gilbreath, began researching how best to meet needs created by Covid in our community.  In face-to-face meetings, and digitally, Gilbreath met with dozens of community organizations and businesses.  To hear about “the need.” Food insecurity is a need.  So too, housing insecurity.  There is a need for vaccination support, and vaccination knowledge.  What about the student learning gap?  Homeless youth.  And local business insecurity.  Other needs uncovered were mental health effects of Covid, rental and eviction insecurity, child care, and the safe behaviors of all. 

A recent survey of active Kingston Rotarians weighed their sense of most important needs here.  Not surprisingly, food insecurity was the most cited need, followed by local vaccination support and knowledge, and business insecurity.  The recently completed survey will form the foundation of the Club’s action steps to take a leadership role in Kingston North Kitsap to meet the needs.  Some of the needs, vaccination and information, are short-term.  Some, like food and housing insecurity, are long-term.  As the plan is developed in the next few weeks, like minded groups and organizations will be invited to join the Rotary initiative.  What Rotary does.  Take a leadership role, organize, and take action. 

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Rotary Community News November

Kingston North Kitsap Rotary in Action
October 9 was the second Friday of the month.  That being said, it was free food Friday, otherwise known as the free community meal program sponsored by Kingston Cares. Kingston Cares stages the community meal program the second and third Friday of each month out of the Village Green Community Center in Kingston. The one on the 9th was made possible by the Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club.  It was staffed by the Satellite Club of KNK Rotary.  One-hundred-sixty lasagna meals were “served” by the Rotarians, led by Satellite Club President David Winn.
The Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Satellite Club is leading the way on another, on-going, community program in support of ShareNet, the Food Bank that provides North Kitsap with emergency food provision, screened emergency power and rental assistance, and weekend food backpacks for school children.  All Kingston North Kitsap Club members - and everyone they know, including readers of this article - are encouraged to link to a website where they can purchase “packages” of food and other items for ShareNet.  For $30, seven pounds of fresh produce can be purchased.  $20 delivers cereal and milk. The nice thing about this website is folks can link to other areas of need, too, including rental assistance, utilities, and infant care.  Rotary will get the funds to ShareNet as well as report where donors allocated their giving.  The website is www.auctria.com/auction/sharenet fundraiser. 
Why We Volunteer
The Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club is a group of almost fifty volunteers.  Community members who care about the North Kitsap Community.  Who want to make it better.  Many say they volunteer for altruistic reasons - showing an unselfish concern for the welfare of others.  And that certainly is true.  However, as the saying goes “they get back what they put into it.”  Simply put, volunteering serves self interests as well as those of others.  So what do we, as Rotarians, get out of volunteering.  We asked members of the Club.  Starting with President Walt Elliott, who says “serving is giving back that is long due.  It is a reward to see something accomplished that is beyond myself, even if it is small.”  Keith Beebe says “I am volunteering to honor my parents.  They taught me that a good scout leaves a place a little better than when they arrived.  Community service is part of that commitment and is an expectation I now pass on to my daughters.” Jon Sutherland, who moved to Kingston a couple years ago says “Rotary membership allows newcomers to a community to connect with others of like interest, who can guide the socialization process inherent in moving to a new town.” Alice Amas reports “I joined Rotary to meet new people.  It provides a sense of pride and purpose when helping others.  Also, I discovered renewed creativity and learned new skills.”  Fredrick Branchflower, a longtime Rotarian, says “it helps me stay connected to the community and meet other people with different backgrounds.”  Mark Libby, with involvement across the community, takes a slightly different tack.  “When I see situations or issues in our community that, in my opinion, could be fixed, I volunteer to accomplish a project or resolve an issue.”
Helen Ralph, one if the Club’s Treasurers - yes, there are two - says “I enjoy the fellowship when we come together as a group working on projects large and small.”  Jackie Wood Baker volunteers through Rotary because “it gives me an opportunity to be involved.  Not talk about getting involved, but actually doing something.”  Like Keith Beebe, Clint Boxman volunteers to honor his elders.  Clint says “I joined Rotary for a number of reasons, first and foremost as a promise to my Grandpa Bing who was a Rotarian for over fifty years.  He told me at a very young age to promise him as soon as I got established in my career and bought a home, I needed to be engrained in my local community and there was not a single better way to do that than to become a Rotarian myself.” Clint’s high school track coach left him a lifelong lesson.  “Always leave it nicer than you found it.” 
Why we volunteer.  As members of the North Kitsap community we Rotarians want to make this a better place.  To leave it nicer than we found it.  To deliver on the promise to Grandpa Bing.  It is however true that, selfishly, we get a lot out of volunteering as Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians.  You can, too.  The Club is full of volunteers who like to stay connected, who like to fix things, enjoy the fellowship, get a sense of purpose and pride, who like to be involved, not just talk about it. For information on membership, or to attend a virtual meeting, reach out to Membership Chair, Julie Fox, julesafox@gmail.com
Happy Thanksgiving.
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Value in Volunteering

In 2017 Johns Hopkins researchers were asked to find the value of Rotary’s volunteer services around the world.  This, in response to increasing pressure that volunteer organizations prove their impact and quantify their outcomes.  What Rotary International was seeking was solid data to prove the scale and economic value of Rotarians’ collective volunteer service. 
The results of the study were published in December 2019  in a report called “The Scope and Scale of Rotary Volunteering.”  Here’s what they found.  Rotary’s 1.2 million members volunteered nearly 5.8 million hours over the four-week study period.  The report notes, “if the overall Rotary membership maintains this level of volunteering over even nine months in a typical year, this translates into a conservative estimate of nearly 47 million hours of volunteer effort generated by Rotary members in a typical year.”  Forty-seven million hours.  
To put a dollar value on volunteering, researchers had to figure out what it would cost to hire someone to do the same work in the countries where the volunteer activities took place.  But since detailed wage data were not available on all countries, average wage rates for selected countries were used, then extrapolated on a regional basis.  The economic value of volunteer services provided by Rotary adds up to an estimated $850 million per year.  $850 million.  
A similar study was conducted locally in 2017 when Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians were asked to estimate their annual volunteer hours.  Hours were generally higher in the more activity-intense summer months.  Surprisingly, though, hours were strong in winter months during planning for the event months.  In total, according to the study, almost five-thousand hours were volunteered annually by Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians.  At a $15 minimum wage level, this translates to approximately $75-thousand of annual economic value in North Kitsap. $75-thousand.  
So, where do those hours go?  Many are invested in raising money through the Club’s annual fund (and fun) raiser events - the annual Swing for Rotary Golf Tournament in June and the annual Rotary Auction in February.  Such funds are, in turn, granted to community recipients such as the Boys and Girls Club, Kitsap Homes of Compassion, the local Community Meals program, Kinston Cares/Food4Kids, as well as one-time community needs.  They also go to projects like the Village Green Park pavilion and benches, Kingston High football field lights, and the electronic community information sign at Lindvog and Highway 104.  
Many volunteer hours go to local causes like Kingston Cares, the Kingston Historical Society, the Food Bank, the Kingston Citizens Advisory Council, the local Boy Scout Troop, and the State Ferry Advisory Committee.  Many hours are volunteered in Club operation and leadership.  
Back to the Johns Hopkins study, Rotary’s volunteers dedicated forty-nine percent of their volunteer work to project management, organization, and coordination; thirty-three percent to manual tasks such as cooking and serving food, cleaning, building, operating vehicles, making phone calls, and staffing booths; fourteen percent to technical and professional activities, including accounting, legal, medical, and fundraising work.  
Next time you see a Kingston North Kitsap Rotarian, ask him or her about their volunteer hours and activities.  And if it sounds of interest, ask about membership.  Rotarians around here like to think of themselves as “people of action.”  They come together to have fun, enjoy fellowship, and provide leadership - even, and especially, in this unprecedented time of worldwide pandemic - on important community projects, activities, and events.  Visitors are welcome to “Zoom” into a Wednesday, noon, meeting any time.  To request the Zoom link, email rcarter010@centurytel.net.  
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Presidential Transition

The omega and alpha - last and first - of the Rotary year is upon us.  June is the last month of the Rotary year; July the first.  It is good.  Those in leadership the past year are ready.  Ready to hand over the reins to the next group who have stepped up, volunteered.  That Rotarian, the one ready to hand over the reins, is Bill Maule.  Some call him “Rotary Bill.”  The group that stepped up, volunteered, is led by Walt Elliott.  He’s been called “Walt the Salt.”

    Bill became a Rotarian at the age of 73, less than two years after the tragic loss of his wife to pancreatic cancer.  He did so at the urging of his cousin Mike, a Rotarian for decades. At almost ninety years of age, most would expect to be stepping down from civic and community activities.  Not Rotary Bill.  He stepped up to become Kingston North Kitsap’s Club President a year ago.  Bill’s career as a State Department Foreign Service Officer had him quite comfortable doing the Club’s International Services work.  Holding its Presidency was quite another matter. 

    As he looks back on his year in office, Bill is proud to have accomplished one of his personal goals for the year, that of building a training fund for Club members to offset fees and travel costs involved in attending Rotary District and International training.  “Oops, the pandemic eliminated those training sessions.  But the money is there, ready to tempt our members when training begins again.”  “As an old Boy Scout, I was pleased that our Club is now the official sponsor of Kingston’s Scout Troop #555 and Cub Pack #555.  I think six of us members who are old Eagle Scouts are especially gratified.”

    Maule’s year is office was challenged like none who have gone before him, except perhaps those of a hundred years ago - yes Rotary was around then, too.  “In my nearly ninety years of life, there has been no time more disruptive of our daily lives, not even those during World War II.  But we were able to continue, holding our weekly Club meetings and our monthly Board meeting via Zoom.”

     In signing off, Rotary Bill states “It has been a great honor to serve as President of the Kingston-North Kitsap Rotary Club for the year just ending.  I can think of no other group that I would prefer to work with.  Our Board and members have worked together harmoniously to follow our goals, to be the people of action doing service here in Kingston and elsewhere in the world.  I retain my view that our Club remains small but mighty.”

    On to the alpha of Rotary’s year, the month of July.  Walt Elliott, a Kingston resident since 1989 and Navy retiree since 2000, is president for the next year.  Walt grew up in the Bronx, in apartments that were a 1940’s haven for families returned from World War II. It was a city kid’s life.  Rockefeller Center with skating, the movies and the Rockettes.  Swimming from the East River docks.  By the 1950’s the family was in Bay Shore, the suburbs, on Long Island. “Bay Shore was like Kingston but flat as a pancake.  Life was messing around with boats.”  And that life was to be continued.  After graduation from the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Walt had a career in submarines, retiring as a Captain (O-6 rank).  He served on seven subs, including the USS Henry Jackson, a ship that came with a Scoop Jackson - long time U.S. Senator from Washington state - fan club.  His assessment of what a career in subs means is this: “Two things: quality and responsibility.  What was quality was for me an intimate career with nuclear submarines, the most complex machines in the world.  Responsibility is a unique concept.  If responsibility is rightfully yours, no evasion, or ignorance, or passing the blame can shift the burden to someone else.”

    Walt Elliott, and the other half of Team Elliott-Moore, Bobbie Moore, have been  Rotarians since 2012.  He has served on Kingston’s Citizens Advisory Committee, its Parks and Trails Committee, the state Ferry Advisory Committee, and he served a term as a Port of Kingston Commissioner, campaigning for the office as “Walt the Salt.”  In his spare (?) time, he writes a Ferry column and cartoon for the Kingston Community News.  Bobbie has spent two decades making the Village Green a reality and is a Park District Commissioner.  It looks as if the small, but mighty Club is getting a “two-fer” this coming year.  Walt and Bobbie.  Quality and responsibility. 

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Did you know

     Rotary International is composed of clubs around the world.  The most recent Rotarian Magazine had a piece on global etiquette.  Did you know, when getting off an elevator in Poland, say “thank you” to your fellow riders.  In Brazil, call people by their first name, while in Germany do not address a person who is not a friend or longtime acquaintance by their first name.  In Peru, kiss a woman on the cheek when you are introduced to her by a friend.  In Korea, don’t pick up rice or soup bowls from the table when eating, but in Japan and China, is is appropriate to do so.  Finally, in Japan, bow, don’t hug as a greeting.  And don’t talk on the phone on public transportation.  It is considered rude.

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4th of July Fun Run ??

It will be a different 4th of July in America this year.  Years of traditional celebrations and events will be turned on their ear by Covid-19.  That is the case, too, in Kingston with the event that traditionally kicks off Independence Day around here, the 4th of July Fun Run.  Co-sponsored by Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club and Kingston High School Boosters Club, the fun run has traditionally featured “runs” of 1k, 5k, 10k and a doggie dash.  Not so in 2020.  That vision is dashed.  

    Please meet the Kingston 4th of July Fun Run Virtual Challenge.  The Challenge is to commit to “an exercise or activity” (subject to Covid-19 safe distancing limits) between July 4 and July 31.  Walk.  Run.  Swim.  Bicycle.  Dog Walk.  Jump rope. Push-ups.  Put a number on it and make the commitment.  “I will bicycle a minimum of five miles each day, a total of five days between July 4 and July 31.”  “I will walk at least thirty minutes each day, etc.” Then secure pledges of support from family, friends, neighbors, and other acquaintances.  “Hey neighbor, I’m doing this 4th of July Fun Run Virtual Challenge.  Would you please support me with $5 for each day I ride my bike a minimum of five miles, five times?”  Secure the pledges.  Do the activity.  Collect and send in the funds.  Feel good about what you’re doing for yourself and your community.

    Registration fee is only $15, including a t-shirt for each participant.  To register, go to:  Kingstonfunrun.com.  Proceeds support the Kingston High Boosters Club and Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club.  Participants may designate the High School Club or Team of their choice. 


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KNK Rotary Scholarships announced

   Each year Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club awards college scholarships to Kingston High School seniors.  This year’s recipients, as recently announced by a committee of four Rotarians led by De’ MacKinnon, are Justice Correa-West, who will attend University of Washington, Lauren Fox who will be a Western Washington University student, Anastasia Home who plans to go to Colorado School of Mines, and Sean Webb, who will attend University of Alaska. The scholarships were awarded based on financial need, achievement, and how well the applicant could apply Rotary’s Four-Way test to a personal experience.  The Four-Way test, cited by Rotarians the world over, goes like this.  “Of all the things we think, say, or do:

  1. Is it the truth
  2. Is it fair to all concerned 
  3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships
  4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned.”

    A recent note of thanks was received by the Club from past scholarship recipient, Nolan Meyer.  “Thanks to each and every one of you I will be graduating Magna Cum Laude from Santa Clara University with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science on June 13, 2020.  I am thrilled to be searching for my first position in the “real world.”

    Funding scholarships is but a small example of Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club’s “investment” in our community.  It’s impact.  Covid-19 has thrown the Club into alternative modes of fund raising, meeting activities, interpersonal gatherings and all the rest.  It has not thrown the Club off its mission to make a meaningful impact in North Kitsap and beyond.  Support from 4th of July Fun Run Virtual Challenge participants is welcomed.  It is good for the body.  The soul.  And the community.

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The Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club has postponed its annual Swing for Rotary Golf Tournament to June, 2021.  This was to be the Club’s fourteenth annual tournament to benefit its projects and initiatives in North Kitsap and the world. 

The tournament has been postponed due to uncertainties about life this June, its scheduled date, due to the coronavirus pandemic.  According to tournament co-chairs Breane Martinez and Jackie Wood, “we pride ourselves on providing a first-rate guest experience.  We want our golfers and sponsors to have fun and to feel as if they are involved in a high quality event.  We don’t believe that would be possible this year given questions about social distancing, gatherings of more than a few people, food and beverage restrictions, course restrictions, and so on.” They went on to say, “we hated to come to this decision, as the tournament has been such a success over the years.  Tell all the golfers we’ll give them an extra “gimme” next year.”



Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club will be providing and “serving” the “Community Meal” in Kingston, next Friday, May 8.  The free, “drive-by/curbside pickup” meals will be available between 5 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. on a first-come, first serve basis at the Rotary Pavilion in Village Green Park.  According to Rotarian Stan Mack, the meals will be prepared by the Rotary Club’s caterer, Anita Moore.  One hundred meals will be available.  This meal is in lieu of Rotary’s Community Meal in March, which was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic response.  Rotarians will be there to pass out the food packages, and to accept any contributions from those receiving the meals, and anyone else that wants to come by and contribute to the cause.  All contributions will be given to the caterer, as a tip for her good service. 


This move-in had no pizza and no beer.  Kingston Rotarians, however, were nourished with coffee, cookies, and brownies on a drizzly Saturday, Mar 7, as they spearheaded the effort to move furniture, appliances, and furnishings into Kingston’s new Home of Compassion.  And they were more than nourished knowing their efforts, and those of many others - individuals, Kiwanians, local politicians - led to the opening of a place where five formerly homeless men can call home. 

The opening of this home marks the fifteenth such home in Kitsap County operated by Kitsap Homes of Compassion (KHOC).  Some background might be helpful for those unfamiliar with KHOC.  It was established in 2017 to help eliminate the problem of homelessness in Kitsap County.  At this time they have some 77 residents - formerly homeless - living in deeply affordable, long -term, supportive housing through shared, leased homes.  They emphasize these are not halfway houses for those with addictions.  This is not temporary housing.  It is long-term and meant to provide a worry-free environment that lifts residents from homelessness to the possibility of a normal existence.  KHOC leases three to five bedroom homes with consent from property owners.  The homes must be near public transportation, with places like grocery stores nearby.  Kitsap Community Resources gives KHOC referrals for potential participants who do not have pets or current addiction issues. Each participant must have a steady source of income of at least $700 per month.  Members pay a program fee starting at $500 per month for a private bedroom with cable, internet, and all utilities included. All bedrooms have locks on the doors for privacy, and members share the use of common areas such as dining rooms, living rooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.  

The Kingston Home of Compassion welcomed it’s first resident the day after move-in. It is near Village Green Community Center, bus lines, and the Food Market.  As of this writing three residents live there, with a fourth signed up and getting ready to move in.  One bedroom remains available.  This home, the one in Kingston, is for men only.  Others operated by KHOC are for single women, mothers with young children, seniors, veterans, and Olympic College students.  There is no live-in staff in the house, but each house has an assigned KHOC House Manager who visits the home weekly and assists the residents.  Kingston’s KHOC House Manager is Rae Holt, who has been a KHOC volunteer for more than a year.  Kingston’s home was completely furnished by donations from Rotarians, Kiwanians, Kingston Cares, and generous community residents.  Holt said, “everybody was wonderfully generous.  Beds, furniture, printer, washer and dryer, kitchen utensils, pots and pans.  In fact, we had more donations than we needed.” 

Holt said Rotary’s involvement in the move-in was truly amazing.  Organizing the move-in was Rotarian Stan Mack.  He recruited other Rotarians - Doug Hallock, Fredrick Branchflower, Sally Christy, Suzanne Jenny - and Kiwanians such as Dave Wetter, Cub Scout Master John Strand, and community members Ruth Westergaard, Mary Gleysteen and Bruce Williams.  They gathered where items were stored for the big move. Everything was in and set up by noon.  One other member of the community helped, too.  Kitsap County Commissioner Rob Gelder, who had been involved in a “walk and talk” in Kingston that morning.  The walk took the group of residents past the new Home of Compassion. Following the walk, the Commissioner, also a Rotarian, returned to help move things in. 

According to Holt, he is looking for a second place to rent in the nearby community, this one to house single mothers with young kids.  Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club has set aside a grant to help establish such a home.  Holt said, “one of the biggest challenges is finding homeowners willing to rent.” Homeowners who might have compassion to do such a thing should contact Holt at: raesholt@gmail.com.  Regarding that fifth bedroom in Kingston’s new Home of Compassion, Holt said interested applicants should contact the Housing Solutions Center at Fishline in Poulsbo. 

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Kingston Rotarians & Kiwanis move furniture into the Kingston "Kitsap Homes of Compassion" house. Thank you John Strand for sharing the pictures!
KITSAP HOMES OF COMPASSION John Strand 2020-03-08 08:00:00Z 0


John Strand, Cubmaster of Kingston Pack 4555, was the guest speaker at the Wednesday, 12 February, noon meeting of the Rotary Club of Kingston North Kitsap. Pack 4555 with 20 Cub Scouts and Troop 1555 with 9 Boy Scouts are both sponsored by the Rotary Club of Kingston North Kitsap. As Cubmaster, John is responsible for the monthly Cub pack meeting, as well as other events during the year, so the job takes a lot of planning. That planning involves finding out what boys that age want and enjoy, learning what resources are available and how to make the events run smoothly. John talked with us about the core principles upon which the Scouting program is based, the changes in the scouting program to include the whole family and the need for local volunteers.
The scouting principles are the fundamental laws and beliefs which must be observed when achieving their purpose. They represent a code of conduct which characterizes all members of the Movement. Scouting is based upon three broad principles that represent its fundamental laws and beliefs. They are referred to as "Duty to God", "Duty to Others" and "Duty to Self". As their names indicate, the first refers to a person's relationship with the spiritual values of life, the second to a person's relationship with society in the broadest sense of the term, and the third to a person's obligations towards himself.
The Boys Scouts have expanded their program to include the entire family. Last February, the Boy Scouts announced that the program would be called Scouts BSA and would allow girls to earn the rank of Eagle Scout. Younger girls have been able to join Cub Scouts for the past year, and more than 77,000 joined. Now, older girls 11-17 have a path to earn the organization's highest rank. One common misunderstanding with many is that Scouting is going "coed." While it's true that the program is serving both boys and girls, these changes don't make the Cub Scout dens or the Boy Scout troops coed. With these modifications, you still have boys in their own dens and troops, and girls in their own dens and troops. In Cub Scouting, you can have a separate pack for girls, or you can have separate dens for girls and dens for boys in the same pack. In the case of troops for older youth, you must have separate troops for boys and girls. A chartered organization may also have "linked troops," which means a chartered organization can have a shared troop committee with separate troops for boys and for girls.
John identified the need for merit badge counselors and invited Rotarians to volunteer. The merit badge counselor is a key player in the Scouts BSA advancement program. Whatever your area of expertise or interest—whether it is a special craft or hobby (basketry, leatherwork, coin collecting), a profession (veterinary medicine, aviation, engineering), or perhaps a life skill (cooking, personal management, communications)—as a merit badge counselor, you can play a vital role in stirring a Scout's curiosity about that particular topic. By serving as a merit badge counselor, you offer your time, knowledge, and other resources so that Scouts can explore a topic of interest. If you are not yet a merit badge counselor, it is easy to become a volunteer. You will need to register with the Boy Scouts of America, through the BSA local council. This entails completing and turning in the "Adult Application." The local council will then process the application. (Every applicant is screened.) In order to register, merit badge counselors are expected to complete BSA Youth Protection. This training can be done through the BSA's Online Learning Center. The Boy Scouts of America seeks to create a safe environment for young people and adult leaders to enjoy the program and related activities. BSA Youth Protection training helps preserve that environment.
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GRANT UPDATE: KNK gave a $2350 Community Services grant to the North Kitsap Schools Foundation, specified for the Math Lab at Gordon Elementary
NKSF has received a Grant Impact Report from the Teacher/Math Lead at Gordon Elementary regarding the grant she received from NKSF and Kingston Rotary. I wanted to share part of what she said and some pictures for you to share with the committee and club. Let me know if you have questions! Thanks for your partnership!

Stephanie Stewart - "Math concepts are very abstract for students and manipulatives are very expensive. I would like NKSF and Kingston Rotary to know how much we value their support in bringing these manipulatives into our classrooms for everyday use by students. Having access to these concrete representations make discussing equivalent fractions and comparing fractions much easier for students to comprehend. As well, the Hands on Equations program for algebra is a fabulous way for students to understand how to solve for the unknown (x). These concepts are necessary as students progress in upper elementary and into middle school and having the concrete foundation will benefit our students for years. "



You have done it again.  Opened your hearts and wallets, raised your paddles, and purchased auction items you didn’t really need, to make this a better community.  More than thirty-six thousand thank-you’s  from your Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians.

Over the years, thirteen to be precise, Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club’s Swing for Rotary golf tournament has been an all-day, into-the-evening affair, with a long day of golf followed by dinner and an auction.  It has all been quite splendid.  But it is a long day.  In planning this year’s primary club fundraiser, co-chairs Breane Martinez and Jackie Wood de-coupled the events.  They set the auction up as a separate event, during a down time of year for most people.  Except for Valentine’s day and rain, most calendars can use a little touchup this time of year.  And that is exactly what the Rotary Winter Auction accomplished. (Note to golfers:  the tournament will be held for the fourteenth year, at White Horse, Friday, June 19).

The Winter Auction was well-attended.  A full house.  Attendees enjoyed an elegant makeover of the banquet rooms at Village Green.  The Kingston Ale House catered and masterminded the creation of special event cocktails (thank you to Heritage Distilling and Western Red Brewing for their donations).  Attendees cited The Kingston Ale House for the “amazing catering and service.”  The atmosphere was enhanced by music, provided by the Kingston High School Jazz trio.  The Winter Auction had it all.  Silent auction.  Live auction.  Delicious dinner and beverages.  Heads or Tails.  Dessert dash.  And Raise the Paddle.  One special item on the program was the announcement of this year’s Rotary Club Business of the Year Award, which went to d’Vine Wines.  The best auctioneer this side of everywhere, Clint Boxman, coaxed, cajoled, pleaded, and begged more than $36k in net proceeds from attendees.  Proceeds that will be invested in Rotary projects and purposes in the Kingston North Kitsap community.  Such projects, for example, over the years have included spearheading lighting on the KHS football field, installation of the town’s electronic reader board, and a $100k donation toward the establishment of Village Green Community Center.  Each year the Club awards KHS college scholarships, and this year, a new vocational scholarship will be awarded.  It also supports Food4Kids, Homes of Compassion, and Community Meals.  In short, all the money raised goes right back into the community.

Events such as the Winter Auction would not be possible without the generous support of businesses in the community.  The presenting sponsor was Latitude 48/Ameriprise.  The Kingston Ale House was the Reception and Wine sponsor.  Other sponsors included The Point Casino and Hotel, Haselwood Auto Group, and Poulsbo CPA. As they have done in past auctions, Lambro Construction donated the winners choice of a new deck (300 sq ft) or a new roof (2000 sq ft), valued at $8500, to the live auction action. 

The evening was fun-filled and meaningful. In the words of Bill Maule, Kingston North Kitsap Rotary President, 2019-2020, “Thank you for making this evening a success for our community!



Rotarians Betsy and Geoff Pentz were the guest speakers at the Wednesday, 5 February, noon meeting of the Rotary Club of Kingston North Kitsap. Betsy is the Secretary for the East Jefferson County Club, while Geoff is the Secretary for the Bremerton Rotary Club. Geoff was the Olympic High School pool manager for 20 years and is now the owner/operator of Sound Dive Center. Betsy was an accountant at Kitsap Bank for 43 years and is now retired.
Betsy and Geoff have gone to India and Nova Scotia on Rotary Friendship Exchanges (RFE).
A RFE is when a group of Rotarians from one Rotary district in the world travel to another for fun and fellowship. It's a wonderful way to travel, but it's not like a regular holiday—it's an experience. You'll learn about how the locals live, make lifelong friends and discover new cultures and communities. Often you share Rotary projects and ideas. Exchanges are usually reciprocal. Rotarians experience different cultures and build international friendships. 
Each participant funds his or her own way and a RFE generally lasts about two weeks. The RFE team is home stayed, usually changing host homes every few days. The host Rotarians show their guests local sights of interest, parks, museums, things they are proud of. The hosts generally cover lodging and home meals. Transportation within the district is provided by the hosts but admissions or extraordinary costs such as restaurant meals are covered by the guests. The visit is then reversed with the foreign district visiting our district. RFE participants are expected to host for a few nights and participate when they visit here. You will travel with a group and your tour will be mapped out by the hosts.
The benefits of a RFE include: Make lifelong friends; Live "with the locals"; Certainly cost efficient; Expand your Rotary knowledge; See parts of the world you may otherwise never see; and Develop future partnerships. Current RFE's on the district list are: District 4640 Brazil, District 2440 Turkey, District 4455 Peru, District 2220 Russia, Northern East England, District 5020 Intra-District, District 2232 Ukraine / Belarus, District 2360 Sweden, and District 9400 South Africa.  
Team members are selected based on geography and history. Participants are needed from varying communities in our district. The district also looks for as many different Rotarians to experience RFE as possible.  The goal is to have as many different Rotarians be a part of it as possible. For more information see the information on the Rotary District 5020 website: https://rotary5020.org/page/rotaryd5020-friendship-exchange
ROTARY FRIENDSHIP EXCHANGE Bill Beaudoin 2020-02-11 08:00:00Z 0


On Wednesday, 22 January, noon meeting of the Rotary Club of Kingston North Kitsap, our guest speaker, Emily Klein, the Fishline HomeShare Coordinator, explained the inaccessibility of rental housing for many people in Kitsap County and an innovative solution being developed by HomeShare. Emily is a graduate of Seattle University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Cultural Anthropology. She is also a Kitsap county severe weather shelter volunteer.
She described the increasing unaffordability of rental housing in Kitsap County as being driven in part by a 60% increase in the cost of rent from 2014 to 2019. According to her sources, the average monthly rent for an apartment in Kitsap is $1475. While the monthly rent affordable to an average renter in Kitsap is $663, and the monthly rent affordable to an average Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipient is $234. This leaves half of the renters “cost-burdened” – many of them seniors who have been priced out of previously affordable housing.
On the other side of this housing insecurity equation are the seniors who have become “house-rich, but resource-poor.” Many who own their home may not be able to pay the mortgage, property taxes, and other expenses on a fixed income. This can cause an increasing hardship, leading to financial vulnerability and loss of the home. Also, maintaining a home and garden can be a challenge for older adults and those with disabilities. Also, living alone can lead to social isolation and loneliness, which can exacerbate health problems.
HomeShare is a win-win solution: Shared Living. HomeShare connects those with space to rent with those in need of space to live. It is a flexible model that lets participants charge rent or trade for services, a community-centered, immediate model for affordable housing that makes efficient use of existing housing stock, and a powerful tool for homelessness prevention. By partnering home seekers with home providers, both can enjoy cost savings—for the seekers: affordable housing and a chance to build savings; and for providers: income from rent, or savings on home maintenance. There are other benefits as well: mutual help, safety, security, peace of mind, and fostering of community.
HomeShare is a new approach to an old solution that provides structure to help participants succeed. The process begins with an application/building a profile, background, and reference checks, finding a match, match referral, initial phone conversation, in-person meeting, home visit, HomeShare agreement, trial match, and concludes with a shared home! Participants become part of a supportive community. There are many communities with successful HomeShare programs, including Tacoma, New York City, Denver, Chicago, Detroit, California – several programs state-wide, and Vermont – several programs state-wide.
For more information, contact Emily Klein, HomeShare Coordinator at:
FISHLINE HOMESHARE Bill Beaudoin 2020-02-02 08:00:00Z 0



At their last meeting of the calendar year, Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians received an update from Brenda Wall on her Game Changer Project in Somalia, where hygiene kits and educational flip charts are provided to young girls to help with their menstrual needs and female education. Working in conjunction with international organization Days for Girls, Wall’s program has resulted in fourteen women sewing the kits - 800 per month - in Ethiopia for distribution through fifty schools.  To date, 10,314 kits have been distributed, while 13,196 girls have been educated. Wall thanked Rotarians for their past support.  At the conclusion of her presentation Chris Gilbreath, the Club’s International Committee chair, presented a $1500 check in furtherance of her continuing mission.

KNK 2019 HOLIDAY PARTY Ron Carter 2019-12-14 08:00:00Z 0


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The featured speaker at Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club’s Dec. 4 meeting is a Club member.  Caleb Summerfelt, while new to the Kingston Club, is not new to Rotary, having been a member since 2015.  Judging by his immersion in Rotary District level activities, Caleb bleeds Rotary blue.  He is on the District Public Image Committee, he edits the District Magazine, and if there is a Rotary need he handles it.  He was president of his former Club, East Jefferson.  Caleb’s heart is in Kitsap having grown up in Port Gamble (how may can claim that?).  He has multiple degrees from Washington State University, including a bachelors, two masters, and a Phd.  Included in his studies was a stint studying and lecturing at a university in Delft, Netherlands.  His interests are falconry, soaring, printmaking and painting.  He owns his own fledgling company, but his day job is Chief Information Officer for a firm in Mount Vernon that designs and manufactures metal solutions. 


Also at the meeting, President Bill Maule awarded Rotarian of the Month honors to Mark Baze for his enduring efforts with the Kingston High Interact Club.
DECEMBER 4TH MEETING Ron Carter 2019-12-11 08:00:00Z 0


Caleb Summerfelt is the CIO for a manufacturing facility in the Skagit Valley. As a new member of Rotary Club of Kingston North Kitsap, Caleb will talk about his background, current job, a new design company that was established this year, and his Rotary history. In short, Caleb will try not to put anyone to sleep during lunch!
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“Heritage Park is an amazing place to take a walk, either with friends, your dog, or alone.  The trails go in many directions and are marked.  Some are steeper than others, but all are beautiful, so bring your camera.”  - March, 2018 Trip Advisor post.  Retired biological science professor Tom Doty, a steward at North Kitsap Heritage Park, spoke to Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians at their meeting Nov. 13.  Doty described the 818-acre park, ten-percent of which is wetlands, as a mixed forest, with a diversity of trees, and more than ten miles of trails.  Thinning of trees is occurring, removing smaller trees to enhance the growth of larger ones.  Many small streams lie within the park.  Why is Kitsap County and its band of about a dozen volunteer stewards building bridges, thinning trees, mapping wetlands, and planning for the future of the park?  Yes, for the outdoor experiences.  But also for the rare fresh-water lamprey, cutthroat, salamanders and salmon found there. 



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Who Knew?  We need a lot less “cleaner” than we think. Maybe just a teaspoon.  That’s one of the lessons Rotarian Randy Monlux told his colleagues at their Nov. 20 meeting.  Monlux owns the local Stanley Steemer operation, so he knows a thing or two about cleaning “green.”  Kingston-North Kitsap Rotarians also learned that the most common and most predominate natural cleaner is coconut oil, which is harvested mostly in Indonesia, the Philippines, and India.  Simply defined, cleaning is removing soils from a surface, placing them in suspension, and transferring them to somewhere else.  Four elements are generally present in cleaning:  chemistry, heat, agitation, and time.  Monlux advised Rotarians when buying commercial cleaners to look for the EPA Safer Choice Program label “DfE,” designed for the Environment. 

WHO KNEW? WE NEED A LOT LESS “CLEANER” THAN WE THINK Ron Carter 2019-11-27 08:00:00Z 0


 Start with a party.  That was the counterintuitive message hundreds of Kingston residents heard Nov. 6 about how to get ready for a major earthquake.  In the event of “the big one,” North Kitsap Fire and Rescue’s Assistant Chief Rick LaGrandeur said,”it was possible emergency services would not be able to get to you,” due to impassable roads and fire stations crunched by the quake. “Therefore, you need to organize to take care of yourself and your neighbors.”

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Collin Gomez, Co-President of Interact.    The truck is over half full after one day.  I’ll need another truck tomorrow.

383 halloween cards and 2,718 pounds of food.  What Kingston North Kitsap Rotary’s Interact Club at Kingston High School recently delivered.  Members of the Interact Club created and delivered 383 individual halloween cards, one for each student at Wolflie Elementary School just in time for Halloween.  “It is a labor of love,” Rotarian Advisor Mark Baze said.  “The program started several years ago by creating a few cards for the younger grades at Wolflie.  It is now expanded to include all grades.” 

Nov. 3 and 4 the Interact Club conducted its annual November food drive at Kingston’s Albertsons.  A new record was set this year: 2,718 pounds of food was delivered to the food bank.  Also delivered: many cash contributions from Albertsons shoppers.  Kingston North Kitsap’s Interact Club, and those in need, thank you. 

From left standing: Gabriel Chamberlin, Olivia Russel, McKayla Allnoch, Mat Worrall, Emily Ramirez, Kate Halverson, Kierston Cashman, Clara Kehoe, Connor Nichols, Claire Mo, Collin Gomez.  Kneeing: Tara Advani, Hunter Watkins.

ROTARY INTERACT CLUB AT KHS DELIVERS Ron Carter 2019-11-20 08:00:00Z 0


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Our District Governor visited Kingston-North Kitsap Rotary Club’s November 6 meeting.  Maureen Fritz-Roberts - ‘Mo’ - described how she and her husband, Dale, were vacationing in California years ago, when they had a conversation about what mattered most to them.  Rotary involvement was in their top five.  She asked, “how can a group known by only six letters be so large.”  She described a trip to Ethiopia to help with national immunization days, which led to a water project that meant women didn’t have to haul water, giving them time to borrow for businesses they started from a micro credit facility she and her Rotary Club spearheaded.  Roberts spoke about the joy it brings to help someone out.  Joy was the theme of her remarks about being a Rotarian.  She pitched the joy of donating to the Rotary Foundation by giving the equivalent of two Starbucks cups a week to reach a Paul Harris level ($1k) every year.  Or, to leave a gift to the Rotary Foundation in a will.  She reminded Rotarians of - and urged them to attend - the Rotary International convention next June in Hawaii, and the District conference and training next May in Victoria, B.C.  She challenged members to be relentless.  “If there is something you want to do or take on, make that what you do this year.”  Finally, she pinned a second Paul Harris award on Stan Mack, a Major Donor Level 2 and a Foundation Champion pin on Caleb Summerfelt. 


Mo presented a second Paul Harris to Stan Mack.

Mo presented a Major Donor Level 2 pin and a Foundation Champion pin to Caleb Summerfelt

DG ‘MO’ VISITS KINGSTON CLUB Ron Carter 2019-11-06 08:00:00Z 0


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Zawadi Leon, Mark Baez, Ian Whitney (Left - Right)

More than 1200 pounds of food was expected to be collected Nov 2 and 3 by the Rotary Interact Club at Kingston High School.  Canned soups, stews, and chili.  Boxed Meals.  Pasta, rice, potatoes, flour and sugar.  Nuts.  Dried fruit.  Cereal and oatmeal.  A few of the items on the list handed to shoppers on their way into Kingston’s Albertsons.  “This is an annual food drive conducted by members of the Interact Club,” according to Mark Baze, the Club’s Rotarian Advisor.  “We have about 30 members on the roster of the Club, about 15 of whom are very active,” said Baze.  They recently created and distributed Halloween cards to all 383 students at Wolflie elementary school in a demonstration of friendship. Interact Clubs at local high schools are a staple of Rotary efforts to teach the value of doing good in communities.  And to do it.

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Highlights from October 9th Meeting

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Meet Kingston Chamber's New Director


Kingston North Kitsap Rotarian Nancy Martin introduced Miacate Kennedy at the KNK Rotary meeting October 9.  Kennedy, the new Executive Director at Kingston Chamber of Commerce, was, in fact, hired when Nancy Martin was President of the Chamber’s Board. 

Kennedy, moved here from Spokane, where she graduated college and went on to a career mentoring businesses and consulting in IT.  Along the way she worked extensively with Microsoft products.  After vowing to cut her $200 monthly cable bill, she cut the cord and began reading business books.  Hundreds of them.  She has been a writer and media consultant for several large companies.  She moved to Kingston with this background ideally suited for her Chamber duties, and to be closer to her mother, who lives at Village Green.  Although she has only been on the job 30-days, things that stand out about Kingston: Village Green, Stillwaters, the Point, Port Gamble, Downpour.  “Kingston is amazing,” according to Kennedy.  Her biggest goal is to make the Chamber a strategic partner. 

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Come Help Celebrate World Polio Day

            19168 Jensen Way NE 
         Poulsbo, WA  98370
WHEN:    OCTOBER 18, 2019
5:00pm – 9:00pm
Every quarter Poulsbo and Kingston Rotarians drink beer together at Western Red Brewing, and will do so until Polio is eradicated from the earth!  $1 per each beer consumed is matched by $2 from the Gates Foundation to end polio forever! 
But on Oct 18, WRB owner Denver Smythe is rolling out a new specialty beer - a Vienna Lager.  It needs a name, and we are holding a contest.  The winner gets a dollar, and a free beer.  Guidelines: The name must stick to their traditional logging theme, and somehow incorporate Polio.  "Cut Down Polio Forever Lager" or maybe, "One Word, Polio - TIMBER!!"   You can see why a contest is desperately needed.
Submit your Beer Name:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/3339RWS
Attributes of the beer:
"The original beer of Vienna, this amber lager features biscuity malt flavors that are complimented by earthy, noble hops.  Easy-drinking and satisfying."
Please come, bring friends, spread the word, and drink beer, hand-crafted soft drinks, or cider!  Children and pets ok
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June 26th Meeting Highlights

Deanna Webber, a 5th-grade student at Suquamish elementary, presented an in-person thank you to Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians at their June 26 meeting.  Webber, and her teacher Jan Kragen and all 5th-graders, enjoyed three days at IslandWood, Bainbridge Island.  IslandWood bills itself as a nature-Disneyland.  The Kingston Club awarded a $1500 scholarship in support of the experience.  Kragen, the teacher, requested another for next year’s 5th-graders. 
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Rotary Year Comes to a Close

Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians celebrated their alpha and omega - beginning and end - of the Rotary year June 28 at White Horse.  Led by outgoing president Breane Martinez and incoming president Bill Maule, a group of approximately fifty members and guests celebrated the year’s accomplishments.  Dan Martin and Helen Ralph were celebrated for their more than twenty-five years of Rotary membership.  Distinguished Service Awards were presented to Sondra Peters, Sally Christy, Fredrick Branchflower, Bill Maule, De’ MacKinnon, Mark Baze, Shaun Stephenson, and Ron Carter.  A special award was presented to Michele Fujii for establishing and leading the newly formed Satellite Club.  Chris Gilbreath was the recipient of the Rae Mowry Fellowship Award.  The Presidents Service Award was presented to Karen Gibson and Alice Amas for their years of toil on the perennially successful Swing for Rotary Golf Tournament.  Martinez created and presented a new award, the Distinguished Mentor Award, to Doug Hallock for his coaching and counsel during her term.  And the Rotarian of the Year  (drumroll please) was Helen Ralph, for her many years of “always being there” for any need of the Club.  In a clever way, incoming president Bill Maule introduced his cousin from New Mexico, whom he credited with getting him into Rotary.  Looking ahead, Maule said he’s looking forward to a smooth Rotary year.   


Your Title Here

Helen Ralph received the Rotarian of the Year Award.
Alice Amas and Karen Gibson received the President's Service Award.
Passing of the Gavel from Breane Martinez to Bill Maule, officiated by Assistant District Governor Meredith Green
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Award from Bloodworks

Meg Hall from Bloodworks presented our club with an award for our continued support of their program.
Thank you to all that volunteer and donate blood!
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Congratulations Kris & Mark Libby 2019-04-22 07:00:00Z 0

Children's author Simon Cacavecchia

On April 10th our speaker was Simon Calcavecchia. He is a children’s author, motivational speaker and disability advocate. His books are geared towards age 9 and below.  Simon enjoys visiting elementary schools across Washington to speak about disabilities through his personal experiences and how he has overcome them through his adventures. If you would like to review his website and see his work, visit: FrankandMustard.com.
The Adventures of Frank and Mustard: Stuck in the Mud
Children's author Simon Cacavecchia 2019-04-07 07:00:00Z 0

Highlights from the Community Meal Night

Rotary rocked it!!!
Some stats from the evening:
  • 84 meals with 11 take outs
  • $242 in donations
How did you hear about the meal?
  • Word of mouth - 37
  • Work at Village Green - 13
  • Newspaper - 4
  • Sign at the bottom of the road - 3
  • Elevator sign at Village Green apartments - 2
  • Poster - 1
  • I'm a regular - 1
  • Website - 1
  • Church - 1
  • Boys & Girls Club - 1
Rotarian Michele Fujii serving desert.
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Upcoming Satellite Meeting! 2019-03-10 08:00:00Z 0

March is Beer Month!

Enjoy a pint with a friend! Thrifty folks who enjoy a pint now and then take note.  The Kitsap Olympic Ale Trail is open year round.  It’s purpose is to connect “hikers” with 50% off deals at twenty establishments in Kitsap County and beyond.  Here’s how it works.  Go online to either the Apple Store or the Google Store and download the app called “Donor Trail.”  Then click on “Kitsap Olympic Ale Trail.”  From there, select a charity to which benefits should go (half of the Trail Pass cost goes to community organizations), and then purchase a Trail Pass for $20.  The final step is to save money and enjoy.  Hikers have a full year to visit all Trail sites, and they can have more than one Trail going at a time.  All information is located at:  www.kitsapolympicaletrail.com.  
Image result for pint of beer
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Kingston NK Rotary Club Celebrates 15 Years! 2019-03-01 08:00:00Z 0

Kingston NK Rotary Announces Satellite Club

Posted by Ron Carter
When Rotary International was formed in 1905, approximately thirty members “rotated” offices where they met weekly.  Today, Rotary clubs around the world continue that tradition of weekly meetings.  Including ours, in Kingston.  Over the years Rotary Clubs have changed with the times.  Women were invited to become members in 1989.  Attendance standards were relaxed in 2016.  Now, furthering flexibility to become a Rotarian for those who simply cannot attend weekly meetings in the middle of the day, Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club has announced the formation of the KNK Rotary Satellite Club.
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Interacts 1st International Project

From left: Kierston Cashman, Collin Gomez, Emily Ramirez, Clara Kehoe, Kate Halverson.
On camera: Alexis Williams
Interact, in their search for an international project, began corresponding with Days for Girls last year.  Days for Girls is an international charity that provides feminine hygiene products for impoverished girls globally, mostly in Africa.  Headquartered in Bellingham, WA, it has an annual budget of $3 million and receives high ratings by the organizations that evaluate charities.
Poulsbo Days for Girls is the local chapter.  Their forte is manufacturing the reusable products in "Sew-Ins" and then assembling and shipping them out as "kits". 
Interacts 1st International Project Mark Baze 2019-01-26 08:00:00Z 0

Congratulations Sally & Bill!

Our club moved incrementally closer to our goal of $100,000 all time giving with the donations of Sally Christy and Bill Maule.  Sally received her 3rd Paul Harris pin and Bill received his 6th Paul Harris pin.  Bill encouraged all members to work towards becoming a Paul Harris Fellow.
Congratulations Sally & Bill! De' MacKinnon 2019-01-26 08:00:00Z 0

Days for Girls

Posted by Ron Carter


The typical young woman in South Africa will spend an average of 60 days a year managing her menstrual cycle.  While doing so, most are sheltering in, missing valuable time at work or school, falling behind.  This is the information shared with Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians at their final meeting of the year, December 19. 

Days for Girls Ron Carter 2018-12-27 08:00:00Z 0

The History of Food 4 Kids

Stan Mack, Rotarian and Board Member for Kingston Cares
Pictured: Stan Mack (Rotarian and Board Member for Kingston Cares)
In 2008, individuals from Kingston Rotary, Kiwanis, Sharenet, Kingston Food Bank and Wolfle Elementary met at Wolfle Elementary School to address the fact that many of the children on the National Food Program had no access to a food program during the summer months. 
The History of Food 4 Kids Stanley Mack 2018-12-16 08:00:00Z 0

KHS Interact In and Around Kingston 2018

Kingston Tree lighting

Kingston Tree Lighting 2018
Interact clubs bring together young people ages 12-18 to develop leadership skills while discovering the power of Service Above Self. Find out how serious leadership can be seriously fun.
KHS Interact In and Around Kingston 2018 2018-12-09 08:00:00Z 0

Fundraising, Recycling and Wine!  Oh My!

Fundraising for Coffee Oasis.

Diane Tandy (l) and Tony Fyrqvist (r)
At our Wednesday Club meeting, we were rewarded by a plentitude of speakers.  Our primary speakers were Diane Tandy and Tony Fyrqvist, who are in the process of forming a fundraising event to benefit the completion of the Kingston Coffee Oasis.  They reminded us of Coffee Oasis's primary mission to serve homeless and at-risk youth. Their mission statement describes it well – “Changing the World for Homeless Youth in One Community After Another.” Coffee Oasis facilities now exist in Bremerton, Port Orchard and Poulsbo. 


Fundraising, Recycling and Wine! Oh My! Bill Maule 2018-12-01 08:00:00Z 0

Scholarship Assistance

Dear Rotarians,
With the leadership of our newly appointed District Scholarship Chair, Harry Panjer (Comox Rotary Club), we are excited to ask for your assistance in finding suitable candidates who would potentially qualify as Ambassadorial and Peace Scholars.   Rotary District 5020 has funds to provide a post-graduate scholarship to an individual who is planning to purse graduate studies in 2019-20 in an area related to the goals of Rotary. The scholarship is for US$ 15,000 and can only be used in a country other than Canada and the USA. 
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Underage Substance Abuse Prevention


On November 21st, at our regularly scheduled meeting, we welcomed Deanne Jackson, the Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator for the Kitsap County Dept. of Human Services.  The program known as the Kitsap Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition, is more than a job for Deanne, it is her passion.  The Coalition is a partnership of state agencies, counties, schools and local prevention coalitions supporting communities in preventing alcohol and other drug abuse and its negative consequences.  One of her favorite quotes by Mark Hyman sums it up:  “The power of a community to create better health is far greater than any physician, clinic or hospital.”

Deanne discussed the need and importance of educating both youth and adults on underage substance abuse prevention.  Some examples included the use of Vapors (an alternative to smoking cigarettes) at schools.  Until recently, Vapors were not classified as an illegal substance on school premises. However, thanks to the continued efforts of the coalition and other agencies, by providing resources that included health studies on its dangers, Vapors were finally banned from school premises.  Another example and hot topic affecting our youth is the illegal use of prescription drugs.  How many of us have had prescribed pain killers from an old injury or an operation and we forgot to discard them?  The Coalition teaches that properly disposing of prescription drugs eliminates access by youth and at the same time can protect the environment.

If you would like to learn more or to get involved, the coalition meets on the second Monday of the month at 1:00 p.m.  For details on the location of the meetings and any other activities of the coalition, contact Deanne Jackson at 360-337-4878, or by e-mail at dmontgom@co.kitsap.wa.us.


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Chamber's Interests Make Kingston Interesting

Colleen Carey, Executive Director
Colleen Carey, the Executive Director of the Kingston Chamber of Commerce probably feels possessed with a sense of déjà vu when she speaks with a group of Kingston Rotarians.  It is not just that she grew up in the community and has been a Chamber Executive for seven years. It is not just that she works so closely with many Rotarians on numerous community efforts.  It is not even that it might be just another annual presentation at another lunch meeting with a sense that, “Did I already tell them this?” The reality is that Colleen directs a Chamber that is always striving to create new innovative ways to make Kingston interesting for those who live and visit our community.  Her efforts are recognized and appreciated.

Chamber's Interests Make Kingston Interesting Chris Gilbreath 2018-11-16 08:00:00Z 0

New Member Induction

Please Welcome our Newest Members to the Kingston-NK Rotary Club!
Lori Buijten (l), Sally Christy, Membership Committee (lc), Mike Norris (rc), Barbara Aston (r)
The Kingston-NK Rotary Club initiated our newest members at our regular club meeting on 11/14/18.  Lori Buijten joins our club as Assistant Director Special Education with the North Kitsap School District.  Mike Norris, joins us as a retired contractor, fly fisherman and river guide.  Barbara Aston, joins us as a retired teacher and volunteer.  All three were inducted by our membership chair, Jennifer Carrier and membership co-chair Sally Christy.  Don't forget to check out Mike's flashy shoes!  Go Hawks!
New Member Induction Jennifer Carrier 2018-11-16 08:00:00Z 0
Kingston Historical Society Open House 2018-11-11 08:00:00Z 0

Fox, Classified.

Posted by Ron Carter
New member Julie Fox gave her “classification” speech to Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians at their Halloween meeting, October 31 (classification speech is essentially “your story” and is part of becoming a blue badge member in Rotary). Promising no tricks or treats, Fox told her story.  One of being the Mom of four children, the oldest having graduated from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, the youngest a junior at Kingston High School.  While she recently transitioned to a new job involving data entry, allowing a more flexible schedule, she, for fifteen years, was involved as a physical therapist and trainer at Kitsap Physical Therapy. Julie continues to teach classes at KPT, including a “mean” spin class five days a week.  She looks forward to being able to contribute more in her community and has been an essential part of the Club’s Kitsap Olympic Ale Trail committee.  
Fox, Classified. Ron Carter 2018-11-04 07:00:00Z 0

November is Rotary's Foundation Month

The Rotary Foundation transforms your gifts into service projects that change lives both close to home and around the world.
During the past 100 years, the Foundation has spent $3 billion on life-changing, sustainable projects.
With your help, we can make lives better in your community and around the world.
Our mission
The mission of The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.
Why should I donate to The Rotary Foundation?
Your donation makes a difference to those who need our help most. More than 90 percent of donations go directly to supporting our service projects around the world.
How does The Rotary Foundation use donations?
Our 35,000 clubs carry out sustainable service projects that support our six causes. With donations like yours, we’ve wiped out 99.9 percent of all polio cases. Your donation also trains future peacemakers, supports clean water, and strengthens local economies.
What impact can one donation have?
It can save a life. A child can be protected from polio with as little as 60 cents. Our partners make your donation go even further. For every $1 Rotary commits to polio eradication, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has committed $2.
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District Governor Gillis Visits

Posted by Ron Carter

There are 529 Rotary Districts worldwide.  Leading one of the geographically largest of those, District 5020 (all of Vancouver Island and western Washington), is Craig Gillis, who visited the Kingston-North Kitsap Rotary Club October 17. Gillis is a teacher by profession.  He “educated” club members on what he called the heart and science of service.  The heart is why we do it.  The science is how, the body of practice we learn as Rotarians.  As Rotarians, he said, we are connected by invisible strands…the stories we tell each other.  This is why it is a goal to bring in more new members.  He said the future is youth.  “Whatever we can do to support youth, keep on doing it.”  Gillis left members with two homework assignments. First, “move the needle forward in whatever way you like.”  Second, take a blank note card home and write to someone who’s made a difference in your life.  A note of appreciation.  Put something in their “shoebox of life.”

District Governor Gillis Visits Ron Carter 2018-10-21 07:00:00Z 0

Paul Harris Recipients

District Governor Craig Gillis presents Paul Harris awards to Fredrick Branchflower (l) and Shaun Stephenson (r)
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Fire Official Speaks to Rotarians


North Kitsap Fire and Rescue Assistant Chief Rick Lagrandeur spoke to Kingston-North Kitsap Rotarians at their October 10 meeting.  The Chief explained the November 6 ballot measure, Proposition 1, which would increase NKFR’s revenue $1.6m annually 2019-2022.  If passed, Proposition 1 would replace a 1999 Capital bond measure, and a 2014 maintenance and operations levy.  NKFR’s Prop 1 materials state that it cannot continue to maintain current levels of service without the additional funds to pay for increasing operational costs and capital needs long deferred due to revenue limitations. 

Lagrandeur said the current district is the result of four districts combining in three mergers over the years.  Their motto is “Proud to serve in the protection of lives and property.”  There are four stations in the district, with a minimum of nine firemen on duty at all times.  All personnel are cross-trained in both fire and EMT.  Interesting statistics:  NKFR responded to 3052 calls in 2017.  Only three percent of those were for fires.  64% were for medical. Not stats were given on “cats in trees” calls.

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Thank You Volunteers!

A BIG thank you to these wonderful members from the Kiwanis and Kingston Rotary club who were able to volunteer their time to take down the beer tent in Kingston.
Thank You Volunteers! 2018-10-06 07:00:00Z 0

Rotarians hear from NK District Superintendent


            At their October 3 weekly meeting, Kingston-North Kitsap Rotarians heard a presentation from Dr. Laurynn Evans, North Kitsap Schools Superintendent.  Evans, whose weekend passion is Puget Sound diving and underwater photography, talked about the renewed focus on learning in all eleven district schools, with the idea students get through school, to a place after high school. She advised that 58 new certified teachers joined the ranks this school year.  On arrival in July 2017, her challenge was the number 537.  That is how many kids left the district to get educations elsewhere because there was not enough variety in the programming at NK to meet the needs of all learners.  From that challenge resulted Choice Academy and STEM Academy which were created to find ways for students to achieve learning in ways more suited to their individual talents and abilities.  A guiding theme has been developed among the district’s educators:  Every student is known - students are known as people and students are known as learners. 

            Dr. Evans touched on a focus of the district this year, school safety.  She also spoke to the problem of having two relatively small high schools in the district, which limits its ability to offer expansive programming.  To counter that problem they are looking at the two buildings as one, resulting in a much larger universe - 1696 students - and opportunity to deliver more programs.  For example, a Kingston High student might identify as a Buccaneer, but attend a horticulture class at North Kitsap High. 

            Finally, Dr. Evans announced strategic plan community meetings next spring. She invited attendance and public ideas at those meetings. 

Rotarians hear from NK District Superintendent Ron Carter 2018-10-06 07:00:00Z 0

Walt Updates Us on Ferry Draft Plan


At their September 12 meeting, Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians heard from one of their own.  Walt Elliott.  Elliott is a member of the Kingston Washington State Ferry Advisory Committee.  The State Department of Transportation recently released it’s long range (2040) draft plan for WSF.  It details how WSF intends to improve reliability, customer service, growth management, sustainability, and resilience across the fleet.  Elliott said the Kingston-Edmonds route operates at 116% profit, while the system as a whole is at 78%.  On that route the draft plan calls for three mid-sized boats.  The Ferry Advisory Committee suggests it is more cost effective to run two jumbos and one mid-size ferry.  The plan also calls for converting two of the jumbo’s four engines to rechargeable electric, with plug-ins at the Kingston dock.  The Ferry Advisory Committee suggests this is risky as it has not successfully been accomplished any place else in the world.  Their preference would be to design and build all-electric boats from the keel up.  Elliott also touched on a reservation system for Kingston-Edmonds that, in the plan, anticipates, Saturday-Sunday only reservations, which attacks only part of the waiting problem.  Residents wishing to comment may make their thoughts known at WSF’s open house, October 11, from 6-8 p.m. at Kingston’s Village Green Community Center.  The plan’s entirety may be viewed at: www.wsflongrangeplan.com. 

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Juggling Act Makes it's Way to Kingston NK Rotary Club

Posted by Ron Carter
Breane Martinez, Club President
If ever there was a juggling act to behold, it is right here in Kingston, Washington, where master magician and local Rotary club president Breane Martinez practices.  Family.  Career.  Community.  Shuffle.  Career.  Family.  Community.  Shuffle.  She keeps all three plates spinning on their sticks, not losing a one to the concrete below. 
            Community: Breane became the Club’s president July 1, 2018, having been Rotarian for eight years.  Career: 15-year physical therapist.  Family: spouse of Owen; mother of Benett (7) and Jax (5).  Breane holds an undergraduate degree in Health and Sciences from Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska, and a Master’s in Physical Therapy from Loma Linda University in southern California.  During her Loma Linda internship, she practiced at Kitsap Physical Therapy in Kingston, where, eventually, she was hired full-time and has been helping people ever since.  Kitsap Physical Therapy is also where she met her husband-to-be, Owen, who was working out in the adjoining gym. She gets great career satisfaction working with patients,  seeing progress, knowing she is helping improve their quality of life.  That is a theme of her involvement in the community as well.  Helping improve it’s quality of life. 
            Breane grew up in a family that was service oriented.  At the age of two-weeks, her parents took her on a missionary trip to Mexico.  Not that she remembers the trip.  Her parents gave her the foundation, the modeling, for a life of service.  She tells the story of an experience when she was “eleven or twelve, my parents told me this year we are having no Christmas.  No presents.  No tree.  Instead, we’re going to Guatemala to help in an orphanage.  That was a turning-point trip.  Seeing those kids.  It made such an impact on me.” When asked about her motivation, she says, “I want to have a positive impact, to leave a small positive impact in my community.  I get daily satisfaction in helping people.” 
            Before becoming the Kingston North Kitsap Rotary’s President, she led, and continues to lead, the Club’s annual major fundraiser, the Swing for Rotary golf tournament.  Under her leadership, net proceeds have grown each year, setting another record in 2018 at $47k.  This with an active roster of barely 50 members.  She has also recently led the Club to establish the Kitsap-Olympic Ale Trail, where “hikers” buy a $20 pass to discount pours at more than 15 local breweries and eating establishments.  Half the proceeds go back into community organizations as designated by hikers when they sign up.  “The Trail” is patterned after one developed by Fort Collins, CO Foothills Rotary Club.  Info at:  kitsapolympicaletrail.com
            Martinez claims Rotary has helped her grow a lot. “I was so nervous when I chaired the first meeting of the golf committee.  But I found I enjoy leadership roles. Rotary means a lot to me.  I enjoy being part of something bigger than myself - the community,  the friendship, and the fellowship.  It motivates me to be better.  I’m inspired by Rotary.”
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Rotary Foundation update

from Communications Chair Ron Carter

$135 million is spent each year on Rotary International service projects that change lives, both close to home and around the world.  That is what was explained by Howard Svigals to Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians at their May 23, 2018 luncheon meeting.   Svigals is the fundraising chair for Rotary Foundation in the state of Washington.  The Foundation, supported solely by contributions from Rotarians and friends of the Foundation, exists to generate funds necessary so that “every minute of every day Rotary feeds someone, houses someone, medicates someone, performs surgery on someone, helps someone, cares for someone, provides clean water to someone, and on and on.”  On average, twenty global grants, some as much as $300k, are dispersed each week by the Rotary Foundation.  Ninety percent of the funds collected go to projects and programs. CNN ranks the Rotary Foundation one of the top ten in the world. 

            Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians meet each Wednesday, 11:45 a.m., at Kingston’s Village Green Community Center.  Visitors are welcome any time.  No invitation necessary. 

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Raise the Paddle for Coffee Oasis!

Hey Kingston,
Are you in favor of helping Homeless Youth in and around Kingston?  Well - so are we.  The Kingston-NK Rotary Board has decided that the proceeds from this year's Raise the Paddle at our Rotary Classic Golf Tournament Dinner will be dedicated to helping Coffee Oasis finish their new Kingston location.  This organization does SO much for Homeless Youth in this County, we firmly believe we need them here in the North End, and the sooner the better.  
So - Sign up to play in the Tournament here at knkrotarygolf.net, or get your Dinner tickets from any Kingston-NK Rotarian, and come out to help finish Kingston Coffee Oasis!
Raise the Paddle for Coffee Oasis! 2018-05-24 07:00:00Z 0

Kidzz helping Kidzz

from Communications Chair Ron Carter
Kingston-North Kitsap Rotarians heard an update from eight year old Zachary Darner at their May 16 meeting.  Zachary is the whiz kid behind Kidzz helping Kidzz, an effort that delivers toys for kids in local hospitals during the holidays.   Zachary began the program two years ago after observing kids in the hospital when his younger brother, Noah, was hospitalized three times.  Last holiday, the program’s second year, Zachary raised an amazing 1589 toys.  This year his goal is 5,000 toys.  And he’s already well on his way to accomplishing his goal, with a donation of 1500 toys from the Eagles Club of Port Orchard.  Kidzz helping Kidzz is also supported by Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club. 
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from your Editor
Our Rotary Classic Golf Tournament this year will feature an incredible HOME IMPROVEMENT RAFFLE item, thanks to the generosity of local contractor Mike Lambro.  The winner will choose either a new roof or a new deck for their home.  Either option is valued at upwards of $7500 and both can be expanded through negotiation.  Tickets for this incredible prize are $50 each or 5 tickets for $200. Cash or check accepted. Tickets may be purchased at Kingston Financial Center or Columbia Bank in Kingston, or at the Rotary Golf Tournament on June 22, 2018. Drawing will be at the dinner that evening, but you do not need to be present at the event to win.  Added details available at the ticket sale sites.  Get yours NOW!  
HOME IMPROVEMENT RAFFLE! 2018-05-17 07:00:00Z 0

Kingston Coffee Oasis update

from Communications Chair Ron Carter

At our May 9 meeting Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians heard an update on the soon-to-be opened Coffee Oasis in the former Kingston Community Center. 

One in thirty high school students in Washington state is homeless.  The mission of Coffee Oasis, through it’s unique business model, is to change the world for homeless youth in Kitsap County.  Proceeds from the front-end coffee shop business fund back of the shop programs, including providing a safe place to be, job training, and internship programs with local businesses.  It was reported 100% of interns had a job within six months.  Additionally, homeless youth is provided showers, washers and dryers, and clothing.  Coffee Oasis operates a transitional house for women in Poulsbo, one for men in Bremerton, and the county’s only youth shelter in Bremerton. 

The meeting included Coffee Oasis personal testimonials from Jet Woelke and Gage Foley.  At the conclusion, Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club president Doug Hallock presented a $2k check from the Club to Daniel Kluth, Coffee Oasis’s Regional Development Director-North Kitsap.  Kluth reported work remains on the building, including siding, subfloor, drywall, and painting.  He hopes for a September opening for the Kingston Coffee Oasis.

Kingston Coffee Oasis update 2018-05-10 07:00:00Z 0

Instant Wine Cellar Raffle!

from your Editor
Hear ye, Hear ye!  The Kingston Rotary Golf Classic will once again feature a raffle to win an INSTANT WINE CELLAR - consisting of a 28-bottle Wine cooler and enough wine to fill that cooler (and then some).  Tickets to win this great prize will be available at the Golf Classic at White Horse Golf Course on the day of the event, Friday June 22nd.
Meanwhile, Wine-loving Kingston Rotarians (you know who you are!) and KNK Rotarians who want to help the club out anyway are encouraged to bring a couple of bottles to any Rotary Club meeting between now and June 20th inclusive.  Our Wino-in-Chief Don Hutchins will collect them and organize the inventory.  
UPDATE: as of last week we have 44 bottles donated by generous KNK Rotarians.  We only need a few more to break last year's record of 47 bottles!  So PLEASE - BRING YOUR WINE TO ROTARY - the earlier the better for the Chief Wino...
Instant Wine Cellar Raffle! 2018-05-08 07:00:00Z 0
Welcome Mike Olsen to KNK Rotary 2018-01-12 08:00:00Z 0

Happy New Year, everyone!  

Please help us make this a safe, secure, and happy year for everyone!  And if you're NOT a Rotarian, think about joining us in Service Above Self, to keep that magic going all year long! 
Happy New Year, everyone! 2017-12-30 08:00:00Z 0
Have fun AND contribute to worthy causes! 2017-12-30 08:00:00Z 0

It's up and running!

Submitted by Rotary Readerboard Project Lead Jon Sole
After years of fundraising, discussing, convincing and now several weeks of actual construction, (see more background in the "ground breaking" piece below) the new Kingston Readerboard is up and running!  Led by KNK Rotary but a co-operative effort of many dedicated Kinstonians as well as our Port Commission,our Little City now has a great information-sharing bulletin board.  Groups wanting to run messages should contact the Port Office.  
It's up and running! 2017-12-15 08:00:00Z 0

KNK Rotarians celebrate the Holidays

Fellowship Chair Sondra Peters organized a great Holiday celebration last weekend at the Village Green Community Center. The party was well attended and as can be seen - Rotarians were in great spirits!  Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you all.
KNK Rotarians celebrate the Holidays 2017-12-14 08:00:00Z 0

Don't forget our Holiday Fellowship Party

Kingston Rotary Holiday Party, Friday, December 8th, 6:00 PM 
Village Green Community Center hosted by our club 
Dinner will be catered by Le Garmache'
Bring your favorite wine or beverage of choice along with a wrapped White Elephant gift per guest for loads of laughs and entertainment by many.
Bring along your spouse, significant other or perhaps a prospective member
**Grand Prize for best song, Ho Ho Ho!! 
Don't forget our Holiday Fellowship Party 2017-12-01 08:00:00Z 0

Rotarians Hear About Literacy in Cambodia and Laos Project

submitted by Communications Chair Ron Carter
At their November 1 meeting, Kinston North Kitsap Rotarians received an update on their support of a Literacy Project in Cambodia and Laos.  An annual grant from the Club supports the work of Anne Thomas, who, for thirty years, has worked with ethnic minorities in those countries.  The Club’s money goes to print books which are used to teach reading, math, and health education. In 1995 Thomas wrote a book that became the national model for education in Laos.  She teaches local villagers to be teachers in their local language - there are hundreds - then to be taught in the national language. 
Rotarians Hear About Literacy in Cambodia and Laos Project 2017-11-09 08:00:00Z 0

A Kiwanian receives a Paul Harris Fellowship

submitted by Sondra Peters
At last week's meeting, Past President of the Kingston Kiwanis Club Pat Bennett-Forman was made a Paul Harris Fellow, recognizing her years of work on behalf of Kingston's youth.  
A Kiwanian receives a Paul Harris Fellowship 2017-11-09 08:00:00Z 0

Jessica is a Paul Harris Fellow!

submitted by Sondra Peters
Sondra Peters and Past President Stan Mack presented her Paul Harris Fellowship to KNK Rotarian Jessica Larson, who is on a medical leave of absence.  We congratulate Jessie for this honor and send her our best wishes for a quick recovery.  
Jessica is a Paul Harris Fellow! 2017-11-09 08:00:00Z 0

New Benches and Fountain at Village Green Park

submitted by Communications Chair Ron Carter
Kingston Rotarians celebrated another successful project benefitting our community.
Monday afternoon, Oct 30, two benches were installed near the playground area at Kingston’s Village Green Park.  The project was spearheaded by Rotary’s Community Affairs Committee and it’s chair, Jim Dixon.  Dixon says the project could not have been done without the assistance of local contractor Matt House and Kiwanian Dave Wetter.  “Matt is, the hero on this thing,” Dixon said, speaking of House.  “He donated 65-bags of concrete to pour the pads and the bench supports.  He designed the supports and the bench architecture, and he delivered all the materials for the work party to install today.  This community owes a lot to Matt House, and Kiwanian Dave Wetter who engineered the new drinking fountain (below), and was a huge help with both projects.”  Every time you drive past the park and see mothers, dads, grandmas and grandpas watching their kids enjoy the playground from the comfort of the new benches, think of Rotary.  It is the mission of Rotary to bring together resources to improve our community, one project at a time.  
New Benches and Fountain at Village Green Park 2017-11-02 07:00:00Z 0

Kingston Electronic Community Reader-Board Groundbreaking

submitted by Ron Carter, Communications Chair

Kingston residents, North Kitsap residents, and Olympic Peninsula visitors and residents will soon notice a major change at the intersection of Highway 104 and Lindvog Road in Kingston.  Ground was broken Wednesday, Oct 25, for an electronic community reader-board on the southeast corner of that intersection.  Although it has taken nearly ten years to bring the project to fruition, those behind the project believe the effort has been worth it.  Kingston Rotary Club’s Jon Sole, the sign’s driving force, saw that with the advancement of technology there was an opportunity to build a sign to announce community events, welcome visitors, and serve as a “community water cooler.”   Kingston’s Rotary Club took on the project, spearheaded by Sole and former Rotary Club President, Clint Boxman.  They enlisted community partners to get behind the project including Port of Kingston, Kingston Citizens Advisory Council, and Kingston Chamber of Commerce.  According to Sole, “this is a clear example of what can be done by building partnerships in a great place like Kingston.”

About half of the sign’s total cost of $40k is being supported by the Port of Kingston, which will operate it and provide maintenance and insurance.  The sign will be for community use.  It will not be commercial or political. 

The site has been cleared pro-bono by Steve Kelly Construction.  Community leader Dave Wetter handled the excavation.  Hanson Sign Co. is the contractor.  County Commissioner Rob Gelder has been an ongoing supporter and has assisted in matters involving Kitsap County.
Kingston Electronic Community Reader-Board Groundbreaking 2017-10-30 07:00:00Z 0

A Rotarian Tells Her Story

submitted by Communications Chair Ron Carter
Rotarian Michelle Fuji told her story to fellow Rotarians at a recent October meeting.  And she demonstrated the art of acupuncture.  Fuji is owner and practitioner of an acupuncture and herbal medicine practice.  She refers to herself as an East Asian Medical Practitioner.  A veteran of years of East Asian Medical training, Michelle practices in Poulsbo, Kingston, and Silverdale. 
At the same meeting, Rotarian Jon Sole reported a record number of blood drive donors at the October 17 blood drive.  58 donors came to lend their arms to the cause.  Rotarians support each Bloodworks Northwest Kingston Blood Drive, every eight weeks at Kingston’s Village Green Community Center.  
A Rotarian Tells Her Story 2017-10-20 07:00:00Z 0

Award-Winning Photographer Visits Rotary

submitted by Communications Chair Ron Carter
Multiple award-winning photographer Bonnie Block displayed a collection of her images at our recent October meeting.  Block is a 37-year resident of Kingston who specializes in photographs of birds of the Pacific Northwest.  In addition to a collection of those images, she shared pictures of her recent photo shoot in Botswana.  And, she showed the image of eagles and herons taken at Seabeck, WA that was selected as 2016 Audubon Photography Awards grand prize winner.
Award-Winning Photographer Visits Rotary 2017-10-13 07:00:00Z 0

More progress at Village Green Park

Last week your Editor joined this crew of Rotarians, Kiwanians and dedicated Kingstonians who got together under the organization of Jim Dixon, our Community Services Chair, to prepare for two new benches and a water fountain at the park. We're happy to say that prep works were completed in fine fashion.  The water fountain was worked further on Friday and with a little luck, the final products may be in place by next week.  Time will tell. Thanks  for the organization, Jim!
More progress at Village Green Park 2017-10-04 07:00:00Z 0

A Legislative Update

submitted by Communications Chair Ron Carter
Senator Rolfes Visits Kingston Rotary

23rd District State Senator Christine Rolfes was the featured speaker at our first meeting in October.  Her topic was the recent Legislature’s efforts to bring K-12 school funding in line with requirements of the State Supreme Court in it’s McCleary decision. In that January 2012 decision, the Court ruled the State Legislature failed to fulfill its paramount duty to make ample provision for the education of all children residing within its borders. 

Senator Rolfes told Rotarians that half of the latest budget, passed June 30, goes to public school funding. These funds are allocated to the 295 districts in the state, districts as small as the six-student Stehekin District to as large as the Seattle District, with it’s 54,000 students.  The result is the state provides more maintenance and operations money for each student in each district, and limits the amount districts can raise through school levies.  The net impact in North Kitsap District will be an increase of thirteen-million dollars, almost ten-thousand dollars more per teacher.  Most of the funding will be for teacher salaries.  To fund the increases, the Legislature will increase property taxes across the state by seven-billion dollars. 

At the conclusion Senator Rolfes answered questions, the biggest of which is whether the Legislature will be found in compliance when the State Supreme Court revisits the matter later this month. 



A Legislative Update 2017-10-04 07:00:00Z 0

Another new KNK Rotarian

Membership Chair Jennifer Carrier and Sponsor Breane Martinez Assisted President Doug at this week's meeting by inducting new Rotarian Margie Sullivan.  Welcome to Rotary International Margie, we look forward to a long and happy journey together in Rotary Service.
Another new KNK Rotarian 2017-09-28 07:00:00Z 0

How to Access Board Minutes

from De' MacKinnon
Board meeting minutes are sent to all members in a bulk mailing.  Should you wish to review a set of minutes you may not have saved, follow these steps to find them online.
  1. Go to our website: Kingston-nkrotary.org
  2. Login.
  3. Next select “Member Area” from the top bar.
  4. Scroll down under “My Clubrunner” and select “View Club Documents”.
  5. Scroll down to the Board Minutes you wish to read.
  6. When done, be sure to log out.
How to Access Board Minutes  2017-09-26 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Good the World Over

a letter from our Communications Chair, Ron Carter
We are on a 3-weeks + trip in the UK.  Yesterday we visited a place called the Cheddar Gorge, a fabulous place in southwest England, and home of (tah-dah) cheddar cheese.  At a local market what did we stumble on but a group of Rotarians selling raffle tickets to benefit a local cancer patient family stay center, like the Pete Gross House in Seattle.  The Rotary Club of Mendip got my 5-pounds, with a pledge to donate the travel trailer to the Charity it I win.  Now wouldn't that be something.  Cheers to all, 
Rotary Good the World Over 2017-09-14 07:00:00Z 0

Thorn Percival Memorial Service

We lost a beloved long-time Rotarian and benefactor of our Kingston Community when Thorn Percival passed on in July.  
His wife Elaine wishes to advise his many friends that a Memorial Service will be held on Saturday, September 30, at  2 PM, at St Barnabas Episcopal Church, 1187 Wyatt Way NW, Bainbridge Island.  There will be a reception at the church following the service which everyone is welcome to attend.  Please plan to be there.
Thorn Percival Memorial Service 2017-09-01 07:00:00Z 0

Bloodworks NW says THANK YOU! 

forwarded by Blood Drive Chair Jon Sole
Good Afternoon Kingston Community Donors!
Big thanks for a great blood drive on 8/22/17!
The ongoing support and dedication of donors is very appreciated. We truly value your partnership in our lifesaving pursuits.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
Drive Results:
  • Total Registered Whole Blood Donors: 41 people  
  • Units of Whole Blood Collected: 34 units
  • Apheresis Donors Registered: 5
  • Apheresis Units Collected: 4
  • Lives Saved: Since each whole blood donation can save up to three lives and each apheresis donation can save more than 3 lives, your collective donations will help save more than 114 patients in our community. 
  • We welcomed 10 first-time donors.
Your efforts will bring health and comfort to many patients. The blood donations collected at the blood drive are critical to maintain a stable blood supply for surgeries, medical emergencies, and for supporting patients battling life-threatening illnesses like leukemia and other cancers.
Each day, 800 people must donate blood to support Bloodworks Northwest blood supply in order to meet the needs of patients in our hospitals. Your blood drive played an important role in helping meet that goal.
Thank you from all of us at Bloodworks NW for your support in this life-saving mission.
Stay up to date by following us on Facebook
Find the next drive in your community by clicking here                          
For your convenience in locating a drive near you download the following:
For Android Phones   APPFORANDROID      
For I-Phones               APPFORIPHONE
Bloodworks NW says THANK YOU! 2017-08-27 07:00:00Z 0

Hallock Rotary’s New President

by Communications Chair Ron Carter
If you want to turn that gleam in his eye and smile on his face into outright bursts of joy, ask Doug Hallock about one of two things:  Scouts or Rotary.  Those are his passions.   He has been involved with Scouts since he was age 6 or 7, when someone gave him a Scout Handbook at Lake Tahoe.  And he has been a Rotarian 34 years, having been a member of Arlington, Silverdale, and Port Angeles Rotary clubs, before becoming a charter member of the Kingston club in 2004. June 30th Hallock was installed as President of the Kingston-North Kitsap Club for the Rotary year 2017-2018.
Doug Hallock’s day job is in commercial and residential real estate sales.  He’s the managing broker of the Windermere office in Kingston, where he has been a resident 29-years.  In a prior career of 12-years, he worked for the Boy Scouts of America doing unit organizing, membership management and fund raising.  When he was Chief Kitsap District Executive, his group received the Quality District Award four consecutive years.  Among other activities, he led a contingent from Kingston Troop 555 on one of three backpacking expeditions to Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico.  As a youth, Doug attained the rank of Eagle Scout, and later was in Sea Scouts prior to enlisting in the Navy, where he volunteered for submarine duty, and was aboard the first nuclear submarine, the U.S.S. Aspro, in Japan.
Hallock is naturally inclined to be a Rotarian. Since he joined in 1983, he has seen Rotary change for the better.  Women were not allowed to join when he was a member of the Arlington Club. Since 1985 that has changed. He says, “they have really enhanced what we do.”  Half of the Kingston Club members are women.  Also over the years, he’s seen membership and attendance requirements loosened and modernized to align with today’s lifestyles.  When asked what is most misunderstood about Rotary, Hallock said, “people think it’s an old boys club.  It’s not. Rotary is a roll-up-your-sleeves, hands-on group.  It has tentacles into the community in a diverse, non-political, non-religious way.  We’re involved not to enhance resumes, but to serve our community and get things done.  When people get together for a cause or a project, it’s surprising how powerful it can be.”
                                                *           *           *           *           *
Don’t look now, but the southeast corner of Highway 104 and Lindvog Road is about to get a bright, new addition….Kingston’s Electronic Readerboard.  The site has been cleared pro-bono by Steve Kelly Construction.  Construction contracts are about to let to build the sign. Final site work will be done by volunteer labor with the goal of lighting it up this fall.  The project has been spearheaded by Kingston-North Kitsap Rotary Club and is being completed as a joint effort with the Port of Kingston. The Port will operate the sign.  According to Jon Sole, Rotary’s sign chair, the sign will be for community use.  It will not be commercial or political.  Sole said, “we hope to be operational in October…and we need to thank Kitsap County Commissioner Rob Gelder for his help on the project, as well as the Port of Kingston. Like the lights at Kingston High’s football field, this is an example of Rotary leading the way in our community.”
                                                *           *           *           *           *
Kingston-North Kitsap Rotarians meet Wednesdays at 11:45 a.m. at Village Green Community Center.  Guests are always invited. Come join the fun.  Get involved. 
Hallock Rotary’s New President 2017-08-27 07:00:00Z 0

KNK Rotarians Help Push Pies in the Park

by your faithful Editor
Rotarian Clint awards Sue Hutchins' Pecan Pie to Rotarian Gale Kirsopp
Thursday August 10th marked the 9th Annual Pie in the Park celebration of our great Little City, where Kingstonians young and old get together, play, eat pie, and BUY pies to help complete the fundraising effort for the Village Green Community Center.
Conceived by our own Rotarian Nancy Martin with Rotarian Clint Boxman as the perennial pie auctioneer and many, many stalwart KNK Rotarians assisting every year (along with Kingston Kiwananians and other dedicated village folk) and with the assistance of Rotary's Chair & Table stash, PiP has been incredibly successful every year.
It continued that unbroken run this week, reducing the construction debt on the VGCC by some $40K plus.   
THANK YOU to all who organized, attended, helped, baked pies, bought pie and otherwise lent moral support to the effort.  We WILL complete this mission very soon!
KNK Rotarians Help Push Pies in the Park 2017-08-11 07:00:00Z 0

Learning at a Rotary Meeting

submitted by Communications Chair Ron Carter
This week at Rotary we learned about bats.  OK.  So you thought all we ever did was work on doing good around here.  Mostly, that’s true.  Not today.  Today our speaker was Meg Dunham, board member of Bats Northwest, and expert on rehabilitating injured bats.  We learned there are fifteen species of bats in Washington state, and more than 13,000 species worldwide.  Some migrate in winter.  Some hibernate.  Some live to 34-years old!  All eat insects.  And if there’s one making a home in your patio umbrella, there’s not a darn thing you can do.  Sorry, Rotarian Don Hutchins. 
Learning at a Rotary Meeting 2017-08-03 07:00:00Z 0

DO NOT Miss the Saturday Rotary Beer/Wine Garden!

Most everybody is well aware of our Chamber's fantastic Concerts on the Cove Series on Saturday nights thru the end of August.
And hopefully, most of THOSE folks will be patronizing our KNK Rotary Beer & Wine Garden, led once again by our stalwart BeerMeister, Randy Monlux.
So mark your calendars and get down to Mike Wallace Park every Saturday evening - Beer Garden opens at 5, Concerts at 6.  Be there or be square!
DO NOT Miss the Saturday Rotary Beer/Wine Garden! 2017-07-18 07:00:00Z 0

Upcoming KCAC Business Roundtable

submitted by KCAC Rep Sally Christy

Members of the Kingston business community will join in a roundtable discussion to talk about their experiences and challenges during the Kingston Citizens Advisory Council meeting which takes place 7 to 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 2 in the Village Green Community Center, 26159 Dulay Road, Kingston. The public is invited to attend and learn more about the local business community.

Colleen Carey, executive director of the Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce, and Dave Wetter, representing the Kingston Stakeholders, will moderate an informal discussion with business owners including Cameron Fletcher, who recently purchased the old Kingston Lumber site; Micki Monroe of d’Vine Wines; Amy Anderson of Cup & Muffin; and Johnny Walker of Almost Candid.

Upcoming KCAC Business Roundtable 2017-07-18 07:00:00Z 0

A Busy Meeting!

by your faithful Editor...
Our first meeting under the gentle gavel of President Doug saw some "old business" taken care of:
Past President Stan finally received his placque.
De' McKinnon was awarded the Rea Mowery Fellowship Award.
And De' as Foundation Chair was pleased to award Jerry Tellinghuisen his first Paul Harris Fellowship.
Overall a most satisfying way to start the year.  Thanks Doug! 
A Busy Meeting! 2017-07-13 07:00:00Z 0

Fun Run Supports Kingston High Clubs and Teams

from Communications Chair Ron Carter
Runners of all abilities, shapes, and sizes lined up at 9 a.m. to hear the cannon blast that signaled the beginning of Kingston North Kitsap Rotary’s annual 4th of July fun run.  This year the Rotary Club teamed with the Kingston High School Booster Club to benefit teams and clubs at the school.  Runners entered a 1-mile run, a 5k run, or a 10k run. More than 250 participated.  Upon completing the run at Village Green Park in Kingston, participants  were treated to water, bananas, oranges and other nourishment to replenish fluids.  2017 marks the event’s 10th year.
Fun Run Supports Kingston High Clubs and Teams 2017-07-13 07:00:00Z 0

KNK Rotary Changes Hands!

submitted by Communications Chair Ron Carter
Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians celebrated the Alpha and Omega - the beginning and end - of their Rotary year Friday, June 30.  During a special dinner at Kingston’s Village Green Community Center, outgoing President Stan Mack recounted numerous accomplishments, including a more-than-successful golf tournament and two Rotary Foundation giving awards, during his year in office.  Mack honored several club members for their contributions and named Fredrick Branchflower Rotarian of the Year.  In accepting the award Branchflower said he hadn’t learned how to say the word “no.” 
Incoming President Doug Hallock cited Bill Gates Sr. as a role model on how to get things done when Hallock was associated with Boy Scouts of America. 
Perhaps the most exciting element of the event was a report from co-chairs Breanne Martinez and Alice Amas on the financial success of this year’s Swing for Rotary Golf Tournament, June 16.  According to Martinez, “it was amazing to watch the day unfold.  In 2015, tournament net income was $20,000; in 2016 it was $35,000.  This year, with a full field of golfers, nearly sold-out sponsorships, and an amazing raise-the-paddle response, net income was more than $45,000.”  This money will support Kingston North Kitsap Rotary causes including Kids of North Kitsap (Kingston High School scholarships, Food4Kids, ShareNet backpacks and school supplies, and others), Kingston electronic reader-board, and Village Green Community Center.
KNK Rotary Changes Hands! 2017-07-03 07:00:00Z 0

Atlanta tales...

submitted by Bill Maule
The Rotary International Convention
For the second year in a row, I learned that attending a Rotary International Convention is inspiring , educational, and fully in compliance with the fifth part of our four way test!
I missed the opening ceremony because of conflict with my grandson's college graduation, but I remember from Seoul the spectacle of the presentation of the flags of over a hundred nations. In Atlanta there were four other grand  meetings - Wow! sharing  a room with over thirty thousand Rotarians from around the world, all united in the ways and wonders of Rotary, a truly international organization. The speakers may have looked a mile away, but giant screens put everybody up close and personal.  The main themes were the 100th birthday of our Foundation, and the Polio Plus campaign.  Yes, we really are "this close" to the end of this horrible disease, but it is not officially extinct until there have been no cases for three years.  In these days of air travel, the threat of an outbreak is always present.  All of us should consider including Polio Plus in our contributions to the Foundation. ( Now I break for "a commercial"  -  Let us all support the Foundation in this new Rotary Year.  Just  $6.25 a quarter will help the Foundation in its efforts to do good at home and abroad and will also assist  the Club gain recognition if all its members contribute at least $25 a year. Better yet,  there's a  way to celebrate the Foundation as it enters its second century.  Each quarter contribute $25 and join your colleagues who are Sustaining Members. That's  a bit less than 30 cents a day!)
Speakers included Bill Gates  who praised Rotary -  and our methods  that had attracted his Foundation's mega-contributions to anti-Polio efforts. That was followed by a  presentation by a polio survivor now a para-Olympic champion, and then an interview with  great golfer Jack Nicklaus. also a polio survivor, a Polio Ambassador, and since recent days a Rotarian.
Atlanta tales... 2017-06-30 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary and Booster Clubs Announce 4th Fun Run

submitted by Communications Chair Ron Carter
Calling all North Kitsap runners and families and neighbors.  If your 4th of July plans include a staycation, lace up your sneakers and kick off your holiday with a run for fun…and the community.  There will be a 1k kid dash (adults welcome), a 5k race and a 10k race.  Walk, jog, or run…or all three…folks of all abilities and interests are welcome.  Families have walked together, run together.  Neighbors have done the same.  This is about putting the “fun” in the “run.”
As participants walk, jog, or run, they will do so knowing they are having fun, and giving back to their community.  This year the Fun Run will have greater importance to our community’s youth.  The Kingston-North Kitsap Rotary Club has, for the last nine years, hosted the annual event the morning of the 4th.  The money earned has helped fund a variety of charitable Rotary projects.  Some of the funds have also helped local running activities.  This year a much greater emphasis is being made to support our kids.  The Rotary Club has teamed up with the Kingston High School Athletic Booster Club.  Recently, funds for student school activities have become tighter and tighter.  The student programs including arts, music, and athletics are now more dependent on ASB funds and booster clubs to bridge the gap.  The Kingston High Athletic Booster Club works hard to support our school’s teams, but there are always more needs than funds.  This year, half of the race proceeds will go to the Booster Club to support student activities. 
Our community, students, and their families will have a number of ways to participate in the event.  Some will run.  Others will volunteer.  Others will cheer on the participants.  Students began the partnership early this year, when art students created designs for the Fun Run t-shirts and posters.  Kingston High students Katranna Stamper and Jakob Jones drew the stunning images that are being used this year (see nearby). 
The race will be on the Fourth, with check-in from 7:30 a.m. until 8:30 a.m.  Scheduled start time is 9:00 a.m.  Runners who pre-register will be insured a race t-shirt.  The starting line is at the medical/fitness center at Barber Cutoff and West Kingston roads.  The race will end at Village Green Park, with refreshments, prizes, and giveaways.  Generous sponsors include 4700 Group, Albertson’s, Isaac Anderson, Beebe Roberts & Bryan, Borrowed Kitchen Bakery, Central Market, Costco, Cup & Muffin, D’Vine Wines, Grub Hut, Imagine Moore, Kingston CPA, Pizza Factory, Poulsbo Running, Papa Murphy’s Pizza, Food Market at Kingston, West Side Pizza, Kingston Lumber, Sound Family Health, CHI Franciscan Hospital, Cory Signs, and Domino’s Pizza. 
Pre-register yourself, your family, and your neighbors at www.kingstonrunning.net.  Further information is available at kingston4th5k@gmail.com.
We look forward to seeing everyone there.  
Rotary and Booster Clubs Announce 4th Fun Run   2017-06-17 07:00:00Z 0

Golf Classic is a HUGE success!

by Bulletin Editor/Golf Team Captain Don Hutchins
CONGRATULATIONS to Golf Committee Chairs Breane and Alice, and all the fantastic KNK Rotarians who made this year's Rotary Classic the BEST EVER, by a wide margin.  From the set up through the long day of supporting Golfers and Sponsors through a fantastic dinner and hugely successful auction (thank you Poulsbo Rotarian Todd Tidball!) every facet of the day was pretty near perfect - and that included the overcast-but-dry-and-warm weather.  WHAT A DAY!  What else is there to say?  (And OBTW - it appears that Team KNK Rotary took the Challenge Cup for the second year in a row).  :-)
Golf Classic is a HUGE success! 2017-06-17 07:00:00Z 0


submitted by International Committee member Bill Maule
International news, these days, is never really very good.   But for a change, here’s some good news on our Club’s international efforts. Last fall our International Service  Committee decided to donate   $500, a third of its budget,  to help with the construction of another Bottle School in Guatemala.  As chance would have it, the school  is “historic”  as its completion marked  an important milestone for the Bottle School  organization. The village of  Panimacac, located in the northwestern part of the country, suffered greatly from the years-long civil war, and is now still recovering, as is the case with other villages in the area.
Although there are only 79 families resident in the town, it provides some infrastructure to four surrounding villages.  That includes its schools. As is the case in all Bottle School projects, a functioning school, with government provided teachers, was in operation.  Ten teachers served 162 students.   Yes, lots of students with good teachers, but school buildings were far from adequate and safe. There was already one completed Bottle School for Middle School students. The elementary school was held in a temporary, and structural unsafe, adobe structure. Another Bottle School was, at the time we became involved again, was nearly complete as a second Middle School,  replacing an old shabby metal siding building. But the elementary children were still in that adobe building.  Our contribution helped build yet another Bottle School to replace the unsafe building.
We just received news that the school we consider as “ours”  is finished and functioning. Of course, we cannot claim all that school.  Our contribution covered only about a fifth of the total cost.  Nevertheless,  the Bottle School staff  said  in the recent e-mail that our contributions over the years have always been most welcome and helpful. They said that they hope we will continue with our important support. The school was officially inaugurated on March 27th and is considered a great success.
Oh, yes,  The historic nature of the building?   The new elementary school is the 100th Bottle School completed!   Way to go, Kingston Rotary!
GREAT NEWS FROM ABROAD 2017-06-10 07:00:00Z 0

KNK Rotary Club Earns District Award

submitted by Foundation Chair De McKinnon
At our June 7 luncheon, the club learned we’d been awarded the District 5020 Al Brooks Award for 2016.  Al Brooks, a long time Rotarian from the Tumwater Rotary Club, was one of the few District Foundation Chairs over the years that was not a Past District Governor.  His knowledge of the Foundation and his ability to increase giving District wide was exceptional.  He passed away during his term as Foundation Chair. 
Beloved by all at the District Administration and by all club members who had the opportunity to meet him, our District created the Al Brooks award in his memory.  It represents a modified Every Rotarian Every Year award to clubs whose members each and all gave something to The Rotary Foundation; Annual Fund, Polio, a Matching Grant, or the Endowment Fund (if they gave cash).
This last year District 5020 had 15 clubs in 11 areas qualify for the Al Brooks Award.  Our District has been in the top 10% of Foundation giving among Districts worldwide for several years.
Congratulations and WELL DONE to Chairperson De and ALL KNK Rotarians for this achievement!  Ed
KNK Rotary Club Earns District Award 2017-06-10 07:00:00Z 0

Impressive Student Leaders Visit Kingston Rotary

submitted by Communications Chair Ron Carter
The May 24 Kingston North Kitsap Rotary meeting welcomed a presentation by student leaders at Gordon Elementary.  Those in attendance were impressed.  Anyone concerned about our local elementary school programs should have been there; they wouldn’t be afterward.  Gordon Elementary Principal Karen Tollefson, a Rotary Club member, introduced the 5th-grade students, who described the many programs the school features.  They include STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) nights, monthly family reading nights, parent/teacher plays, and meaningful work program (if you’re late, you’re fired). All the programs are extra-curricular and meant to expand, beyond the classroom, school, student, and parent connections.
Impressive Student Leaders Visit Kingston Rotary 2017-06-02 07:00:00Z 0

Scholarships send students to Rotary Youth Leadership Assembly

submitted by Communications Chair Ron Carter
Kingston High School juniors Alexander Robertson and Georgia Rose Richens described the experience:  “transformative, most amazing experience I’ve had, met new people, learned new things, learned to help my community and the world.” Robertson and Richens,  members of Kingston High School’s Rotary Interact Club, applied to the Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club for scholarships to attend the four-day Assembly at Pacific Lutheran University in early April.  More than 100 students representing Rotary Clubs around the area attended.  They heard many speeches, including one that was particularly instructive and sobering, from a holocaust survivor telling of his experience getting out of Holland. They also participated in many team-building events and activities.  The pair presented their experience at the Club’s May 31 meeting.  Asked the one thing they learned, Richens said “it teaches you if you have a dream, go for it.”
Scholarships send students to Rotary Youth Leadership Assembly 2017-06-02 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary to Host Wine Walk in the Port of Kingston Tent

submitted by Nancy Martin
The Kingston Wine Walk is a Kingston Chamber of Commerce fundraiser, or should I say fun-raiser. The event is scheduled for June 3 and the Port of Kingston tent, under the supervision of Kingston Rotary, will be one of the 12 stops.
A total of 36 wineries and brewers will begin pouring at 5:00. All of the wine walk venues will serve appetizers and some will feature live music or entertainment.  It’s an excellent opportunity for Kingston Rotary to network with the community, spread the word on our latest projects, and attract new members.
As a Wine Walk host, we will need to set up the venue, monitor the entrance to the tent, and provide appetizers to go along with all that wine, beer and cider. I will have sign up sheets at our next meeting that detail the ways in which you can help.  We’ll need a set-up crew at 4:30 who will stay at the tent until 6:30.  The wine walk continues until 8:00, so our second crew should arrive at 6:30 and stay to close up. And of course we will need lots of appetizers to go along with all that wine and beer.
Tickets are available for $25.00. If you want to drop off your appetizer and then go out wine walking, see me at our Wednesday meeting for tickets.
Rotary to Host Wine Walk in the Port of Kingston Tent 2017-05-28 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Calling All Golfers

submitted by Communicatiions Chair Ron Carter
Better community.  Check.  Fun.  Check.  Golf at White Horse.  Check.  Great time with friends.  Check.  All the boxes are checked.  All that’s needed is you - and your friends - to play in the 11th-annual Swing For Rotary Golf Tournament, June 16.   Note:  We’ve checked with Mother - Nature that is - and she’s checking another box - dry.  So, get out your driver, get online, and get your group registered before it’s too late. Only a few entries are still available.   Go to:  www.knkrotarygolf.net
Each golfer will contribute $150, but here’s what they’ll get:  gift bag on check-in, filled with a first-rate Antigua golf shirt, CB’s Nuts, treats from Borrowed Kitchen Bakery; a tasty boxed lunch; silent auction tables full of prized items to be bid on throughout the day via Text2Bid on cell phones; raffle for a full Rotary wine cooler; unlimited practice range balls; a chance to win in the putting contest; 18-holes of White Horse golf, and a chance to win a car with a hole-in-one; dinner overlooking the Olympics and a beautiful golf course; awards and a live auction.  All for only $150.  If that isn’t value, Warren Buffet is not an investor.  Dinner tickets are available for $35 at our website, or at the door.  Registering for you and your team is as easy as Amazon Prime.  The site, once again is:  www.knkrotarygolf.net
Sponsors, golfers, and dedicated Rotarians are the lifeblood of this exceptional event to benefit our community.  Sponsors include Port Madison Enterprises (Main Sponsor), The Point Casino (Hole-in-One Contest), Kitsap Physical Therapy (Putting Contest), Director’s Mortgage,   Les Schwab Poulsbo, and Kingston Dental (Dinner), the Turk’s Apprentice (Text2Bid), and Beverage Cart sponsors Windermere Real Estate West Sound and Windermere Real Estate - Catherine Arlen.  Hole sponsors include Cloise and Mike Construction, Kingston CPA, Latitude 48 Group, LYNX Enterprises, Olympic Property Group,  Valley Nursery,  West Hills Honda, Windermere Real Estate, North Kitsap Herald, Land Title, Acupuncture & Wellness, In Memory of Duke Schader, Kingston Crossing & Wellness, 20/20 Eye Care, and Kingston Henery Hardware.
The winners in the tournament will be golfers, yes.  However, Kingston North Kitsap Rotary does this to benefit it’s community causes, who’s winners include Kingston High School scholarships, Food4Kids in North Kitsap, purchase of an electronic reader-board in Kingston, and Village Green Foundation.   
Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians give almost 5,000 hours to bettering our community each year.  Immediately on the heels of the golf tournament, they are busy organizing the Kingston 4th of July Fun Run.  With old fashioned fun for the whole family on the 4th of July, there will be a 5k, 10k, and 1-mile kid dash.  New this year, Rotarians are partnering with Kingston High School Athletics Boosters to make the run better than ever.  For information, and to register, go to: www.kingstonrunning.net.
Rotary Calling All Golfers 2017-05-20 07:00:00Z 0

Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians Learn about Homeless Housing Initiative

submitted by Communication Chair Ron Carter
At the May 10th Kingston North Kitsap Rotary meeting we learned of an effort to build Tiny House Villages in Kitsap County to aid the homeless.  These are small - about 120 square feet - houses with electricity and light.  They are meant to house one or two people comfortably, and when grouped as a village aid in the transition from homelessness. 
The speaker was Randy Spitzer, a Gig Harbor Rotarian, who has taken an interest in the Kitsap homeless problem  He shared that one of every 150 people in Kitsap County experience homelessness.  Randy is part of a committee, endorsed by County Commissioner Charlotte Garrido. Their goal is to provide homes for all.  They believe “every person should have the opportunity to live in a safe, decent, affordable home.”  They strive to make homelessness rare, brief, one-time, continuously improve homeless response systems, and expand community engagement. Their effort to build as many as three encampments, Tiny House Villages of fifteen homes each, is underway. Each encampment will operate as a community, with security, sanitation, self-governance, and access to nearby transportation. The program is modeled after those of Eugene, OR and Nicklesville, a Tiny House Village in Seattle.  At a cost of $2100 each, four units will be built Saturday, May 13, to be sprinkled around the county as a first step to educating Kitsap residents about the program.
Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians Learn about Homeless Housing Initiative 2017-05-11 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary: Making a Difference

submitted by Communication Chair Ron Carter
The Spirit of Rotary was on full display May 4-6 at the Clearwater Casino Resort in Suquamish, Wa. There 550 Rotarians from Vancouver Island, Canada and western Western Washington gathered for their annual District 5020 Training and District Conference.  Five members of the Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club were in attendance, including President-Elect Doug Hallock, Chris Gilbreath, Bill Maule, Jim Dixon, and Ron Carter. 
Opening ceremonies featured flag presentations by Rotary Youth Exchange students representing 23 countries.  There was a full day of training sessions, where leaders and members from district clubs shared ideas and successes on building membership, social media exposure, public image and communication.  A full day of speakers with Rotary stories followed.  The theme of every story:  Rotary matters.  As current District Governor Joanne Croghan noted, “Every Rotary project begins because ONE Rotarian sees a need and acts on it.” The theme for 2017-2018 Rotary year was introduced:  “Rotary: Making a Difference.”  Evidence of Rotary making a difference was clearly evident throughout the conference.  
Rotary: Making a Difference 2017-05-11 07:00:00Z 0

Mark your calendars, Rotarians!

Fellowship Chair Sondra Peters reminds all of us to save the date:
Kingston-NK Rotary Installation Dinner
Friday, June 30th 2017 at 6:00 PM
Rotary Room, Village Green Community Center
Mark your calendars, Rotarians! 2017-05-10 07:00:00Z 0

Great Give is a Great Success!

submitted by Ani Gatz of the Kitsap Foundation
Woohoo! We Did It!
Another year has come and gone for the Kitsap Great Give, and this year was much smoother than the last!
Whether you made your personal goal of money, raising awareness, or just had a good learning experience, we hope this was a fun time for everyone.
There is no doubt that as far as funds go, this year was a smashing success! We have an awesome community of donors, nonprofits, and businesses and this year, we did better than ever before.
I’m happy to report that the Great Give was a tremendous success! The leaderboard on the Great Give website, lists the total at $1,327,830.  When we add:
the bonus pool and prize dollars
offline donations
The total raised is about $1,620,000!  
Great Give is a Great Success! 2017-05-06 07:00:00Z 0

Swing for Rotary Tournament Time

submitted by Communications Chair Ron Carter
Meet Breane Martinez and Alice Amas.  Arguably the busiest women in North Kitsap this time of year, Breane and Alice are leading the Rotary team that is readying the 11th-annual Swing for Rotary Golf Tournament, June 16th, at White Horse Golf Club.  They have an endless list of “to do’s” as they coordinate the efforts of more than forty Rotarians to stage the club’s primary fund-raising event of the year. 
According to Breane, “last year we had 118 golfers who helped celebrate our tenth anniversary tournament, and it was our best ever.”  She and Alice want you to sign up to play.  Here’s their sales pitch.  “It’s the best deal around.  It’s a Friday afternoon/evening event, so players are able to roll into their weekend about noon on Friday.  When they check in, golfers will be given a goodie bag full of good stuff like Borrowed Kitchen Bakery ‘yummies,’  CB’s Nuts, and a high-quality golf shirt. Next they’ll be given a boxed lunch prepared by one of the best kitchen crews in North Kitsap, the White Horse folks.  Then it’s on to the silent auction tables to view the dozens of great auction items and wine cooler raffle. All golfers and dinner guests will be able to place their bids on their personal cell phones through Text2Bid (bid activity and items on your ‘watch list’ will be instantly available on your cell phone). Then, a warm-up on the range, a chance to win in the putting contest, 18-holes of golf at beautiful White Horse, and a chance to win a car with a hole-in-one.  Finally, awards and short and sweet live auction in the White Horse banquet room .  Out of there by 8:00 p.m.  All for only $150.  Dinner tickets are available for $35 on our website or at the door.”   To recap:  goodie bag, box lunch, silent auction, golf, dinner and live auction.  $150.  (Author’s note:  I played in this last year for the first time.  It is truly a first-class event and a very good value).  Whether you see this as a good deal or simply a community donation - or both - it is well worth your time and treasure.  To sign up individually or to sign up a foursome, go to:  www.knkrotarygolf.net. 
“We would like to thank our generous sponsors, too,” according to Alice. “We wouldn’t be able to do this without them.” They include Port Madison Enterprises (Main Sponsor), The Point Casino (Hole-in-One Contest), Kitsap Physical Therapy (Putting Contest), Les Schwab Poulsbo (Dinner), The Turk’s Apprentice (Text2Bid), and Beverage Cart Sponsors Windermere Real Estate West Sound and Windermere Real Estate - Catherine Arlen.  Hole sponsors include Cloise and Mike Construction, Kingston CPA, Lattitude 48 Group, LYNX Enterprises, Olympic Property Group, Valley Nursery, West Hills Honda, Windermere Real Estate, and North Kitsap Herald.  Additional sponsorship opportunities exist.  For more information, go to:  www.knkrotarygolf.net. 
Proceeds from the tournament benefit Kingston North Kitsap Rotary’s causes, including Kingston High School scholarships, Food4Kids in North Kitsap, purchase of an electronic reader-board in Kingston, and Village Green Foundation.
Kingston Rotarians meet Wednesday’s at 11:45 a.m. at Village Green Community Center in Kingston.  Guests are always invited.  Come join the fun.  Get involved.
Swing for Rotary Tournament Time 2017-04-16 07:00:00Z 0

One more reason! - next blood drive is May 2nd

submitted by Blood Drive coordinator Jon Sole
In the summer of 2012, Gina Grein was constantly tired. She thought it was from working two jobs and needing extra rest. In November, Gina noticed a large bruise on her calf, but figured she had just run into something. Her sister had been diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML), and Gina’s focus was on her sister’s health.
Her dentist even noticed that her gums had even changed color, but they felt that perhaps a change in toothpaste was to blame. It seemed to go away. Everything was explainable. I had never been sick in my life.
On New Year’s Eve, Gina went to the grocery store and barely made it home. She recalls sitting down on the couch and waking up six hours later.
Over the next few days, she could hardly eat or get out of bed. It’s the flu, she thought, but a weird flu. After a few days of calling in late or being sent home from work, she asked a friend to take her to the doctor.
Gina’s bloodwork showed a 50% blood loss, but she still thought she had caught a virus. The doctor said, ‘I don’t think you have the flu. Go to the ER.’ I was like, ‘how can I have a blood loss with the flu? She received four blood transfusions over the next four days. A bone marrow biopsy confirmed the worst: acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Gina was released from the hospital in Puyallup, and sent to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) the next day. The prognosis was not great: SCCA oncologists gave her 10 months to live with no treatment, and a 39% chance of survival with standard chemo. But there was another option: adding a trial drug called “the hedgehog” might up her odds of beating AML to 70%.     She would be the first patient at UW on this regimen.
Gina was hospitalized at UW Medical Center a for seven days straight, with around-the-clock IV chemo. She received more than five months of treatment.
Thanks to the chemo and “the hedgehog,” her AML went into remission for a year but returned.
Doctors put her onto another trial drug. She didn’t feel sick as she had been before, but her blood counts were down to zero.
One more reason! - next blood drive is May 2nd 2017-04-16 07:00:00Z 0

Stillwaters project rolls on - Come help on April 12th!

submitted by Naomi Maasberg
The Stillwaters project moved forward on Saturday last, in the hands of Fredrick and Bill. They got the roof on and then finished it up on Monday. it's quite the lovely woodshed (which is good because it will someday be right by the parking area) and very, very sturdy. 
We're ready for the big project on Wednesday, April 12 about 1:45 pm-- to fill up the woodshed, clear the debris, and re-plant the area with native plants. If needed, we'll be at it again on 4/19. Depends on how many show up on the 12th, and whether or not the weather cooperates!
We've been fortunate to have some donated materials from Kingston Lumber Supply, Henery Hardware, Olympic Organics, and the Stillwaters 'stash' of used lumber, mostly from Doug Woodside. So the cash cost for materials was only $120, paid by Rotary.
Stillwaters project rolls on - Come help on April 12th!  2017-04-06 07:00:00Z 0

Students Make a Difference

submitted by Communications Chair Ron Carter

Meet Maeve Boon and Brennan Jacobson, seniors at Kingston High School.  They get up early, way before most of their high school mates to attend meetings twice weekly.  What motivates them?  Donuts.  Donuts are a big draw, but once there, it’s the food drives and other community activities that motivate Maeve and Brennan to contribute as many as ten to fifteen hours each month to their community.  They do so as members of the high school’s Interact Club, sponsored by Kingston North Kitsap Rotary.  The KHS Interact Club has almost 40 members this school year, and is one of the largest clubs at the school.  The club’s purpose is to help get high school students involved in their community and support other local non-profit groups.  The club conducts a multitude of activities during the year, including trail maintenance, food drives, hygiene drives, helping out at Rotary events, and fundraisers to help other groups.  Most of the ideas for projects are brought to the club by students who see something they want to change in their community.  Maeve said “I chose to join Interact Club because I wanted to find a way to reach out and help my community.”  Her favorite part about Interact Club is the food drives, noting “it is awesome to watch the food pile up, but nothing compares to seeing all the food we collect as a club at the end of the drive.  Dropping it off at the food bank is an amazing experience, feeling like I participated in something that will help a widespread amount of people is amazing.”  Brennan, who is co-president of the club said he’s involved “because my freshman year a couple of my friends encouraged me to join.  I really enjoyed being a part of the club and have stayed on ever since.”  He claims his favorite part about the group is how members are willing to tackle any issue.  “No matter how large or time-consuming a project might be there are always students ready to lend a hand.”

There are all kinds of students in Interact, with participants in all four grades, according to Brennan.  But according to Mark Baze, Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club Interact advisor, “these kids are the cream of the crop, high achievers.” He says “Interact Club members are much more together, more mature, than I ever was.”  Mark’s role is to facilitate what club members want to do. One of their efforts that impressed him was a Halloween project last fall - Ghost Train - in Port Orchard, for the enjoyment of grade school students.  He says “the real value of Interact is not just what members are bringing in and contributing.  It’s that they are learning how to reach out, make connections in the community.”

While food drives are part of their activities, as noted earlier, food drives the club.  Asked what would surprise people about the club, Maeve responded, “the massive role donuts play.  It’s such a nice way to keep everyone motivated and alert at early morning meetings.”  The club meets twice weekly.  Brennan, the co-president, said “I want people in the community to know that Interact wants to make sure Kingston is a great place to live for everyone.”  Who could argue that?



Students Make a Difference 2017-03-24 07:00:00Z 0

Interact/Rotarians Working for Stillwaters

submitted by Naomi Maasberg
This is Part 1 of a 3-part Restoration Project here at Stillwaters that is being accomplished by Interact Club members and a few Rotarians. This phase of the project was done on March 5th.
The ‘captain’ of the project is Fredrick Branchflower, who seems to have evaded my camera on this day. His friend, Bill Kiley, is the architect & head contractor for the woodshed part of the project; you can see him at the saw.
Interacters Jane Hermanson, Victor Hanson, and Aidan Bowers joined their advisor, Mark Baze, to help out for this first step in constructing a woodshed. In a couple hours, they cleared the area of debris and brush, leveled the ground, built a base and filled it with sand, and cut most of the lumber for the shed.
In Part 2, Bill, Fredrick and a few Interact members will assemble the woodshed. Part 3 is the biggest step, when a group of Interacters and Rotarians will stack the wood from the 15 trees that fell last Fall, and restore the ½ acre of woods with native trees and understory, before the area is overcome with blackberries or Scots’ broom.
This has been a fun project for a group to take on, and something both Interact and Rotary can take pride in seeing accomplished. We at Stillwaters are quite grateful to have a hard-working, dedicated, and skilled group like this as a resource!
Interact/Rotarians Working for Stillwaters 2017-03-16 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Causes Here and Worldwide

submitted by Communications Chair Ron Carter

Local Rotarian Bill Maule has travel plans.  He’s heading to Atlanta in June for Rotary’s 108th Annual International Convention.  Few institutions, civic or otherwise, have survived 108 years.  Rotary has.  And for good reason.  Rotary brings together a global network of volunteers dedicated to tackling the world’s most pressing humanitarian challenges.  Rotary connects 1.2 million members of more than 35,000 Rotary clubs in over 200 countries.  Their work improves lives here in Kingston North Kitsap, across America, and internationally. 

In Atlanta, the keynote speaker will be Bill Gates, co-chair, of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  The Gates Foundation and Rotary International have an ongoing match of 2:1 to support polio eradication efforts up to $35 million a year.  The Global Polio Eradication Initiative, a public-private partnership includes Rotary, the Gates Foundation, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization and the United Nations Children’s Fund.  The incidence of polio has plummeted by more than 99.9 percent, from about 350,000 cases a year in 1988 to just 37 confirmed in 2016.  Rotary, including matching funds from the Gates Foundation, has donated $1.6 billion to polio eradication. 

Rotary Causes Here and Worldwide 2017-03-16 07:00:00Z 0

Winter storms deepen severe blood shortage in northwest

submitted by Blood Drive coordinator Jon Sole
Local blood supplies are at critical levels with the flu season, full hospitals and weather taking a toll, according to Bloodworks Northwest.
A critical level is considered to be less than a one day supply, with a four-day supply considered normal. Most donated blood is used for patients having surgery, cancer treatment or organ transplants, and a one-day supply means there is a risk that all patients’ needs for blood cannot be met.
Bloodworks, which supports more than 90 hospitals in Washington, Oregon and Alaska, is asking for healthy donors to give blood at one of their locations.
The shortage in the Pacific Northwest is part of a nationwide trend, with centers across many regions reporting acute shortages.

"Blood donations in the first two weeks of 2017 fell far below normal, with collections at 1,500 units below what patients need," said James P. AuBuchon, MD, president and CEO. "With regular donors down with the flu or colds, we need others to step forward to help fill this emergency need."

"All blood types are needed. If you are healthy and haven't donated recently, or if you are a first time donor, we need you now," he said.
Donors are urged to schedule an appointment as soon as possible at any one of Bloodworks' 12 donor centers by going online at schedule.bloodworksnw.org  or by calling 1-800-398-7888.
People can also can check online at bloodworksnw.org for donation criteria, and to find dates and times of mobile blood drives close to where they live or work.
NOTE:  Our Kingston Blood Drive will be held on Tuesday, March 7th at the Village Green.  Please come and donate!
Winter storms deepen severe blood shortage in northwest  2017-03-03 08:00:00Z 0

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

submitted by Ron Carter
It wasn’t a chicken dinner John Loftus won.  It was two nights at a Bed & Breakfast in Fairbanks, Alaska, including roundtrip airfare.  Loftus, a Kingston resident, emerged the winner of Kingston North Kitsap Rotary’s Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tournament, Saturday, Feb.25, in Kingston.  Almost $2,000 was raised in this first-ever community event, staged by Rotarians in support of their community projects.  According to Clint Boxman, one of the event organizers, “the event turned out to be more about fellowship than fundraising; it was a lot more fun than anticipated.”  The professionals who ran the tournament also commented on the fun atmosphere. Loftus said, “on short notice Kingston Rotary was able to put together a poker tournament that was fun for all involved and well attended.  Lots of money was raised for good causes, and I think it bodes well for their next attempt.” As a side benefit, leftover (unopened) food and beverages were donated to the Severe Weather Shelter in Kingston and the Boys and Girls Club snack reserves.
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner 2017-03-01 08:00:00Z 0

Come learn about Kingston's History

submitted by Kathy Sole
the Kingston Historical Society is holding an informal Open House and Public Meeting on Monday, February 20, from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Village Green Community Center. Below is a flier regarding the event. We hope you will join us for refreshments and offer your ideas for our 2017 project list.  Hope to see you there!
Come learn about Kingston's History 2017-02-17 08:00:00Z 0

Save the Date! 

submitted by Ron Carter

Calling All Golfers/Save the Date

            Friday, June 16, 2017.  That’s the date to save for this year’s 11th Annual Swing for Rotary Golf Classic at White Horse Golf Club.  You want to do good in our community?  Save the date.  You want to have fun with friends?  Save the date.  You want to play golf and enjoy a fabulous dinner at White Horse?  Save the date.  This is a terrific tournament.  As White Horse pro Bruce Christy said before last year’s 10th year celebration, “most of these don’t last more than three or four years.  That this one is marking ten years is testimony to it’s quality and value to our community.”

            Your $150 entry fee includes lunch, dinner, and golf, including cart rental, range balls, Mulligans, and tee gifts.  Put a team together - it is a scramble format in teams of four players.  It would be a great way to introduce family and friends to our very special community.  And to have fun and do good, too. 

            For more information - or to register now - go to: www.knkrotarygolf.net.  Or to get answers to your questions call 360-286-5178.  Do it now!



Save the Date! 2017-02-14 08:00:00Z 0


submitted by Ron Carter
Hello February.  Another boring, gloomy, rainy month in our Burg by the Bay.   When the days remain maddeningly short, and the daffodils tease, but don’t show, the first sign of spring.
Here’s some sunshine for your February bowl, courtesy of your Kingston North Kitsap Rotarians.  We’re the group that gets together for fun and fellowship for the purpose of doing good around here.  To spice up February, we’ve planned a Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tournament on Saturday, February 25th.  And you’re invited. Save that date if you are a player.  Save it even if you are not a player (a beginner’s lesson and tutorial on how to play will be provided before play begins). 
This is going to be a fun event.  Check-in is at 4:15 p.m. at Village Green Community Center in Kingston.  The action starts at 4:30 p.m.  Professional dealers will be there to run everything smoothly.  Your entrance fee of $100 (with unlimited re-buys at $20 each) gets you a seat at the table, appetizers, coffee and water.  Beer and wine will be available for purchase.
Contestants will be playing for pre-paid vacations, such as an Alaska Bed and Breakfast getaway,  overnight stays at local hotels and dinner/show tickets, night out packages in Kingston, Poulsbo, Bainbridge Island - dinners, movies, etc., and Seattle Mariners tickets.  All night long, we’ll be selling raffle tickets for a chance to go straight to the winner’s table.  We’ll pay the top eight winners from the prize pool. 
Why are we doing this?  Well, to have fun.  And to raise money for our projects and causes.  This event will support our work to get an electronic community reader-board in Kingston, to provide Kingston High School kids scholarships, to support our Food4Kids efforts in North Kitsap, and to retire the Village Green Community Center debt.
If you can’t or don’t want to be part of the poker action, we invite you to come join the fun anyway.  Continuous bingo games will be happening at $10 per game or five games for $25, new games every 15-minutes. 
Save the date.  Sign up now.  Contact Rotarian Fredrick Branchflower to get a seat at the table (fbranchflower@comcast.net), or to get more information.  We can’t promise you’ll win at the tables, but we can promise you’ll have fun, and the community will win.


submitted by Bill Maule
 Now, just who is this Doug guy?  You know, Doug Hallock?  Well,  I can tell you a few things  -  some of them Doug might even confess to himself.  This former Boy Scouts of America Executive, now confines his scouting to finding  houses and clients.  We know him, of course, for his activities in Rotary, of which he has been a member seemingly forever.  He has been the Club’ Sergeant at Arms since  day one in 2004, a member of the International Services Committee and this year serves as Club Secretary. He now has agreed to lead us as President starting in July.
Here is the trivia bit.  All of us have individual numbers that identify us to Rotary International and to the Foundation.  Mine is seven digits long, I assume  showing that  there were  6,166,942 Rotarians or former Rotarians who got numbers before I did. In fact our Club is replete with members with seven digit numbers -  everybody except one. Yes, you guessed it  -  Doug has been a Rotarian for  so long that his number  has only six digits! A unique distinction.   Let us all salute Doug for his service and his long, long membership!
NOT-SO-TRIVIAL TRIVIA 2017-01-11 00:00:00Z 0

Our Interacters ROCK!

submitted by President Stan Mack
If you missed this week's luncheon meeting, you missed a good one.  We hosted our Kingston High School Interact Club.  We had about 20 Interacters (out of a total of about 60) join us.  We opened up the room divider and used two meeting rooms.  Co-Presidents Brandon and Nolan provided a great presentation of all that the Interact Club has accomplished to this point, as well as plans for the rest of the year.  We had a chance to hear from young people who have attended Rotary Youth Leadership Assembly (RYLA).  Seniors filled us in on their education and career plans for after high school graduation.  Our Interact Club is filled with amazing young people.  They were quick to acknowledge the impact of Mark Baze in making the Club an attractive and vibrant organization.  We can all be proud of our Interact Club.
Our Interacters ROCK! 2017-01-11 00:00:00Z 0

January is Blood Month

submitted by Jon Sole
Here's another great reason to be a regular donor:
After his liver failed, it took 23 units of blood and the support of the Blood Center's Specialty Diagnostics Laboratories to sustain Gary Arvan through his liver transplant surgery. Primary sclerosing cholangitis, a disease of the bile ducts, had destroyed Gary's liver and threatened his life. A vibrant man with a wife and two sons, Gary was determined to raise his boys to manhood.
He made good on his promise. Not only did he achieve that goal, he rode the Seattle to Portland bicycle ride exactly one year after his transplant operation, played first base on his softball team, continued working full-time as a Boeing software developer, and became a proud advocate for the Blood Center.
Today, side effects from medication that prevents Gary's body from rejecting his new liver make additional blood transfusions necessary. Whenever he needs blood, the Blood Center is there, again. The boys—one now in college, one in high school—have grown up with their dad beside them to nurture and guide their journey. To the unknown people who donated the blood that helped save his life, Gary says, "I have been given a great gift, a gift of life, a gift of time, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart."
January is Blood Month 2017-01-06 00:00:00Z 0


submitted by Bill Maule
Members of Kinston-North Kitsap Rotary know that we are a great little Club.  Although we are new compared to our neighbor Clubs,  Bainbridge and Poulsbo, we are an active bunch. We do not have the deep pockets or our neighbors,  but our Club has recently been honored for its contributions to the Rotary Foundation. We have every right to be proud of our Club.
 OUR  ROTARY DISTRICT ROCKS!  2016-12-26 00:00:00Z 0

KNK Club Giving to be Commended

Submitted by De' McKinnon & Bill Maule
Last Rotary year, our club members donated over $6,000 to The Rotary Foundation (well above the $100 per member minimum required) and every one of our Members contributed at least something.  That generosity earned our club an award banner commending us as a "100% Foundation Giving Club".
We are in very good company. Of the 35,399 Rotary Clubs worldwide, only 4,609 qualified for the award. That places our little Club among the top 13 % worldwide!  Our members realize that the Foundation's assets, the source of all those matching grants that help Rotary "do good in the world", come from the generosity of individual Rotarians.
In the first quarter of this current Rotary year, we have already achieved a $53.77 average.  It would be especially gratifying if we could earn the same award again, but that will be tougher this time, as this year every member must contribute at least $25.  On an ongoing basis, that would require only a $6.50 contribution with each quarterly bill from our Treasurer.  If you want additional information about giving, please talk with De’ Mackinnon or Bill Maule."
KNK Club Giving to be Commended 2016-12-26 00:00:00Z 0

Club Seeks 2017 Golf Sponsors

submitted by Ron Carter

Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club is pleased to announce our annual Swing for Rotary Golf Classic on June 16, 2017 at White Horse Golf Club.  Save the date.  And save a place in your community sponsorship budget. 

We are now seeking sponsors for our 2017 event, which will fall on the heels of the most successful tournament ever in it’s 10-year history.  This is the time of year annual budgets are pulled together.  Please set aside monies to help us stage this exciting event.   Last year we were able to help fund Food4Kids (donating nearly $10,000), providing meals for kids in need during weekends, vacations, and holidays when they are not in school.  Also, we were able to continue financial support for the Village Green Community Center, organize bi-monthly blood drives, and provide KHS scholarships. 

Special thanks to last year’s primary sponsors including The Point Casino, Liberty Bay Auto, CHI Franciscan Health, Les Schwab, and Windermere Real Estate. 

For more information, and to learn about how your company can get involved in this big community event, contact:  Breane Martinez at 360-286-5178 (breanemartinez@hotmail.com) or Alice Amas at 425-949-9773 (aliceamas@gmail.com).



Club Seeks 2017 Golf Sponsors 2016-12-09 00:00:00Z 0

A tool you hope not to use!

submitted by Gale Kirsopp
A tool I hope you never have to use!!
Early Sunday morning I went onto my garage to see that someone had entered my garage, then my car and removed the contents from my glove compartment and center console... The value of what was stolen was minimal but I wanted to report the event to the Kitsap Sheriff’s department so they were aware. I called 911, identified this as a non-emergency call. Based on the incident they asked if I would please file an online incident report.
Log into www.Kitsap911.org – go to the resource page and file an online report.
I went to Google typed Kitsap 911 and got a direct link to file an online report. The online questionnaire was very straight forward.
Most important, a record of the incident is now in the police database and the Kitsap Sheriff’s department is aware. 
A tool you hope not to use! 2016-12-09 00:00:00Z 0

Fellowship Dinner coming up!

submitted by Sondra Peters
Our last in this series of fellowship Dinners is coming up:
  - 21 Apri (note revised datel) at Don Hutchins' home
Format will be potluck - bring a dish to share and a bottle if you're drinking wine...
More info will be available at coming meetings.  
Fellowship Dinner coming up! 2016-12-08 08:00:00Z 0

District Governor visits KNK!

District Governor Joanne Keyes Croghan visits the Kingston-North Kitsap Rotary Club with Don Mannino, Assistant District Governor Elaine Burton, and Club President Stanley Mack on November 30th. Joanne shared her Rotary experience, which is a truly inspirational story of Service Above Self.  Thanks for visiting, Joanne!  
District Governor visits KNK! 2016-12-01 00:00:00Z 0

Food for Kids Update

submitted by Ron Carter
Food4Kids Ten Years Old and Growing
75 kids in North Kitsap will not go hungry when school is out for the holidays Dec. 16,  thanks to the Food4Kids program in North Kitsap.
Last June, at Rotary’s annual Swing for Rotary golf tournament and auction, patrons raised their paddles for Food4Kids. Almost $10-thousand was raised, so that when school ends the food program doesn’t end for kids in need.  According to Rotarian Fredrick Branchflower, Food4Kids was launched about ten years ago by a coalition of Kingston Rotarians, Kingston Kiwanians, north end school leaders, and the Kingston Food Bank.  It is focused on serving students of north end schools, including Wolfle Elementary, Gordon Elementary, Kingston Middle and Kingston High School.  Today Food4Kids is a coalition of Sharenet Food Bank, Kingston Food Bank, S’Kallam Food Bank, North Kitsap School District, Kingston Kiwanis, Kingston North Kitsap Rotary, and several local churches.  It serves on average 75 kids, grades K-12, during winter break, spring break, and weekends during summer break.            
Food for Kids Update 2016-12-01 00:00:00Z 0

Blood Drive December 13th at VGCC

submitted by Jon Sole
Be there, or be square!  Here's another reason why...
After surviving heart failure, an implanted heart pump and two heart transplants, Pat Kelly had run out of options. His immune system was rejecting his second transplanted heart—just as it had the first—and Pat was not considered a candidate for a third transplant. The antibodies his body created were in his bloodstream, attacking and threatening to destroy his replacement heart.
To help protect his new heart and extend his life, Pat receives plasmapheresis treatments. Blood taken from Pat is processed through a centrifuge to remove the plasma, which contains the antibodies. New plasma from blood donors is mixed in with Pat's red blood cells, and the mixture is then returned to Pat's body.
The plasmapheresis treatments work well, and Pat has resumed coaching the youth baseball teams he loves. With Monica, his wife of 21 years, and their two sons, Pat embraces every single day. "We live for the moment, day to day, just enjoying the small pleasures in life," he says.
Next KNK sponsored blood drive will be on December 13th at the Village Green Community Center, 12:00 – 6:00. All KNK members, who are able, are encouraged to donate. Support one of the club’s ongoing projects while you are helping another person enjoy a fuller life.
Blood Drive December 13th at VGCC 2016-12-01 00:00:00Z 0
NOTE: there will be NO MEETING on December 28th 2016-11-18 00:00:00Z 0

Our North Sound Rotary Challenge Champs

From Poulsbo Rotarian Steve Garfein
KNK Rotarians will recall that our Rotary Challenge Team finally won our North Sound Rotary Challenge at this year's Golf Classic.
Under the category of "better late than never" here is a belated celebratory picture of our victorious team:
KNK Rotarian Mitch Brockett, our "Secret Weapon" - Poulsbo Rotary's Cindy Garfein, Captain Don Hutchins, and KNK Golf Legend Skip Peters.
Congratulations again, Kingston Rotary Golfers!
Our North Sound Rotary Challenge Champs 2016-11-10 00:00:00Z 0

KNK Interact at Ghost Train

submitted by Mark Baze
Saturday October 29, the KHS Interact Club set-up and operated an entertainment booth the Port Orchard Ghost Train. Ghost Train is an annual event put on by Kitsap Foster Care Association with the support of Kitsap Live Steamers club. The money raised from this event supports the Association's activities, such as Mariners tickets, holiday gifts, backpacks full of school supplies and monthly support group meetings.
The booths serve to entertain small children while going through the very long line for the main attraction, the train ride.  Interact provided a bean bag toss, photo booth, trinkets, and of course candy for hundreds of wide eyed munchkins.
WAY TO GO, KNK Interacters!  You guys ROCK!
KNK Interact at Ghost Train 2016-11-10 00:00:00Z 0
"Thank You, Rotary", from our outgoing Blood Drive Director 2016-10-27 00:00:00Z 0

We make a new Rotarian

submitted by Clint Boxman
Our newest KNK Rotarian, Jeff Sweeney, who works with NK School District and lives on Bainbridge Island, was inducted by Membership Chair De' and President Stan this week.  Congratulations and welcome to Rotary, Jeff!  We're all looking forward to serving alongside you. 
We make a new Rotarian 2016-10-27 00:00:00Z 0

Village Green Working Party is a huge success!

Numerous Rotarians and Interacters as well as Kiwanians were among literally dozens of and Kingstonians who turned out Last Saturday to clear brush and improve trails at the Village Green, and do maintenance at the Quiet Place Park. 
Among the stalwart Rotarians who came out to help cut, chop, lift and haul were:
Bobbie Moore (who was of course the instigator and organizer)!
Don Hutchins
Walt Elliott
Mark Baze (Interact GURU)
De' MacKinnon
Chris Gilbreath
Jim Dixon
They were joined by several of our great Interacters from Kingston HS, who worked at the Quiet Place Park. they included:
Victor Hanson
Casey Pregartner
Brennan Jacobson
Evan Jacobson
THANK YOU to all the Civic Minded Citizens who helped make this a very productive event!
Village Green Working Party is a huge success! 2016-10-23 00:00:00Z 0

Are YOU "Smiling" for Rotary?

Did you know that Amazon Smile is where you can do your Amazon shopping AND make a contribution to our Rotary Foundation!  To set up your "Amazon Smile" account go to:  https://smile.amazon.com/ch/20-2960627
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Amazon shoppers – please use Amazon Smile. https://smile.amazon.com/ch/20-2960627

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It’s a fundraiser that does not require any of your time!


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Bill Maule "goes back" - the sequel!

Last week you read the account of Bill Maule's return to Korea after 63 years (see below if you missed it).
This week we have this "sequel" from The Man himself:
You, my long suffering fellow Kingstonians,  have already heard too much about my return trip  to Korea.  Nevertheless,  I did not want to leave the impression that I have always  been in my present overweight decrepitude.  (I only hope to equal your state of "decrepitude" when I reach your age, Bill!)
In the background is the then only indication that the DMZ  starts here.
submitted by Ron Carter
Rotarian Bill Maule says “You Can Go Back”
  Kingston -  When Second Lieutenant Bill Maule arrived in Korea December 31, 1953, he had no idea he would have a “bucket list” during his lifetime.  There he served in the 31st Infantry Division as a Delta Company recoilless rifle platoon leader.  A fresh second lieutenant commanding veterans.  His outfit was stationed at Camp Casey, just north of Seoul on the main corridor from North Korea to Seoul.  The famous Pork Chop Hill was in site.  By the time Lieutenant Maule arrived the Korean cease fire had been in effect six months so he saw no fighting.  As a result, however, continuous training exercises kept the platoon battle ready.  Many veterans in the platoon complained they preferred the war to the training.  Training was tougher.  After nine months, Maule returned to the states.  But the taste for foreign shores developed in Korea led him to a career in foreign service. 
   Fast forward 63-years.  And the bucket list.  Bill Maule today is a proud Rotarian, a member of Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club.  When he learned that Rotary International’s 2016 convention would be in Seoul, there was no hesitation.  It was his chance to cross off a bucket list item and return.  The convention was a highlight.  47,000 Rotarians were there, presenting 90 flags from countries around the world.  There was a special Rotary program for returning veterans. 
   Six days before the meetings Maule drove to Camp Casey.  It 1953 it was a wide open area.  Now it is surrounded by a city.  In 1953 the road toward the DMZ and the railroad tracks in that direction were in open spaces.  Today the highway is lined with businesses.  In 1953 he spent time on a hill overlooking a river north of Seoul.  He found that hill on the bucket list trip.  Now it is in a gorgeous forest.  The river is full of recreation.  He was amazed by the progress in Seoul.  “Then, there was piles of war rubble everywhere - the streets had been cleared - still there was rubble.  You had to watch for pickpockets.”  Today Seoul is very modern.  Subways and commuter trains exist, yet there are still terrific traffic problems.  Though it is hard to communicate, Maule’s takeaway from the trip was how friendly and helpful the people were.  He says, “you can go back.” And to do so as a pound Rotarian of twelve years.
   Lieutenant Maule’s Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Club works to improve lives in the community and the world.  Meetings occur Wednesday’s at 11:45 a.m. at Village Green Community Center in Kingston.  Guests are welcome. 
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Blood shortage is CRITICAL - please donate on Oct 18th!

submitted by Blood Drive Coordinator Jon Sole
The Puget Sound area blood supply is at a critically low point.  PLEASE mark your calendar and come out to the Village Green Community Center to donate on OCTOBER 18th from Noon to 6 PM.
Here's the full story, from Bloodworks NW:
Emergency appeal to blood donors
Nationwide shortage continues to impact Northwest and
Hurricane Matthew is likely to make matters more severe!
Seattle, WA – Bloodworks Northwest issued an urgent appeal for donors today after inventories for some blood types fell to emergency levels—indicating only a one-day supply. Normal inventory is a four-day supply. The appeal echoes information showing a continuing nationwide blood shortage that has persisted since early June.
“While all blood and platelet donors are welcome, there is a special need for type O-negative blood,” said Dr. James P. AuBuchon, president and CEO. “Higher than normal patient needs have challenged our ability to get beyond the chronic shortage to rebuild a strong, steady inventory.” 
Type O-negative is the “universal” blood type that can be transfused to any patient suffering from trauma and needing immediate transfusion without time available to determine their blood type.
Only 9% of the population has Type O-negative blood.
It takes 800 donors per day year-round to maintain a sufficient supply for the 90 hospitals served by Bloodworks in Washington, Oregon and Alaska. Since blood can be broken down into its three components (red cells, platelets, plasma) each donation can potentially save three lives.
The demand for blood is continuous to support the daily needs of local hospitals and special care facilities. Patients undergo surgeries and organ transplants. ERs treat traumatic injuries, and many people receive blood components for cancer treatment. Recent tragedies underscore the fact that having blood already on the shelves is essential when unforeseeable emergencies happen.
Blood shortage is CRITICAL - please donate on Oct 18th! 2016-10-08 00:00:00Z 0

Are YOU ready for a natural disaster?

Submitted by President Stan Mack,
We had an excellent presentation this week by Scott Larson, Disaster Preparedness Officer for Naval Base Kitsap.  After a thorough briefing on how we can each prepare for a coming natural disaster, Scott shared these excellent Web resources.  Are YOU prepared?
Are YOU ready for a natural disaster? 2016-10-01 00:00:00Z 0

KNK Rotary approves local Grants

Submitted by Community Services Chair Brianne Magruder,
At their September meeting, the Community Service Committee was pleased to approve the Following Grants to community activities:
·         Kingston Middle School – Implementing Navigation 101 – in the amount of $500.00
·         Kingston Kiwanis – Back to School Supply Drive – In the amount of $1,000.00
·         Kingston Super Seniors – Monthly Luncheon – in the amount of $1,000.00
·         These grants are in addition to KNK Rotary funding of the Food For Kids program in the amount of $9597.00, raised at our annual Golf Classic in June
KNK Rotary is proud and happy to be able to contribute in this way to key Community Service programs!  Why not join us and help us in this worthy effort?
KNK Rotary approves local Grants 2016-09-28 00:00:00Z 0

Fellowship report

You will know that President Stan's recent fall caused some hasty re-organization of the Fellowship event on Friday evening the 23rd.
Skip and Sondra Peters responded like troopers, expanding their planned 10-person dinner to 18 and it was a great success!  Thanks to all those who came out and shared their time and their histories with Rotary.  And special thanks to Sondra and Skip for their exceptional hospitality and flexibility!!
We look forward to the next Fellowship event - our Holiday Dinner Party at our Wednesday luncheon meeting on December 7th. This will be a special Holiday Luncheon! If you haven't marked your calendar yet - please do it now. 
Stan - we all hope you are healing well and quickly and are back in full health very soon! 
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Community Open House coming Sept 29th

submitted by Sally Christy
Our annual Kingston Open House is a fantastic way to get acquainted with our community and it's excellent people and organizations.  DON'T MISS IT!
Click on the news release for more info...
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Kingston Concerts Open Door to “Other Side”

submitted by Communications Chair Ron Carter
Kingston - The annual summer concert series at the Port of Kingston’s Mike Wallace Park was another big success, according to officials.  The series, a joint effort of the Port of Kingston, Kingston Chamber of Commerce, and the Kingston/North Kitsap Rotary Club, opens the door to see what Kingston’s like, according to Rotary’s Randy Monlux.  Monlux, who chairs Rotary’s beer and wine tent at the concerts, added “a significant number who attend the concerts came from ‘the other side’ this year.” The eight concert series was highlighted this year by Tangerine Dream, a Beatles Impression band and the ever-popular Blues Counselors. 
            More than 20 Rotarians volunteered their time on Saturday nights to staff the beer and wine tent, as part of Rotary’s contribution to the community.  Kingston/North Kitsap Rotary serves the communities of Hansville, Indianola, and Kingston.  The Club works to improve lives in the community and beyond.  It’s focus is on food for kids, funding to complete Village Green Community Center build-out, and funding a community electronic reader-board.  Meetings occur Wednesday’s at 11:45 am. at Village Green Community Center in Kingston.  Guests are welcome. 
Kingston Concerts Open Door to “Other Side” 2016-09-12 00:00:00Z 0

Household Hazardous Waste collection

submitted by President Stan Mack
As announced at the meeting, there will be an opportunity for everyone in North Kitsap to drop off hazardous waste on Saturday, 24 Sept from 10 AM to 4 PM, at the park & ride behind Albertsons.  Please share this with your friends and neighbors.
We will assist by providing volunteers to direct traffic and answer questions.  Let me know if you are available to help.
Household Hazardous Waste collection 2016-09-12 00:00:00Z 0

North Kitsap Blood donors answer the call!

Kingston - Answering an emergency appeal for blood donors, on August 23
Kingston/North Kitsap residents set a one-day record for blood donated here. 53 units
of blood were collected, a fifty percent increase from recent averages. Earlier,
Bloodworks Northwest, which collects, tests, and distributes lifesaving blood to some 90
hospitals in Washington, Oregon, and Alaska, set out the emergency appeal after
Pacific Northwest inventories of type O blood dipped alarmingly low. Kingston/North
Kitsap Rotary Club sponsors the community blood drives, supplying event promotion
and support staffing. According to Jon Sole, Rotary chair for the blood drive, some of
the success of this drive may be because it was held at the new Village Green
Community Center. The next blood drive at Village Green is set for October 18.
Kingston/North Kitsap Rotary Club works to improve lives in the community and
beyond. It’s 2016 focus is on food for kids, funding to complete Village Green
Community Center build-out, and funding a community electronic reader-board.
Meetings occur Wednesday’s at 11:45 a.m. at Village Green Community Center in
Kingston. Guests are welcome.
North Kitsap Blood donors answer the call! 2016-09-04 00:00:00Z 0

2016-2017 Rotary Fellowship schedule - latest news!

submitted by Sondra Peters
As discussed at the Oct 26th meeting - we have some changes.  Please review and revise your calendars!
Kingston Rotary Holiday Party:  "”A jolly good time”. By popular demand - will revert to a Holiday Dinner Party at the Village Green Community Center on Friday December 9th at 6 PM.  What to bring: Your own Wine/Beer, a WHITE ELEPHANT gift for our traditional exchange, and perhaps wear your favorite holiday sweater. (GRAND PRIZE) Who to bring:  Bring along your spouse, significant other, prospective member. Please RSVP on Clubrunner or to Sondra Peters, sondipeters@centurytel.net by November 30th.
Fellowship Hosted Dinners
Skip & Sondra Peters hosted 18 members for our first fellowship dinner in October. We all had a grand time getting to know more about one another.
Members who have agreed to host the next fellowship dinners in their homes are:
Winter Fellowships:
January 13:    Stan Mack
February 10:  Dan and Nancy Martin and Suzanne Jenny
Spring Fellowship:
April 14:        Don Hutchins
There will be an evite for each member to attend one of the fellowship dinners hosted in members' homes, so be sure and RSVP to the host when you receive your evite.  It is a great way to get to know one another.
Installation of new officers, Dinner and Awards:
Date to be announced in June.
Any questions please email sondipeters@centurytel.net
2016-2017 Rotary Fellowship schedule - latest news! 2016-08-25 00:00:00Z 0

Come to the Groundbreaking at Coffee Oasis Kingston

submitted by Sally Christy
Monday September 29, there will be a "Groundbreaking Event" at the old community Center to let the community know about the Coffee Oasis which is coming this fall.  Displays, speakers and treats catered by Coffee Oasis Catering Services.  Please come from 6:00 - 7:30 that evening to learn and support this wonderful program.
Come to the Groundbreaking at Coffee Oasis Kingston 2016-08-24 00:00:00Z 0

Come support our LAST Beer Garden!

OK, KNK Rotarians. Jut ONE left! We need all hands to be pulling together as we man the Beer Garden this Saturday for this years FINAL Concert on the Cove.   COME ON OUT on Saturday evening to help raise money for all our projects, and to just plain have a great time in Kingston. 
Come support our LAST Beer Garden! 2016-08-06 00:00:00Z 0

Do you shop with Amazon? - You can help our Foundation!

Do you shop on Amazon?

 Have you heard about Amazon Smile? https://smile.amazon.com/ it’s quite simple, log into Amazon using the smile amazon link, sign up for the Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Foundation as your supported charity and Amazon will pay .5% of your sales to our club. Everything on Amazon Smile is the same as the standard Amazon link, pricing, Prime everything …. So the question is why not use www.smile.amazon.com? It’s work free money to our club!

THANK YOU to Gale Kirsopp for this excellent tip! 



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Another nice Thank You

Yet another Scholarship Recipient thanks us for our help.  You're entirely welcome, Katelyn!
Another nice Thank You 2016-07-28 00:00:00Z 0

WAY TO GO, Golf Committee!

Well, if you missed last week's meeting, our final results are in from the 2016 Golf Classic:
The bottom line is that we raised a new high total of $35,585.00.  That includes $9,597 that will go to Food For Kids!
THANK YOU again to our fantastic Golf Tourney Committee, all the stalwart Rotarians who helped make this happen, and especially to Breane, Alice, and Karen - our tireless Co-Chairs, without whom there would BE no Golf Classic!  And THANK YOU SPONSORS!!  WE LOVE YOU ALL. 
WAY TO GO, Golf Committee! 2016-07-19 00:00:00Z 0

A very nice "Thank You"

One of our recent Scholarship recipients, Sorana Nance, sent us this note recently... 
A very nice "Thank You" 2016-07-08 00:00:00Z 0

For 2015-2016, Club Has 25 Sustaining Members

In the picture above, Bill Maule presented Helen Ralph with her first Sustaining Membership pin.  Bill Beaudoin is also a first time sustaining member but was in Alaska during the time of the presentation.  A sustaining member is someone who contributes at least $100 to the Rotary Foundation in any given year.
The following club members are repeat sustaining members:  Isaac Anderson, Mark Baze, Clint Boxman, Fredrick Branchflower, Walt Eliot, Karen Gibson, Don Hutchins, Suzanne Jenny, Nick Jewett, Gale Kirsopp (Gale is also a member of the Paul Harris Society), Jessica Larson, Naomi Maasberg, De’ Mackinnon, Stan Mack, Dan Martin, Nancy Martin, Breanne Martinez, Bill Maule, Randy Monlux, Skip Peters, Sondra Peters, Meisha Rouser, and Bob Winkel.
Please see De’ Mackinnon if you have not received your red “Sustaining Member” sticker for your badge.  Thank you to all for their generosity.
For 2015-2016, Club Has 25 Sustaining Members 2016-07-08 00:00:00Z 0

International Friendship Exchanges Coming up!

Want to travel to an exotic location and be hosted and entertained by local Rotarians?
Want to host and entertain Rotarians from a foreign country?
We have the chance to do either or both this coming year!  See below:
(and please note the short fuse for expressing interest...)
1. Have you ever wanted to visit Thailand?  Or already been there and loved it?  4-12 people from District 5020 will travel to Bangkok in late January or early February for 14 days.  Expression of Interest must be submitted from July 15-30 in order to be selected for the trip.  So, if you are interested, or have questions, don't delay.  Contact Stan Mack prior to July 15.
2. Also, we have an opportunity for a Rotary Friendship Exchange with Australia, November 6-19.  Similarly, a Call for Expression of Interest must be submitted between July 17-31.  If interested or have questions, contact Stan by July 15.  
Don't miss this chance-of-a-lifetime!  Take part in an International Friendship Exchange.  Travel, learn about an exotic country, make new friends, and just HAVE FUN!  See Stan for more details. 
International Friendship Exchanges Coming up! 2016-07-08 00:00:00Z 0

We're into our Summer Season...

OK, KNK Rotarians.  You all know that Summer is the peak fund-raising season for our Club.  Our recent highly successful Golf Classic was just the start.  This weekend we've kicked off the first weekly Beer Garden, and pulled off a great Fun Run on July 4th.  We need all hands to be pulling together as we man the Beer Garden every Saturday through the end of August.  Talk to Randy at a meeting, see what kind of help he needs, and COME ON OUT on Saturday evenings to help raise money for all our projects, and to just plain have a great time in Kingston. 
We're into our Summer Season... 2016-07-05 00:00:00Z 0

Blood Drive coming this week!

Our next Blood Drive will be Tuesday the 28th, from 12-6 PM at the Village Green Community Center.
Remembering the impressive presentation by Daniel & Elaine Johnson a couple of weeks back.  Here is a reminder of why Blood Drives are SO important:
After 18 years of monthly blood transfusions, Elaine Sonntag-Johnson is happy to report that she doesn't need them anymore. When she was first diagnosed with paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH), a rare disorder that causes the body to destroy its own blood cells, the only available treatment was transfusion of donated blood.
At the time, people diagnosed with PNH were expected to live only three to five years. With the help of hundreds of blood donors and nearly 1,000 units of blood components, Elaine beat the odds and lived long enough to benefit from a new treatment for the disorder.
"My husband always thought a treatment would be found," says Elaine. He was right. In 2007, the FDA approved a new drug, which prevents the breakdown of red blood cells. It works so well that Elaine rarely needs blood transfusions anymore. Now 52, Elaine works part-time as a social worker and enjoys every minute with her two kids. Doctors say she can expect to live a normal lifespan. Understandably, Elaine gets teary-eyed talking about the blood donors who helped her survive. "The gratitude can't be expressed—they kept me alive! They are quiet heroes, helping people they don't even know out of the goodness of their hearts. We have a blood center we can rely on every day, if people get sick or get into accidents. It's just there."
Blood Drive coming this week! 2016-06-22 00:00:00Z 0

It's FUN RUN time!

Now that the Golf Tournament is in our rear-view mirrors, we're looking ahead to the next big fund-raiser, which is of course the 4th of July FUN RUN.  We need as many Rotarians as we can muster to help with Registration, traffic control and the finish line, so come on out at our next meeting to get involved! 
It's FUN RUN time! 2016-06-20 00:00:00Z 0

Thanks for the memories!

THANK YOU to all you dedicated KNK Rotarians and friends who made the 10th Annual 2016 Rotary Classic an absolute SMASH Hit!
As Bruce said, most Golf Tournaments peter out after 2 or 3 years.  Clearly this one is HERE TO STAY!  Our incredible Golf Chairs Alice and Breane did an amazing job again this year, but it wouldn't be possible without the efforts of ALL of you helpers.  It was a fantastic day - and you are an amazing group! 
Thanks for the memories! 2016-06-19 00:00:00Z 0

The Dream has come true!

Our 20-year dream of a Kingston Community Center, Park and Playground came true on Saturday April 30th as Dave Wetter, Construction Chair for the Village Green Foundation, raised the flag over our fantastic new facility.  THANK YOU to the VGF members (including several Rotarians) and countless other Kingstonians who have made this come to pass.  What a great day for our Little City!
You can see here the whole VG Park, Playground and Community Center - all together an incredible accomplishment for even a large community.  For a village like Kingston - this is a game changer!  THANK YOU again to all who have participated.  Now: get down to the VGCC and volunteer to help run this place for the benefit of our community!
The Dream has come true! 2016-05-01 00:00:00Z 0

More Interact Adventures in Community Service

Our great KHS Interact team was on the go again last week - spreading 2 tons of gravel on muddy portions the Carpenter Reserve Trail that leads from Barber Cut-Off to Kingston High.  And they paid for the gravel themselves!  From the left, they are:Evan Jacobson, Brennan Jacobson, Duncan Platz, Sorana Nance, Eric Anderson, and Colin Veilleux.  WELL DONE again, Interacters!
More Interact Adventures in Community Service 2016-05-01 00:00:00Z 0

Blood drive coming soon!

submitted by Blood Drive coordinator Jon Sole
Next Bi-monthly Blood Drive Approaching Soon (May 3rd)
The drive will be held at Kingston Community Church on Hwy 104, across from the Firehouse movie theater, 12:00 to 6:00.
K-NK Rotary Club has been sponsoring this drive in support of BloodworksNW  for nearly ten years. We like to believe that our modest endeavor has contributed to the saving of lives in need of whole blood and/or its derivatives all over the state of Washington, including our own community.
A couple of thoughts for each reader to ponder: First, what if you, a loved one, a friend, a business associate, or simply a citizen of our own little community was the victim of some tragic occurrence and in urgent need of a blood transfusion to survive? How would you feel if no blood supplies were available? Perhaps you might remember the last time YOU had an opportunity to make a blood donation and did not. Secondly, what if the seismologists’ predictions came to pass and our Puget Sound area was struck by the “big one” (earthquake)? Can you imagine the need for blood to save lives—perhaps those of your own family members? Would there be enough to go around? Please consider these possibilities and show up on May 3 to do your small part, because blood works miracles every day.
About BloodworksNW (formerly Puget Sound Blood Center) has more than 70 years of Northwest history and 250,000 donors behind it. It is a local, non-profit, independent, volunteer-supported and community-based. A recognized leader in transfusion medicine, BloodworksNW serves patients in more than 90 hospitals in the Washington, Oregon and Alaska -- partnering closely with local hospitals to deliver the highest level of patient care. Comprehensive services include blood components, complex cross-matching, specialized lab services for organ transplants, care for patients with blood disorders, and cord blood stem cells for cancer treatment. They are one of a few blood centers in the U.S. doing leading edge research on blood biology, transfusion, thrombosis and blood disorders. Patients with traumatic injuries, undergoing surgeries or organ transplantation, or receiving treatment for cancer and blood disorders -- all depend on their services, expertise, laboratories and research. For more information, visit bloodworksnw.org.
Blood drive coming soon! 2016-04-23 00:00:00Z 0

THANK YOU NKFR for a great run!

April 27th marks our LAST regular weekly meeting at NKF&R's excellent HQ facility.  During our years here, our Hosts have been exceptionally good to us, and we want them to know they are appreciated!  So Thanks one last time, NKF&R.  We've really enjoyed seeing you every week!  Come visit us in the new Village Green Community Center starting next week. 
THANK YOU NKFR for a great run! 2016-04-23 00:00:00Z 0

THANK YOU, KNK Oenophiles!

Our Instant Wine Cellar was a great success at this year's Rotary Classic. THANK YOU to all you dedicated Rotarians who got us over the bar again this year.  The winner of this great raffle was our "own" Edmonds/Hansville Rotarian Will Caldwell, who as you know spends as much time with KNK Rotary as he does at home in Edmonds.  Congratulations, Will! 
THANK YOU, KNK Oenophiles! 2016-04-17 00:00:00Z 0

This is IT, KNK Rotarians!

The 17th of June is the 10th Anniversary of our Golf Classic!
Our Golf Tournament Committee has knocked themselves out again this year, and it's looking like this will be our best tourney ever.  But it's not over 'til it's over.  We need every one of our KNK Rotarians to come out on Thursday for the run-through, and again on Friday to work the many roles needed to make this a success.  If you don't already have an assignment or have forgotten what it is, please call Breane or Alice to get updated.  Then COME ON OUT on Thursday to coordinate, and again on Friday to help make this well-oiled machine run as smoothly as ever.  SEE YOU AT WHITE HORSE!!  
This is IT, KNK Rotarians! 2016-04-10 00:00:00Z 0

Bill wants your change

submitted by Bill Maule and Dan Martin
During a recent Club meeting, Foundation Chair Bill Maule announced that he hopes to revive an old Club tradition.  Some years ago, most members had been provided with small cardboard “banks”.  These were convenient places to dump one’s daily accumulation of small change.  A  few of our members have continued the tradition, but it has gone out of style with others. Also, many new members have never been part of  the program.  Let’s celebrate the past and try the banks again!
The idea is simple.  One of those little banks  is  a convenient  place for change, instead of just  dumping  it on the dresser for the cat to push  to the floor or a small child to be endangered by picking  it up.  Then, when the box is full, just close it up, print your name on it, and hand it to Gale, Helen or Bill.  Your pocket change will be converted to a check and sent to the Rotary Foundation in your name. The Foundation and its good work will   benefit, you gain some convenience, and you will be just that much closer to earning a Paul Harris Fellowship.
Bill reports that there were not many takers at the meeting, and threatens to keep reminding you! The banks will always be available at the welcome table at most meetings.  You won’t miss small change, and you will keep Bill quiet for a while!
Bill wants your change 2016-03-30 00:00:00Z 0

Village Green Work Party

submitted by Bobbie Moore
On March 12th, Two hardy college students, four hardy Rotarians, and all-around Kingston leader and Kiwanian Dave Wetter conquered the vegetation blocking visibility from the back of the beautiful new community center out to the skate park. K&C Landscaping's Kyle and Chris do contract work for the Village Green MPD; the four Rotarians were Mark Baze, Michele Fujii, and Walt Elliott & Bobbie Moore. We were blessed by a cessation in the wind and rain for the day and achieved our objective. Here are two pictures as proof that we were all there; that the community center can now be seen from the woods next to the skate park; and that Westside Pizza is a volunteer motivator. Well done, young and old! Thanks so much to all for setting aside three hours on a Saturday!
Village Green Work Party 2016-03-24 00:00:00Z 0

KNK Rotary supports LIteracy worldwide

submitted by Bill Maule and Fredrick Branchflower
The mission of the Cambodian non-profit organization, Non Timber Forest Products (NTFP), is to enable the members of indigenous communities, both men and women, to effectively and equitably participate in decision making, allowing them to choose their own future, in particular, to assure their rights in sustainably managing, using and developing their land and natural resources that form the basis of their livelihoods and cultural.  This program has recently spread it's work into neighboring Laos.
Non-formal Education
·         Increase literacy and numeracy among indigenous communities, in order to help communities improve their  livelihood, maintain their culture, and preserve their language and natural resources
·         Develop a sustainable pool of literates in both Kavet and Khmer
·         Enhance the indigenous communities’ capacity to solve problems and issues impacting their daily lives (e.g. health, environment, food security, natural resources management, etc.)
Above are photos of Lao literacy book printing and distribution, from our POC, Ann Thomas.  The Ratanakiri literacy staff (all ethnic minorities themselves) received a study tour from Laos (Ministry of Education Officials and Sekong Privince World Concern staff) in May 2015, so they have a part in supporting the literacy in Laos. Of the 1200 Lao literacy books photographed, most are for use with ethnic minority groups. Of these,  150  are being sent to Sekong Province in southern Laos, to the same people who came on the study tour. Sekong is the poorest province in Laos, and Ratanakiri is the poorest province in Cambodia. Cambodia and Laos are the poorest countries in SE Asia.
Moving from Asia to Africa,  literacy training has been at the center of another  Club project.  The Hamar tribe of Ethiopia abruptly lost its centuries-old nomadic life style when the epic African drought eliminated all pasturage for its livestock.  Now settled in villages,  tribe members subsist on food aid programs. GTLI (Global Team for Local Initiatives) is helping  tribal members  enter the modern world.  Our Club first donated to GTLI  for water wells and sanitation training, but in recent years GTLI and our Club concentrate on adult literacy and numeracy programs,  the first essential step for tribe members to open small businesses.  It has been mostly the women who succeed.  The first success was a small store, the only one less than a day’s walk away. Other tribe members have started small businesses, including such enterprises as pig or chicken farming, or opening drip-irrigated  market gardens.  None of this would be possible without that first step,  to learn to read and write and to perform basic business math.
Our Club will continue its interest in literacy programs, supporting the sponsorees  as they expand  programs from Laos to Cambodia, and from the Hamar tribe to neighboring tribes.
KNK Rotary supports LIteracy worldwide 2016-03-10 00:00:00Z 0

An update from Columbia

Submitted by De MacKinnon
Here is an excerpt from Emma's Smith's latest travel update from Columbia.  Emma is our Long Term Exchange Student from Kingston HS:
The highlight of this last month was definitely the second rotary trip. The 60 exchange students from my district, 4281 all met up in Santa Marta and we explored La Guajira, and Tayrona, a coastal region which attracts tourists from around the globe for its multi-colored ocean, beautiful beaches and unique communities of people still living by the old ways…we woke up at 4 am, and took buses to the entrance of the Tayrona trail, we had a 10 km walk ahead of us. As we hiked down the trail we got to see some cool animals, amazing views, and we visited several incredible rock hieroglyphics and an indigenous community,Pueblito Chairama.
We went and saw the place where they made sacrificial offerings, as well as the origin of a holy type of rock, and of course the beaches which included Playa San Juan del Guía, la Playa La Piscinita, y Playa de Arrecife . We shared the trail with horses and passed by several villagers heading to town to bargain. It was really cool to see how they lived and what they wore, their appearance struck me in a way I didn't think it would, I pondered over what we, the US could have done differently to allow the natives to continue their practices and way of life…The last day is always the hardest, having to say good bye to everyone. You don't really think much about it but a lot can happen in a week, bonds that last a lifetime… it really was a spectacular trip.
I am so grateful to have had this opportunity, it’s really such a blessing, and I really couldn't have asked for anything better, because plainly I just don't believe that it exists.
An update from Columbia 2016-03-03 00:00:00Z 0

Get CPR & AED Trained!

North Kitsap Fire Dept is offering a CPR + AED (Auto defibrillator Device) class at the Fire station on Miller Bay Rd. on March 12, 9:00 AM til 12:00 PM, $20 fee, contact Fire Dept to enroll.
Get CPR & AED Trained! 2016-02-25 00:00:00Z 0

Blood Drive coming soon!

Don't miss our next Kingston Blood Drive - March 8 at Kingston Community Church (Hwy 104 across from Firehouse movie theater) 12:00 PM ‘til  6+:00 PM.  Give a pint, save a life! 
After surviving heart failure, an implanted heart pump and two heart transplants, Pat Kelly had run out of options. His immune system was rejecting his second transplanted heart—just as it had the first—and Pat was not considered a candidate for a third transplant. The antibodies his body created were in his bloodstream, attacking and threatening to destroy his replacement heart.
To help protect his new heart and extend his life, Pat receives plasmapheresis treatments. Blood taken from Pat is processed through a centrifuge to remove the plasma, which contains the antibodies. New plasma from blood donors is mixed in with Pat's red blood cells, and the mixture is then returned to Pat's body.
The plasmapheresis treatments work well, and Pat has resumed coaching the youth baseball teams he loves. With Monica, his wife of 21 years, and their two sons, Pat embraces every single day. "We live for the moment, day to day, just enjoying the small pleasures in life," he says.
Blood Drive coming soon! 2016-02-25 00:00:00Z 0

Interactivity continues

submitted by Mark Baze
Interact held a hygiene drive at Rite Aide on 1/23 and 1/24.  They club netted one Ford Taurus load of Hygiene items for ShareNet.  A significant part of this success is due to secret weapons Kimmy (far right) who in a mere 5 seconds can hypnotize the hardest customer into trance of giving.
On superbowl weekend they held a food drive at Albertson, in this case accumulating 600 pounds of food for Kingston Food Bank, ShareNet, and Fishline.   For this event they used their tried-and-true method of good music and good dancing.
On the International stage, during the months of January and February the raised $300 in school coffee sales to go toward school supplies at the Huetares School in Costa Rica, which will be match by funds from our International Committee.
Way to go, Interacters! 
Interactivity continues 2016-02-19 00:00:00Z 0


submitted by Naomi Maasberg
The MONITORING PROGRAM of the Carpenter Creek estuary restoration project is critical to evaluation of its success and in demonstrating need for further restoration here and elsewhere around the Sound. The Monitoring Program is citizen-scientist based, with oversight and guidance from the professionals on the Stillwaters monitoring team.
Stillwaters uses this monitoring program not only for protecting the estuary and documenting the restoration work, but also to train and educate our local citizens and university students about the importance of watershed protection, and to create advocates for preservation of natural spaces.
In 2015, with support from folks like the Kingston – N.K. Rotary, Stillwaters was able to supervise 9 university and high school interns and 41 volunteers (including a couple Rotarians & Interact students) for over 1700 hours dedicated to science and education in the monitoring program.
You are what makes it work! Supporters like Rotary join the other local donors and the many volunteers who are making Stillwaters a vibrant addition to our community and our Puget Sound basin! With your contribution, you protect the critical estuary habitat and surrounding watersheds, you educate young ones from local schools and from all over the country, and you give university environmental interns critical job skills in field research, restoration and outreach. This year, you are providing a field site for a graduate student, also. Those students, our local citizen scientist volunteers, and the fish and wildlife all thank you!
ROTARY SUPPORTS YOUNG MINDS 2016-02-19 00:00:00Z 0

Severe Weather Shelter Training coming up

submitted by Stan Mack
There will be a special Severe Weather Shelter (SWS) training at 7 PM on February 16 at the old community center.  This is an approximately two hour session on mental health for shelter workers.  This is an excellent short course which will be interesting and valuable for anyone.  It will be presented by Kelly Schwab from the Crisis Clinic.  If you would like to attend, please contact Mary Gleysteen at marygleysteen@gmail.com as the venue may change if there is a shelter activation that evening.  This training is not a substitute for the Emergency Worker Certification, but volunteers are allowed to staff the shelter after completing a background check and before completing the SWS training as long as they are teamed with a trained volunteer.  
Severe Weather Shelter Training coming up 2016-02-05 00:00:00Z 0

A Scholarship THANK YOU letter

Extracted from a lovely, newsy letter from KNK Rotary Scholarship winner Izzy Beaulieu, who is attending Gonzaga Univ, by De' McKinnnon

"I am writing to let you know how my first semester at Gonzaga University has gone.  (It) was quite tough as I took Chemistry, Biology, and Calculus, along with core courses.  I knew how to work hard and have motivation from high school, but college really is quite different.  I learned you had to try your absolute hardest on every assignment in hopes of getting the grade you want.  I completed my first semester with a GPA of 3.79…
I may… major in accounting.  This would allow me to have many job opportunities…and leaves the door open for me if I want to go into the FBI.  They like candidates with a skill set in accounting…
You have truly made it possible for me to attend Gonzaga University, and I am forever grateful.”
A Scholarship THANK YOU letter 2016-01-26 00:00:00Z 0

See our Mission & Strategic Plan on our Website

A NEW feature on our website is a link to our current Mission and Strategic Plan.  See it just below the "Rotary Month" item at top left.  We hope this helps our non-Rotarian friends understand us just a bit better...
See our Mission & Strategic Plan on our Website 2016-01-17 00:00:00Z 0

Why we support our local Blood Drives!

submitted by Jon Sole
After his liver failed, it took 23 units of blood and the support of the Blood Center's Specialty Diagnostics Laboratories to sustain Gary Arvan through his liver transplant surgery. Primary sclerosing cholangitis, a disease of the bile ducts, had destroyed Gary's liver and threatened his life. A vibrant man with a wife and two sons, Gary was determined to raise his boys to manhood.
He made good on his promise. Not only did he achieve that goal, he rode the Seattle to Portland bicycle ride exactly one year after his transplant operation, played first base on his softball team, continued working full-time as a Boeing software developer, and became a proud advocate for the Blood Center.
Today, side effects from medication that prevents Gary's body from rejecting his new liver make additional blood transfusions necessary. Whenever he needs blood, the Blood Center is there, again. The boys—one now in college, one in high school—have grown up with their dad beside them to nurture and guide their journey. To the unknown people who donated the blood that helped save his life, Gary says, "I have been given a great gift, a gift of life, a gift of time, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart."
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Severe Weather Shelter update

submitted by Stan Mack

At the Kingston Cares Severe Weather Shelter (SWS) besides a warm dry place to rest and sleep, stories are shared.   An inclusive community grows.

The SWS, in the Kingston Community Center,  has been open, by  this writing, 19 days from Thanksgiving week through the New Years weekend. 19 active volunteers on 86 shifts have welcomed 32 guests in from the cold.  When the overnight weather is freezing or otherwise inclement the Kitsap County  Department of Emergency Management (DEM) announces an opening and alerts the volunteer list.   Volunteers sign up for one of three shifts from 5pm to 8am .  Two volunteers share a shift.  If the roster is filled by 11:30am that day the shelter is declared open.  Guests may check in between 6pm and 9pm.  If there are no guests by 9pm the shelter closes for the night. 

DEM notifies Kitsap Transit of shelter status, and the buses advertise the shelters (there is also one in Bremerton at the Salvation Army) are open on their electronic signs. The police, sheriffs department, fire stations and Tribal emergency services are notified. Our volunteers contact 36 local businesses who post "Shelter Open" signs in their windows.  The shelters are open to all.

It takes a lot of folks and energy to make our SWS happen.  If you are interested in being involved, please volunteer.  All volunteers receive a background check and 3 hours of training before receiving the DEM Emergency Worker certification and badge.  The next training is January 11.  Contact us if interested or call Michele at DEM at 360-307-5871.

Donating items is another way folks like to support the SWS.  We are grateful but unfortunately we have limited space to handle and store donations.  Please call Jim at 297-4579 to discuss what you have in mind.  We can best use gift cards for local businesses, debit cards, or cash. We have a 501c3 we can use.

The DEM, the Parks Department, the Library, Kitsap Transit, emergency services,  the local business community and  community members all join with  Kingston Cares  to make our shelter happen. 

There are 3 ways to get more information on Kingston's  Severe Weather Shelter or to contact us. Our  Facebook page is KingstonCaresNK. Our website is kingstoncaresnk.org. Our e-mail is kcaresnk@gmail.com.  We would  love to hear from you. Spread the word!  Join this growing inclusive community.

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NO MEETINGS ON DEC 23rd & 30th 2015-12-20 00:00:00Z 0


by Bill Maule
Foundation month has come and gone, and now we will begin to see the fruits of our labor. No, not really labor. It is simply that together we learned how to be flexible in the use of our personal Paul Harris Recognition Points.  These supplement the Club's Points used its on-going matching program to help members receive their first Paul Harris Fellowship.
Several applications are now in process.  In the next few weeks we will probably be able to present four first fellowships, and at least one second fellowship. Maybe more!
A big thank you to Members who have helped make this come to pass.
THE FRUITS OF OUR LABOR 2015-12-13 00:00:00Z 0

Why we support our local Blood Drives!

submitted by Jon Sole
After 18 years of monthly blood transfusions, Elaine Sonntag-Johnson is happy to report that she doesn't need them anymore. When she was first diagnosed with paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH), a rare disorder that causes the body to destroy its own blood cells, the only available treatment was transfusion of donated blood.
At the time, people diagnosed with PNH were expected to live only three to five years. With the help of hundreds of blood donors and nearly 1,000 units of blood components, Elaine beat the odds and lived long enough to benefit from a new treatment for the disorder.
"My husband always thought a treatment would be found," says Elaine. He was right. In 2007, the FDA approved a new drug, which prevents the breakdown of red blood cells. It works so well that Elaine rarely needs blood transfusions anymore.
Now 52, Elaine works part-time as a social worker and enjoys every minute with her two kids. Doctors say she can expect to live a normal lifespan. Understandably, Elaine gets teary-eyed talking about the blood donors who helped her survive. "The gratitude can't be expressed—they kept me alive! They are quiet heroes, helping people they don't even know out of the goodness of their hearts. We have a blood center we can rely on every day, if people get sick or get into accidents. It's just there."
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Christmas Food Drive

submitted by Jon Sole
Our benefactors/hosts for club meetings, the North Kitsap Fire & Rescue are jointly sponsoring a Christmas food drive for Sharenet and Kingston Food Bank. They are running a friendly competition with the Bainbridge FD to see who collects the most pounds of food up until 12/23. As a club we voted to help them out with donations.
Between now and the 23rd let's keep this in mind and all do what we can to help those in need at this holiday time plus give our firefighters a leg up on those Islanders down south. You don't have to wait 'til the next club meeting to donate; you can drop your contributions by the fire station lobby anytime during any day between now and the 23rd. I'm sure they will appreciate our help in this endeavor.
Christmas Food Drive 2015-12-11 00:00:00Z 0

KNK Holiday Party '16

KNK Rotarians celebrated another Holiday Season in two ways this year.  On the afternoon of Friday December 5th Rotarians were treated to a "hard hat" tour of the Village Green Community Center, now under construction and soon to transform our Little City for the foreseeable future.  What an amazing facility this will be for all of North Kitsap.  KNK Rotary is justifiably proud of the major role our members have played in planning, developing and implementing this fantastic project.
Following the VG tour, we gathered at the Axe Handle for our annual Holiday festivities.  Under the gentle guidance of our President Clint, we celebrated in the best Rotary fashion, as always.  And after more than enough excellent food (thanks Anna) and drink (thank you Axe Handle), we reprised our infamous White Elephant gift exchange, which can always be counted on to keep our Rotarians in the highest Holiday spirits.  Congratulations to all those who took home invaluable White Elephants, some of which will no doubt become family heirlooms!  Thanks to all who helped organize, and Happy Holidays to all of you! 
KNK Holiday Party '16 2015-12-07 00:00:00Z 0

The Power of Giving

Submitted by President Clint Boxman
Through a series of global grants, the Rotary Club of San Nicolás de Los Garza in Nuevo Léon, Mexico, and Rotary members in Austin, Texas, USA, have been expanding free health care in rural communities in three Mexican states. Your gifts to The Rotary Foundation support projects like this one, which involves mobile health units. The Rotary Leader has provided an excellent piece on this program and on The Power of Giving.  Read more here.
The Power of Giving 2015-11-29 00:00:00Z 0

A Foundation Hero

Our own Rotary Foundation Chair Bill Maule, who has been so ably cheerleading the Club this Foundation Month, was recognized by the award of his FOURTH Paul Harris Fellowship last week - presented by District Foundation Chair Bill McCarthy. 
Congratulations, Well Done, and THANK YOU for your Service to the Foundation, Bill!
A Foundation Hero 2015-11-15 00:00:00Z 0
Don't miss the Blood Drive - Nov 17th! 2015-11-15 00:00:00Z 0

Interacters are at it again!

Submitted by Mark Baze

It’s Fall, and again Interact members are showing up in front of Food Market doing impromptu song and dance routines that they call a food drive, and on Saturday, 10/24 they proved once again that a handful of kids doing song and dance routines can raise about twice as much food as a bunch of old f@%ts. About 5 full carts or one VW wagon.  Next food drive, 11/21.  Great job and great fun. Thank you Interact!

Interacters are at it again! 2015-11-10 00:00:00Z 0

Purple Pinkies to fight Polio...

Submitted by Sally Christy
At a recent discussion of the work of the Rotary Foundation Bill Maule chatted about polio eradication.  Then he passed it over to Clint who told all of us to paint both pinkies purple to represent it.  Apparently when groups are vaccinating many children around the world, they dip the child's pinky in gentian violet, a very purple substance, so they keep track of who has and has not been vaccinated. Now if someone asks why the purple pinkies, it's an opening to tell about R's goal. 
Purple Pinkies to fight Polio... 2015-11-10 00:00:00Z 0
MAD Committee at work 2015-11-10 00:00:00Z 0

KHS Interact Protects the Next Generation

submitted by Clint Boxman
At Kingston High School, the Interact Club is a place of weekly donuts and smiling faces. Though there is an upbeat attitude from the club, the high schoolers tackle heavy issues in the Kingston community. The teenagers gather every week and decide on problems in the area they feel they can help remedy. While Interact is linked to the Rotary, it is truly unique in its student-run and student-driven spirit.
The most recent project taken on by the group is one linked to a national organization with local efforts. The project, “Cribs for Kids”, works to provide safe cribs for low-income families. In Kitsap County, coroner Greg Sandstrom has led the charge for access to safe bedding.
Before deciding to join the cause, the teens learned the facts: that many babies lack safe cribs and instead sleep in hazardous beds or with their parents. They also learned that such dangerous conditions have been linked to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Up to 90% of true SIDS incidents are related to sleeping factors. After hearing these alarming statistics, the Interactors felt compelled to join the fight.
The students flocked to events such as Kingston’s “Concerts at the Cove” and Open House to collect donations for Kitsap’s safe bedding movement. In simply reaching out to passersby, the youths were able to collect $300 - enough for five cribs and the protection of five babies’ good nights’ rest. Kingston Interact Co-President Nolan Platz reflects, “This project has been a great step forward for the KHS Interact club. It’s awesome to look back on all of our hard work and have a tangible result that directly supports our community.” The group’s next project is a food drive. They would like to thank those that supported them in their efforts as they wrapped up their campaign with “Cribs for Kids”.
KHS Interact Protects the Next Generation 2015-11-07 00:00:00Z 0


Submitted by Foundation Chair Bill Maule

Without a doubt you  enjoyed a frightful, fun-filled Halloween, then enjoyed that extra hour of sleep to wake up refreshed to a brand new month.  I know you will not be surprised that I now remind you that the month  bears the name, Rotary Foundation Month.
On Wednesday I will try to be brief so there will be time for committee meetings during this Club Assembly.  I will just hit the highlights and remind you of the good things the Foundation accomplishes, with emphasis on one of its special efforts; the elimination of Polio worldwide.
On the 11th, we will hear from a District level expert who will bring the latest news from the Foundation, hoping  to inspire every dues paying Club member to contribute at least something to the Foundation this Rotary Year.  On the third meeting of the month there will be more gentle reminders of the Foundation and the benefits of contributing.   
As you know we will then yield to Thanksgiving Day preparations and will not meet again until December.  When you give your Thanksgiving Day thanks, remember the great good things the Foundation does, and its potential to help our Club accomplish its goals. Listen in during the month and learn how all that happens.
A BRAND NEW MONTH 2015-11-02 00:00:00Z 0


written by Brian King, submitted by Foundation Chair Bill Maule
Our contact at the Rotary Foundation rewarded us with a poem for Halloween. Although  the author failed to give proper credit to a certain Edgar Allan, the poem is  indeed suitable for the season.   I am sure you will survive the  faux-frights of Halloween. Then wake up in the morning  ready for  the first day of Foundation Month, a good time to  exchange "frights"  for "fights"  -  the real fights that Rotarians,  aided by the Foundation, carry out against the  real monsters - poverty, starvation, drought, disease, ignorance, violence and so much more. The Foundation won't engage in any "tricks" against you, but at least it will  provide  "treats" by recognizing you for your generosity.
Once upon a Rotary year-y, while I pondered, growing a bit leery,
Over whether every Rotarian, would give $100 or more.
My mind raced, now more wary, suddenly what I saw was terribly scary.
More so than ghosts or monsters or something rapping at my chamber door.
It was the image of a child, paralyzed, crawling on a dirt floor.
Only this and nothing more.
Ah, but this child I did not know, as she pained and suffered so.
Would not someone else see she was not left upon that dirty floor?
Rapidly my fear turned to sorrow for this child may have no tomorrow.
She was just another crawler, helpless and always to be poor.
Leaving it to someone else, leaves her on that dirty floor.
Nameless and alone for ever more
More images now, my fear grew stronger; hesitating then no longer.
Poverty, illness, hunger and so many victims of conflict and war.
So many living a nightmare, with whom our good fortune we can share.
No water or food or one to care; no education, for millions no open door.
No opportunity; no bright future, neither nor.
Darkness there and nothing more.
Who will help those in need; this desperate call who will heed?
“Sir," said I, "or Madam”, truly your support I implore;
Every Rotarian, everywhere, helped end this chilling tale if you dare,
help those in great despair, in our backyard and on another shore.
‘O the ways you can help are so many, please do explore.
And change the life of a child forevermore!
And every Rotarian, with no hesitation, responded without consternation,
Giving every year $100 and even more.
And the children’s eyes have all the seeming, filled of hope; and dreaming;
Their smiles now beaming, as Rotarians’ generosity there was an outpour;
And the lives of millions with so little to live for,
shall be lifted -- forever and ever more
A CHILLING HALLOWEEN TALE Brian King 2015-10-26 00:00:00Z 0

With a little help from our friends...

submitted by Beer Garden Chairman Randy Monlux, pics by Nick Jewett
I want to thank all that made it down to the tent last Sunday. Because of you and our friends the Kiwanians we were able to drop the tent in record time. We got it down and done in 45 minutes. We have no major tent activities until next May. I will be having a few beer garden committee meetings between now and then. Once again thank you for your support!
With a little help from our friends... 2015-10-20 00:00:00Z 0

We make a difference!

submitted by wandering KNK Rotarian Gene Medina...

How The Rotary Foundation and Rotary Clubs Make a Difference
For the past year, I have had the privilege of working with The Rotary Foundation’s, Basic Education and Literary Cadre.  The Rotary Foundation has a cadre for each of our six areas of focus (Basic Education and Literacy, Water and Sanitation, Disease Prevention and Treatment, Maternal and Child Health, Peace and Conflict Prevention and Resolution, Economic and Community Development--- As our club foundation chair, Bill Maule can elaborate about each).  Each cadre’s primary focus to provide stewardship and assist the Foundation to:
Ensure TRF funds are used effectively and for the purpose in which they were given.
Administer transparent and thorough financial and project management.
As Rotarian volunteers, it is our role to provide these services to the Foundation.

Technical Reviews
Advance Site Visits
Interim Monitor Visits
Post Project Site Visits
Operational Audits

These services are provided as
Application and project advisers

Technical reviewers
Site visitors
We make a difference! 2015-10-19 00:00:00Z 0

Don't miss the Kingston Community Open House 9/29

Come learn about the latest planning efforts for improving pedestrian access in downtown Kingston. Find out what local environmental organizations are doing to improve water quality on our beaches. See how construction of the new community center is progressing. Sign up for sailing classes. Learn about resources available to low-income residents to provide basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. All of this and more will be offered at the Kingston Community Open House that takes place 6:30 to 9 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 29 at Kingston Middle School on West Kingston Road.
Nearly 50 organizations will be represented at this event. County departments including Public Works, Parks and Community Development will have information on local projects. The Port of Kingston, schools, service organizations and other non-profit groups will also have informational tables, sharing details on economic development, environmental stewardship, human services, local food production, emergency management, regional trails networks and activities for all ages available in the community. Complimentary snacks will be offered to keep attendees energized and engaged. Children and families are welcome.

The Kingston Citizens Advisory Council hosts the Community Open House and encourages residents to attend this free event to learn more about what’s happening in the greater Kingston area, ask questions and find out about opportunities to get involved.

For more information, call (360) 337-4683 or e-mail hadams@co.kitsap.wa.us. 
Don't miss the Kingston Community Open House 9/29 2015-09-19 00:00:00Z 0

Beer Garden season is over

It was another great Beer Garden season.  Congrats to all our stalwart Beer Folk, a few of whom were caught hard at work here.
On August 22nd we welcomed our Kiwanian bretheren as bartenders for on that Saturday night.  A good time was had by all.  Thanks to Kiwanian Pat Bennett-Forman for the pics.
Beer Garden season is over 2015-09-14 00:00:00Z 0

Don't miss the Chamber After-Hours

submitted by President Clint Boxman
Kingston-North Kitsap Rotary Club and the Kingston Kiwanis are once again hosting the Kingston Chamber of Commerce After Hours Event on Thursday, September 10th at the The Port Of Kingston Beer Tent from 5pm - 7pm. 
In years past we have been the provider of beer and wine that remains left over from our Kingston Cove Concerts series. This year is no different. Our Kiwanian friends are bringing various potluck style dishes to snack on and I suggest that we volunteer and do the same. It'd be nice to have volunteers prepare some nice entrée dishes, pasta salads, chips and dips, cheese and crackers, veggies and fruits, desserts, etc. If you can do so, please let me know what you plan to bring so that we can have a better idea of what will be there.
Hope to see you there!
Don't miss the Chamber After-Hours 2015-09-06 00:00:00Z 0

2016 International Convention coming

submitted by President Clint Boxman

You’re invited to Connect with Korea — Touch the World at the 2016 Rotary International Convention in Seoul, 28 May-1 June. We plan to make it the most successful convention to date and attract a record number of Rotarians from across the globe.
The Rotary Convention is for all Rotarians, featuring information, activities, and exchanging ideas  
Seoul is an amazing destination with so much to offer — history, cuisine, culture, and shopping.
The convention provides an exciting opportunity to network, meet new people, and make lasting friendships
Attendees can participate in a meaningful project in the community.

The program features engaging speakers, spectacular entertainment, and House of Friendship events.
See more details on the website at www.riconvention.org.
Rotarians are encouraged to make their travel arrangements, including flights and hotel, together. You should should register before 15 December to take advantage of early registration savings at www.riconvention.org.
2016 International Convention coming 2015-09-06 00:00:00Z 0

Foundation NEWS, and NEW NEWS

by Foundation Chair Bill Maule

We now know that our Club will be honored for achieving ‘Every Rotarian Every Year’ (EREY) status for Rotary Year 2014-2015.  You met the challenge!  Every member contributed some amount to the Rotary Foundation and our average contribution was well above the $100 required – i.e. about $154. Although we may receive informal recognition from District 5020,  the actual EREY banner will not be sent from the Foundation to our District until October or November.  Thus it will be a bit later than that by the time we receive it.   But be assured that your  generosity is being honored!
That was the News.  Now for the New News.  For this Rotary year (2015-2016) the types of, and requirements for,  awards have been modified.  There will still be banner to recognize Clubs  when every member contributes something.  We certainly should be able to qualify for that.  The EREY recognition has been combined with the All Sustaining Members  Award.  That requires that every one of us becomes a Sustaining Member,  that is, having  contributed at least $100 during the year. Who knows?  We might be able to add that banner to our collection!  Already 32 of our 39 members  have reached that contribution level. Let’s go for it. Just think of it as  twenty nine cents a day!
Congratulations! You are not only generous,  you recognize all the good works the Foundation helps finance including, I hope,  a matching grant for a project  right here in Kingston.  More on that later...
Foundation NEWS, and NEW NEWS 2015-08-24 00:00:00Z 0

Last Chance Beer Garden this Saturday!

You have only ONE MORE Saturday to enjoy Kingston's great, free Concerts on the Cove this Summer.  Come on out and help Randy round up the season in style.  Set-up at 4:30, operations 5-8, then break-down from 8-8:30.   Don't miss this season's last concert.  Hoping to see you there...
Last Chance Beer Garden this Saturday! 2015-08-24 00:00:00Z 0

Interacters score for Cribs for Kids

submitted by Mark Baze
Our Interact Club raised over $50 for the Cribs for Kids program at the Beer Garden two weeks ago.  Well done to Sorana Nance, Meghan Elliot, Izzy Finch, Brennan Jacobson, Nolan Platz.
Interacters score for Cribs for Kids 2015-08-24 00:00:00Z 0
Come see what's up at The Point 2015-08-13 00:00:00Z 0

Proud to be a Rotarian!

submitted by Clint Boxman
Driving home yesterday from a long day at work (Gotta love Mondays - right?!) put a BIG smile on my face. Why? (See picture below)
From Lights at KHS, trailhead markers at Heritage Park & Quiet Place Park, our on-going involvement with the Food For Kids Program, our participation and on-going involvement with the Beer Garden at the Summer Concerts at the Cove, our on-going Blood Drive partnership, the Rea Mowery Picnic Pavilion and new playground equipment at the Village Green Park as well as our $100,000 pledge toward building our new Village Green Community Center, on-going support of eradicating polio (down to just two countries now!) to now this: the Kola Kole Pre-School Restoration.
What we've accomplished as a club in 10+ years (there is A LOT more that I didn't list) is awesome... and to see all of our club's hard work in action and near completion is inspiring! We can do just about anything that we set our minds to... I'm so proud to be a Rotarian - and so very proud to represent you as your President. I can't wait to see what our club's next project is...
Thanks for all you do!
Proud to be a Rotarian! 2015-08-13 00:00:00Z 0

Africa goes one year without a case of polio

From Rotary International:
Just a few days from now, on 11 August, we will mark a tremendous milestone: one full year without a single case of polio caused by wild poliovirus in Africa.
The magnitude of this achievement can hardly be overstated. A polio-free Africa has been within sight, so near and yet so far, for over a decade. The hard work and commitment that have brought us to this point have been nothing short of heroic. Tens of thousands of health workers reached hundreds of millions of children with vaccine, in some of the most difficult conditions imaginable. Together, we have done what once seemed impossible: We have stopped polio in Africa.
Yet this progress, momentous as it is, is still fragile. As long as polio exists in the two remaining endemic countries of Pakistan and Afghanistan, the virus still has the potential to spread and to spark new outbreaks. Now, more than ever, we need the power of all of Rotary to carry us through to the end: not just a polio-free Africa, but a polio-free world.
Wherever you live, whether your country has just conquered polio or has been polio-free for decades, we need your voice, and your help. I ask all of you to read and use the materials in this tool kit to find ways to raise awareness in your community, and beyond. We need every Rotarian, in every Rotary club, to be talking about polio: making sure that media outlets report on our progress and our elected officials see polio eradication as a global priority. Your grassroots work helps drive the increased media coverage we have seen in the past year, which in turn drives global backing of our work to eradicate polio. Together, we will keep polio front and center in our communities and on our national agendas, keeping up the energy and the momentum that will push us through to the finish.
The battle in Africa has, for the moment, been won, but we need the strength of every Rotarian to help us win the war. Together, we will End Polio Now and truly Be a Gift to the World.
Warm regards,
K.R. Ravindran
President, Rotary International

News media prominently featured Rotary and its 30 years of work to protect children from the crippling effects of polio when Nigeria marked its one-year milestone in July, including:
An Associated Press story that quoted Rotary’s national PolioPlus chair for Nigeria was published by more than 100 major and local North American newspapers, including the New York Times, The Globe and Mail, Seattle Times, Atlanta-Journal Constitution and Boston Globe.
The Houston Chronicle applauded Rotary’s work in a feature that ran on the front page of the paper’s City-State section and online.
A story in Time credited Rotary’s leadership: “For more than a generation, it has been Rotary that has led the drive to eradicate polio.”
Africa goes one year without a case of polio 2015-08-08 00:00:00Z 0

Another successful Blood Drive

Submitted by Jon Sole
As reported at our 7/29 meeting, I am pleased to report that our Blood Drive on 7/28 yielded 41 donors. Though not a record, any count over 40 is pretty good. However, by way of sniveling, I would note that our membership has historically been lacking in attendance at most of these events. We have 5-6 stalwart members that I can count on to assist me in setting up and tending these events, which I am most grateful for, but very few donor volunteers. I know of two this time around. Come on people, if our club is going to sponsor this event, I would think we ought to be able to muster at least ten donor volunteers out of a membership of forty or so. If we want to toot our horn to the community (following the precepts set forth by the MAD initiative) then we ought to consider doing so by showing up to our own sponsored activities.    
The next drive will be on September 22nd. Please mark your calendars.
Another successful Blood Drive 2015-08-07 00:00:00Z 0
Don't miss our great Concerts on the Cove 2015-08-03 00:00:00Z 0

The Beer Garden is in full swing!

Our "Concerts on the Cove" beer garden motors on, and as always Randy needs all the help he can get.  Please come out to help make this important event an ongoing success.  Every Saturday from now through the end of August - setup at 4:45 PM, Beer Garden operates from 5:30 - 8:30, break-down at 8:30 takes about a half-hour.  THANK YOU Randy for your continuing Leadership and inspiration with this event!  See you all there!! :-)
The Beer Garden is in full swing! 2015-07-12 00:00:00Z 0

SYNERGY - The Theme of the District Conference

By Foundation Chair Bill Maule
While most of our Club members were slaving away at the Golf Tournament, I was enjoying life at the District 5020 Conference in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. To compound that injustice, I want to tell you how much fun a District Conference can be! I also hope to persuade a few of you to attend the 2016 District Conference in Olympia.
I can include only the highlights – those that may provide a general impression and show that District Conferences comply with the fifth element of our Club’s  Four Way Test. For me, the most fun came from meeting and chatting with the inbound Long Term Exchange Students sponsored by Clubs from around the District. These bright lads and lassies were distributed among the tables at meal times, providing the opportunities to meet several of them. Earlier they had made an impressive sight in their “grand entrance,”  each proudly bearing a full size flag of the home nation. The posted flags served as a colorful backdrop for the rest of the conference.  The students had also produced a video of themselves, walking towards the camera at an accelerating pace, each in turn making the familiar thumb and finger gesture accompanied by “We’re This Close”  in the home language.  They and their counterparts here at home and around the world are the future, which they have well in hand.
SYNERGY - The Theme of the District Conference 2015-07-12 00:00:00Z 0

Next Blood Drive is July 28th - PLEASE donate!

Our next Kingston Blood Drive is coming on the 28th of July at the Community Church, across from the Firehouse Theatre, from Noon to 6 PM.  PLEASE come out to donate. We are in a blood shortage due to the weather - see the article below from BloodWorks NW:
Heat Wave Triggering Blood Shortage
High temperatures, summer vacations reduce community blood supply
Seattle, WA – Bloodworks Northwest has issued an urgent appeal for donors today after collections began to dip sharply as a result of the mounting heat wave and reduced collections caused by summer vacations.
“Even though summer just started, we’re already at the point where inventories of the most-needed blood types are approaching critical level – meaning we have only a two or three day supply,” said Clint Kendrick, senior director of collections and recruitment. “With record-breaking heat forecast over the next two weeks, we face serious shortages if donors do not come in to donate.”
Blood collections usually go down by about 15-20 percent during summer with schools and colleges on break and donors on vacation. “But extremely hot weather disrupts our mobile drives at locations without climate-control—because we suspend collections when temperatures go over 80 degrees to ensure the comfort and well-being of donors,” Kendrick said. “All our donor centers are air conditioned, but attendance still falls off as people stay home to avoid the heat.”
Next Blood Drive is July 28th - PLEASE donate! 2015-07-12 00:00:00Z 0

Thanks for a great Fun Run!

We had another excellent Fun Run on the 4th, which Rotarians and Kingston Runners turning out by the dozens to either help with the event or run in it, or both!  Numbers were somewhat down - due to the weather and timing, we think, as all the similar events in the area were also down in numbers.  But regardless - it was a great way to kick off the 4th.  THANK YOU to all who came out.  We look forward to seeing you next year!
Thanks for a great Fun Run! 2015-07-07 00:00:00Z 0

Another terrific Kingston 4th!

KNK Rotary had another GREAT July 4th - starting with the Fun Run and continuing through the Parade (thanks again Terry Jarvis!) and Tiny Town, which we celebrated with a substantial contribution and volunteer effort.  THANK YOU to all who participated.  It's events like this that make Kingston and North Kitsap such a great place to live!
Another terrific Kingston 4th! 2015-07-05 00:00:00Z 0

The Gavel passes on...

On Saturday June 27th the KNK Rotary Presidency passed from Isaac Anderson to Clint Boxman (our first-ever "retread" President).  Elayne Burton our Assistant District Governor did the Honors
The outgoing Board were congratulated for all their great work this year.
Sondra Peters was named the Rea Mowery Followship winner.
Meisha Rouser was awarded the President's Service Award.
De McKinnon was named Rotarian of the Year 2014-15
And finally Elayne passed the gavel from Isaac to Clint.  We welcome Clint to his second term as President and promise to support him in everything he does for Rotary and the Community!
Meanwhile - we couldn't resist a photo of Isaac's entire Brood arrayed at the end table.  Thanks for all you've done, Isaac!  See you in the new year.
The Gavel passes on... 2015-06-29 00:00:00Z 0

And then comes the BEER GARDEN

Starting on Saturday July 11th and running through August we'll once again be running the KNK Rotary Beer Garden at Mike Wallace Park, in conjunction with the Chamber's Concerts on the Cove.  Please see Randy to let him know that you'll be helping out this Summer.  See you there... :-)
And then comes the BEER GARDEN 2015-06-27 00:00:00Z 0

Thanks for a great Golf Tournament!

To all of you stalwart KNK Rotarians and friends who helped make the 2015 KNK Rotary Classic Golf Tournament a huge success - a heartfelt THANK YOU!
Most especially thanks to Stan and Alice Amas and the Committee crew, who did yeoman service in organizing and running this important event. And a HUGE thank you to each and every one of our wonderful SPONSORS, without whom this event could not take place.
You have all helped make Kingston/North Kitsap and the International community better through your efforts and your contributions!
See you next year!
As a footnote - our KNK Rotary North Sound Rotary Golf Challenge once again went to Poulsbo Rotary Club, this year captained by Walt Washington.  To make his day really complete, Walt also won the Instant Wine Cellar.  Congratulations Walt and Poulsbo Rotary!  Your trophy will be presented shortly.  The KNK Team (above) which was just squeezed out was Don Hutchins, Stan Amas, Skip Peters and Friend of Rotary Mike Norris.  Well done, gentlemen. 
Thanks for a great Golf Tournament! 2015-06-18 00:00:00Z 0

Next up is the FUN RUN!

It's time for another great Kingston event - the July 4th Fun Run, a joint effort of this Club and the Kingston Runners.  We've had a great time helping put this run on in past years, and it's a most worthy event on our Fundraising calendar.  Please come to this week's meeting to help us get organized, and see Clint or Dave to volunteer to help on the day! 
Next up is the FUN RUN! 2015-06-11 00:00:00Z 0

It's WINE time again!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  This incredibly generous Club has donated over 50 bottles of fine wine, making the Instant Wine Cellar a $1000+ value, which will be a huge draw at the tournament.  You know who you are!  You are all GEMS!  See you there.  :-)
It's WINE time again! 2015-05-25 00:00:00Z 0

The Tent is UP!

Our Tent-Meister Randy has done it again!  Aided and abetted by a huge working party of Rotarians, Kiwanians, Port Folk and just plain civic-minded Kingstonians, the Beer Garden Tent went up this morning in exactly two hours, with nary a hitch in the program.
THANK YOU Randy, and Thanks to all you good folk who turned out to make this go so smoothly.  You are all fine examples of why Kingston is such a fantastic place to live! 
The Tent is UP! 2015-05-18 00:00:00Z 0
Youth Mental Health 2015-05-04 00:00:00Z 0
Leadership and Service 2015-04-27 00:00:00Z 0
A place at the table... 2015-04-27 00:00:00Z 0
Kingston Complete Streets public meeting at KCAC 2015-04-27 00:00:00Z 0

KNK Rotary Supports the Foundation

submitted by Bill Maule
Of the forty-three Kingston Rotarians, thirty have earned recognition as Sustaining Members of the Rotary Foundation.  All contribute at least $100 a year to the Foundation, demonstrating their understanding of the importance of the Foundation in furthering the Club’s projects, around the world or right here in Kingston.
Twenty-two of those faithful Rotarians attended our meeting last Wednesday. They are pictured below just after they received their “Sustaining Member” pins.
Foundation Chair Bill Maule urged others to increase their annual donations to the Sustaining Member status.  He also urged those who do not donate at all, to begin to contribute, even small amounts, so that all members will become a part of the Foundation’s work.
KNK Rotary Supports the Foundation 2015-04-21 00:00:00Z 0
CPR Class coming 2015-04-21 00:00:00Z 0

Kingston Blood Drive results

submitted by Jon Sole
THANK YOU Kingston Community!  We were able to register 36 donors at the most recent blood drive. In January we registered 40 – that means already this year 76 donors have contributed 228 units to local hospitals (each unit yields whole blood, platelets and plasma).   
Kingston Blood Drive results 2015-04-12 00:00:00Z 0


submitted by Bill Maule

At last week's Club meeting, we learned that one of our members has been honored by membership in the Paul Harris Society. Thanks, Gale, for you generosity and your understanding of the importance of supporting the Rotary Foundation.  Of course, all of us who have worked on  our projects know the role of the Foundation in doubling or tripling our money, not only for International projects, but for those right here in Kingston.


At this week's meeting, we will learn that we have lots of other  members who understand the importance of supporting the Foundation.  We will honor those of  us who are Supporting Members, those who contribute at least $100 a year. Those 30 members will be presented with pins to celebrate their support.


Are there others among us who want to join the 30?


Open House is a great success!

Many thanks to the KNK Rotarians who organized, set up and ran our first-ever Spring Kick-Off open house on Friday at the Oak Table, and THANK YOU to the dozens of non-Rotarian community members who stopped by to learn what we're about, where we're headed in Service to our Community, and who gave us their ideas on prioritizing our Service work in the coming year.  We hope the two-way exchange was beneficial to all concerned, and look forward to more of the same in the coming year.
Open House is a great success! 2015-04-06 00:00:00Z 0

Its time to Swing for Rotary!

Stan and Alice have done a GREAT job with planning for this year's tournament.  Now it's up to the rest of us to get those Golfers signed up!  Please contact your Golfing friends and acquaintances and remind them that time is running out!  Sign up now!!
Its time to Swing for Rotary! 2015-04-04 00:00:00Z 0

Upcoming KCAC presentation of interest

(Port Orchard) -  The Kitsap Public Health District will present information on pollution investigation efforts in the Kingston community at the next meeting of the Kingston Citizens Advisory Council that takes place 7-8:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 1 in the North Kitsap Fire & Rescue Paul T. Nichol Headquarters Station, 26642 Miller Bay Road NE, Kingston. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend.

 Shawn Ultican, Senior Environmental Health Specialist at the Kitsap Public Health District, will report on activity in the area including monitoring the health of local streams, marine water and shellfish with the Pollution Identification & Correction program that focuses on finding and fixing sources of bacterial pollution. He will also share on research the Health District has been doing with the University of Washington on new methods for detecting pollution from human activities.   

 For more information on KCAC, www.kitsapgov.com/boards/CAC/kingston/kcac.htm .

Upcoming KCAC presentation of interest 2015-03-26 00:00:00Z 0

We're breaking ground!

Kingston's future is literally about to start growing before our eyes.  The Village Green Foundation will host a Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Village Green Community Center project on May 3rd at 4 PM at the site.  Please come by to share the event and help eat some Apple Pie at the Rea Mowery Pavilion. 
We're breaking ground! 2015-03-26 00:00:00Z 0
Don't miss this great event 2015-03-19 00:00:00Z 0

Don't miss the Blood Drive - TOMORROW!

Submitted by Jon Sole
Our next Kingston Blood Drive will be held on June 2nd, time and place as always.  Please come on out and help us equal or better our excellent results from last quarter.
Don't miss the Blood Drive - TOMORROW! 2015-03-15 00:00:00Z 0
First Annual Spring Kick-Off is April 3rd! 2015-03-15 00:00:00Z 0

Don't miss our next Blood Drive

Submitted by Jon Sole
Our next Kingston Blood Drive will be held on March 31st, time and place as always.  Please come on out and help us equal or better our excellent results from last quarter.
And Oh By The Way: our partner organization has just announced that Puget Sound Blood Center is now Bloodworks Northwest! The name is new, but we have 70 years of Northwest history and 250,000 donors behind us. We are local, non-profit, independent, volunteer-supported and community-based. A recognized leader in transfusion medicine, BloodworksNW serves patients in nearly 90 hospitals in the Washington, Oregon and Alaska -- partnering closely with hospitals to deliver the highest level of patient care. Comprehensive services include blood components, complex cross-matching, specialized lab services for organ transplants, care for patients with blood disorders, and cord blood stem cells for cancer treatment. We’re one of a few blood centers in the U.S. with 70 scientists doing leading edge research on blood biology, transfusion, thrombosis and blood disorders. Patients with traumatic injuries, undergoing surgeries or organ transplantation or receiving treatment for cancer and blood disorders -- all depend on our services, expertise, laboratories and research. For more information, visit bloodworksnw.org.
Don't miss our next Blood Drive 2015-03-15 00:00:00Z 0

The Dream becomes reality

On March 5th the Village Green Foundation Board resolved to commit over $7M dollars to construct the new Village Green Community Center, including a new Kingston Regional Library, Boys & Girls Club and Senior Center.  The construction contract is being awarded in the next few days. Groundbreaking is being scheduled for April and the project will be completed early in 2016.  This tremendous leap forward for Kingston and North Kitsap County has been made possible through grants and donations by hundreds of our friends and neighbors including KNK Rotary Club. Financing includes loaned capital against future fundraising efforts, and the Foundation has kicked of the Green Heart Campaign to complete raising the necessary funds for this incredible project. Please share this with your family, friends and neighbors and encourage them to dig deeply and help make this new Community Center come to life.
The Dream becomes reality 2015-03-06 00:00:00Z 0

Don't miss this meeting

This week's meeting will include a short presentation from Kingston High School student Martha Rabura, who's doing a Girl Scout Gold Award project centered on establishing a children's library in Sierra Leone. She will tell us how and why she got started with this project and how we as Rotarians can help the project succeed.  Don't miss it!
Don't miss this meeting 2015-03-02 00:00:00Z 0
SAS Radio Presidents' series - President no. 10 2014-10-11 00:00:00Z 0

Haunted Fairgrounds still needs volunteers

The haunt is just a week away and Jessica and Scott need our help.  The link provided below will take you to the sign up sheet.  We are a small club, this is a big event, everyone needs to pitch in.  Please go to the link and sign up for a slot today!!!  Click HERE
Haunted Fairgrounds still needs volunteers 2014-10-05 00:00:00Z 0

Interacters are into Haunting!

A great turnout for the first meeting of the Kingston High School Interact Club! Many of them will participate in Kitsap Haunted Fairgrounds.
Interacters are into Haunting! 2014-10-02 00:00:00Z 0

KNK Rotary Parades again!

Our Club joined dozens of North Kitsap organizations and had a ball walking the Kingston 4th of July Parade again this year.  If you were there - thanks for helping celebrate!  If you missed it - plan on being there next year.  This is the greatest little parade (and the longest running) West of the Mississippi, and we're thrilled to be part of it.  :-)
KNK Rotary Parades again! 2014-07-06 00:00:00Z 0

Fun Run kicks off Kingston 4th of July!

Once again this year, the Kingston Running Club/KNK Rotary Fun Run was the "opening gun" (in more ways than one!) to the Kingston 4th of July Celebration.  Thanks to all the great runners who made the event a success, and all you great volunteers who made it work.  We love you all!
Fun Run kicks off Kingston 4th of July! 2014-07-06 00:00:00Z 0

Victory Music Festival starts KNK Rotary Beer Garden Summer

Kingston's fantastic July 4th ceremony was immediately followed by the 2nd annual Victory Music Festival on the 5th. KNK Rotary volunteers pulled together to get the Beer Garden operation up and running for the event.  Net proceeds from that evening's Beer and Wine sales go to the Victory Festival's benefit charities - the Seattle Children's Hospital and the Kingston Coffee Oasis project.  (Photo by Johnny Walker/Almost Candid Photography)
Don't miss the upcoming concerts on the cove every Saturday at 5PM, through August 23rd - where the Beer Garden will be running to Support all of KNKget free music, great beer & wine, see your friends and neighbors and make a charitible contribution all at the same time.  And oh, by the way - HAVE FUN!
Victory Music Festival starts KNK Rotary Beer Garden Summer 2014-07-06 00:00:00Z 0
SAS Radio Presidents series - Episode 7 President Skip Peters 2014-07-06 00:00:00Z 0

Golf Tourney a huge success

Congratulations and THANK YOU to Golf Chairs Breane and Karen and all the Golf Committee for another fantastic Kingston Rotary Golf Tournament at White Horse.  Thanks to all our excellent sponsors too.  This year's event was the best yet, and saw the KNK North Sound Rotary Team Challenge trophy change hands from Poulsbo Rotary to Silverdale Rotary.  Congratulations Silverdale!  Thanks to all who participated - hope to see you next year. 
Golf Tourney a huge success 2014-06-22 00:00:00Z 0

4th of July Fun Run coming soon!

With our Golf Tournament in the books, the Kingston Fun Run is up next.  This great (and growing) event is truly a hoot - and with one mile, 5k and 10k courses on tap has something for everyone.  Walk, Run or Jog to the Barber Cutoff Medical Center on the morning of July 4th for a great way to start the 4th of July celebrations!  Just click HERE for details...
4th of July Fun Run coming soon! 2014-06-22 00:00:00Z 0
SAS Radio Presidents' series episode 6 - Dan Martin 2014-06-08 00:00:00Z 0

Quiet Space Park gets a big boost from KNK Rotarians & Friends

submitted by Mark Libby via Clint Boxman:
We had a great work party Saturday morning: a fun group to work with,
hardworking and productive,  and we even lucked out with good weather.
In attendance were:
Helen Ralph
Frank Ralph
Walt Elliott
Bobbie Moore
Bill Beaudoin
De MacKinnon
Stan Mack
Carolina Veenstra
Dave De Bruyn
Evan Stoll
Mary Gleysteen
Mark Libby
The task to build a gravel bed for an all-weather trail through the muddy
areas was the labor intensive and time consuming task of the day, and
involved most of the crew most of the morning.
Bill was the operator of the power wheel barrow and moved a high percentage of  the 4  yards of crushed rock that was used in the trail building. Carolina took Helen and Bobbie in tow and spend 3 hours removing invasive plants.
After 2 hours of trail building, Walt shifted projects and accomplished the north fence repair in a single handed effort . About 11:00, Dave De Bruyn grabbed a couple of guys and started the sign post project.  Dave, Frank, Walt and Elliot stayed until well after 1:00 and the team finished the installation of 5 of the sign posts.
Thanks much to all you dedicated Rotarians and Kinstonians who did so much, in so little time, for the benefit of our community.

Quiet Space Park gets a big boost from KNK Rotarians & Friends 2014-06-03 00:00:00Z 0


Submitted by De McKinnon

Our rotary club awarded a grant to the KHS debate team to help fund trips to three national tournaments.  Five students have already competed at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN in the National Individual Events Tournament of Champions. Seven students also traveled to Chicago over Memorial Day weekend to compete in the NCFL Grand National Tournament; and, two students will compete at the NFL National Speech and Debate Tournament in Overland Park, KS in June.  KHS Debate is a member of the exclusive National Forensic League's "Top 100 Club".  Congratulations and WELL DONE KHS Debate Team!


Food for Kids Program, Summer, 2014

Submitted by Gene Medina,

It’s that time again for us to begin planning for Food for Kids, summer, 2014.
Food for Kids focuses on providing children at Wolfle Elementary School food support for children during and after summer school.  Some important things to know:
The school district’s free/reduced meals program (breakfast and lunch) does not operate through the summer months
Did you know that 59% or 226 of 383 students at Wolfle Elementary qualify for free or reduced breakfast and lunch?
Food for Kids, now entering its fourth year, was established in summer, 2011 through an energetic community partnership between Wolfle Elementary School and the Kingston Rotary, Kingston Kiwanis, Port Gamble S’Klallam’s Early Childhood and Family and Children’s Services programs, ShareNet, and Kingston Food Bank. These groups focused on working together to respond to this gap in services for children.  This past summer, both the Kingston High School Interact and Key Clubs joined the partnership.
Food for Kids Program, Summer, 2014 2014-05-27 00:00:00Z 0

Update #5 Aqua Caliente

Submitted by Gene Medina,

More Eco Toilets for Aqua Caliente:  Rotary’s continuing work in Lake Izabel area, Guatemala
Aqua Caliente is a medium size village of approximately 300 families on base of the foothills of Lake Izabel in eastern Guatemala. It is about 20 miles from Rio Dulce, a hurricane hole for sailboats and other seacraft.  Most of the men work either in the sugar cane fields below or on the road construction project in the area. The women take care of the children and maintain their homes. The average family has 4 children, with a range of one to eight children. Microfinance has yet to evolve here but with the completion of the eco toilets project, we will be expanding our focus to community and economic development.
For the past several years, our Rotary partners (Sequim and Bainbridge Island) have been installing working to improve the living and sanitation conditions in Aqua Caliente. Forty-five  (45) eco toilets have been installed and a new global grant (2013-14) is currently funding the construction of 80, more, which will be completed by next month.  Following completion of this grant, we will be implementing a third global grant, which will fund the final set of 22 in 2014-15.  It is projected that this initial phase of water and sanitation work will be completed by spring, 2016. 
Update #5 Aqua Caliente 2014-05-27 00:00:00Z 0
SAS Radio President's series V - Phil Dorn 2014-05-12 00:00:00Z 0

Don't miss the Installation Ceremony for our new Board!

Submitted by Sondra Peters

Save the Date for our Annual Induction of Kingston Rotary OfficersThe Port of Kingston Tent is the place, 6:30 PM on June 27th is the time, $17 per person is the dinner fee - which will be included in your quarterly Club Dues statement.  Please RSVP on our website: view the Installation Dinner Event and "register" yourself and guest(s), or let Sondra Peters know with an email to sondipeters@centurytel.net.  Your Rotary account will show a charge of $17.00 P/P or you may send a check to Kingston Rotary, PO Box 832, Kingston, WA 98346, marked Rotary Installation Dinner.
Don't miss the Installation Ceremony for our new Board! 2014-05-08 00:00:00Z 0

Blood Drive coming this Tuesday, May 20th!

Submitted by Jon Sole
Don't miss next week's Blood Drive!  And if you've wondered if this is worth doing - read on!
After 18 years of monthly blood transfusions, Elaine Sonntag-Johnson is happy to report that she doesn't need them anymore. When she was first diagnosed with paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH), a rare disorder that causes the body to destroy its own blood cells, the only available treatment was transfusion of donated blood.
At the time, people diagnosed with PNH were expected to live only three to five years. With the help of hundreds of blood donors and nearly 1,000 units of blood components, Elaine beat the odds and lived long enough to benefit from a new treatment for the disorder.
"My husband always thought a treatment would be found," says Elaine. He was right. In 2007, the FDA approved a new drug, which prevents the breakdown of red blood cells. It works so well that Elaine rarely needs blood transfusions anymore.
Now 52, Elaine works part-time as a social worker and enjoys every minute with her two kids. Doctors say she can expect to live a normal lifespan. Understandably, Elaine gets teary-eyed talking about the blood donors who helped her survive. "The gratitude can't be expressed—they kept me alive! They are quiet heroes, helping people they don't even know out of the goodness of their hearts. We have a blood center we can rely on every day, if people get sick or get into accidents. It's just there."
Blood Drive coming this Tuesday, May 20th! 2014-05-08 00:00:00Z 0

Where are they now?

Submitted by Bill Maule
As we wait impatiently for the arrival of Mavi,  the incoming Short Term Exchange youth from Italy, and the good times she will have with Kingston’s Cammy,  my thoughts turned back to a previous exchange we had with that country. Kingston’s Simon Campo and Italy’s Marco Parolin made a handsome pair riding Jon Sole’s red convertible in the July 4 parade.  It is more difficult to check on Marco, but  good  news from Simon is at hand.

 Many of you will remember Simon, at that time a Junior at Kingston High School.  Not satisfied with just being a star soccer player, he was an honor student and served as co-President of  the KHS National Honor Society. Not to shun the arts, he is also a self-taught pianist and was studying digital graphics.

 But what has become of him?  He told us when applying for the exchange that his dream was “to see the world.”    We have just heard from him and learn that he is still pursuing that dream.  He is now finishing his second semester at the University of California at Berkeley, but will soon be heading abroad again. If all goes well he will  spend his summer in South Africa  studying at the University of Cape Town. His two courses are on social injustice and community development. In his words, he is “really excited to get to work with the local community.”

 Now listen up, all you Kingston High students.  Simon writes, “I hope more kids are getting involved with STEP. It was an incredibly eye-opening experience”. That is what Rotary exchanges are all about.

Where are they now? 2014-04-29 00:00:00Z 0

Village Green Playground expansion

On Thursday and Friday last week the VG Playground expansion became a near-reality.  Just a few more detail bits and the two new swing sets will be up and running.
A great crew of Rotarians, Kiwanians, Almost-Rotarians and just plain great Kingstonites turned-to, planted swingsets in concrete, poured the concrete border, and filled the new area with about one bazillion cubic feet of play bark. Even Penelope helped!
Village Green Playground expansion 2014-04-19 00:00:00Z 0

Guatemalan Rotary Journal Update #4 Aqua Caliente

Submitted by International Service Chair Gene Medina
After we visited Tablitas, one of the three villages, we moved on to the  second village, Aqua Caliente. This is the village where we are funding eco toilets and assessing the possibilities for replacing the current water system. First, an update on the water system. Our Rotary partnership funded a site survey of the current system to assess the issues. We found that there is plenty of water, but it is extremely polluted with coliform and E. Coli so the issue has shifted from water system replacement to, first, resolving the water filtration issue .  In the meantime, our Rotary club partnership has decided to move forward on a 3rd eco toilets  global grant for the 2014-15 Rotary Foundation funding year and move the water system and filtration issue into 2015-16  funding year. It will take more time to identify the best strategy for responding to the filtration issue prior to designing the new water system.  We are working with the Water and Sanitation Rotary Action Group as well as Engineers Without Borders on the water issue.
Guatemalan Rotary Journal Update #4 Aqua Caliente 2014-04-13 00:00:00Z 0

Kingston Community Forums on at-risk youth

Posted on Apr 12, 2014

Submitted by President-Elect Isaac Anderson

You are cordially invited to attend the last of three progressive community forums to discuss at-risk youth in Kingston, and to garner support for bringing The Coffee Oasis to Kingston. The forums on March 20th and April 10th were very successful.  The final forum is scheduled for May 1st.

By attending these forums, you will gain insight into the issues of at-risk youth in the Kingston area, you will learn about The Coffee Oasis mission and youth programs, you will have an opportunity to explore solutions with other like-minded people, and you will have an opportunity to initiate a drive to help The Coffee Oasis establish a Kingston location.

You will also hear from informative speakers such as Kitsap County Commissioner Rob Gelder, Mayor of Poulsbo Becky Erickson, Dr. Scott Lindquist, Health Officer of the Kitsap Public Health District, and David Frederick, executive director of The Coffee Oasis. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions in a forum setting.

These community forums are a project of Leadership Kitsap Class of 2014, and are sponsored by the Kingston Rotary Club, the Greater Kingston Kiwanis Club, and the Kitsap Community Foundation.

All forums will be catered by The Coffee Oasis with light hors d'oeuvres and refreshments. Please RSVP to coffeeoasiskingston@gmail.com. Additional information is available on Facebook.



Kingston Community Forums on at-risk youth Donald Hutchins 2014-04-13 00:00:00Z 0

Last chance for Whistler! Get on board while you can...

Submitted by Al Abbott
Rotary Club of Gig Harbor
District 5020 Public Image/Public Relations Chair

As you all know by now this year's District Conference is in Whistler BC at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler on May 2-4, 2014.  Join District Governor Pete Taylor in Whistler to celebrate the accomplishments of the year!  2014 District Conference will offer a diverse roster of excellent speakers focused on Engaging Rotary to Change Lives.  You’ll have a chance to rub shoulders with other Rotarians, enjoy fellowship and be inspired.
While you’re in Whistler looking for Pete, take some time to enjoy a round of golf, relax at the resort spa, or take in the beautiful mountain scenery and enjoy the great outdoors.

If you're planning to go, better act fast.  The Chateau has very few rooms left at the preferred $139 rate, so Now's the time to get that Conference Registration and book your room.

You can take care of all of this easily by visiting the District Website: www.rotary5020.org  It's on the home page.  It's simple so even I could do it...

See you in Whistler.  We'll all be looking for Pete Taylor.  First on to find him gets a prize.

Thank you for making Rotary a part of your life,


Last chance for Whistler! Get on board while you can... 2014-04-13 00:00:00Z 0

Potential Suquamish-North Kitsap Rotary Club?

Sounds interesting, doesn't it?  Rotarian (and Commissioner) Rob Gelder discussed this subject at the Poulsbo Rotary this morning.  If you are interested in participating in formation of a Suquamish Club, please feel free to contact Rob and offer to help. 
Potential Suquamish-North Kitsap Rotary Club? don 2014-04-11 00:00:00Z 0

Village Green Working Party

submitted by Stan Mack

The Village Green Foundation playground installation is April 17 and 18.  The 17th we will be doing concrete work to build the curb and the 18th we will finish the curb and spread the chips.  We will meet at 0900 and a lunch will be provided. Contact Matt House with questions matthwpp@gmail.com 

Village Green Working Party 2014-04-11 00:00:00Z 0

Installation Dinner Re-Scheduled - SAVE THE DATE!

In view of the Golf Tournament falling on the day before the original date, the Installation Dinner has now been scheduled for Friday night, June 27th.
Please revise your calendars accordingly: 
Please join your local Rotary Club for our annual INSTALLATION-OUTSTALLATION DINNER AND CEREMONY Meisha Rouser - outgoing president Isaac Anderson - incoming president
Friday, June 27th, 6 PM - 9 PM
Port of Kingston Tent
Casual Attire
Cost per person:  $15
Look for RSVP invite posted to Club Runner to provide your RSVP soon.
Installation Dinner Re-Scheduled - SAVE THE DATE! 2014-03-24 00:00:00Z 0

Leadership Kitsap says "Thanks"

Submitted by Isaac Anderson
To the Kingston Rotary,
Please accept a sincere and heart felt thank you from our entire Leadership Kitsap team for your support of our community gathering of The Coffee Oasis - How We Can Do It - Forum I held last evening at the Kingston Middle School Commons. We are so appreciative of your community involvement in many aspects which also lent credibility to our forum.
Your presence was warmly felt as you greeted the guests, manned the the welcome table and ensured guests were signing in for the event in such a gracious manner. Your gift of $300.00 secured the location and paid for the catering of Coffee Oasis refreshments. The sound system and microphones made sure that all the participants could clearly hear the speakers.
The community of Kingston continues to build a safety net for all residents and we are especially thankful that you realize and understand the seriousness of the challenges for youth at risk in Kingston.
Again, thank you for how you have supported our Leadership Kitsap team!
Warm regards,
Bob Pusey, Rick Andren, Donna Moreland, Cathlene Norris, Audrey Wolf and Isaac Anderson.
Leadership Kitsap says "Thanks" 2014-03-24 00:00:00Z 0

Blood drive is coming! MARCH 25 – 12:00 TO 6:00

submitted by Jon Sole

Engage friends and family:

Invite friends, family members, and neighbors. Blood donation at your drive can

be an easy, meaningful service opportunity for high school and college students

out on break. Involve young adult volunteers who can help recruit new donors.

Meanwhile, here's a great story to illustrate just how important YOUR donation is:




On May 18, 2012, Jon and Jennifer Campbell celebrated the birth of their first daughter, Hannah Mae. Their joy turned to worry with the discovery that Hannah’s heart was enlarged and beating too fast. She was transferred to Children’s Hospital in Seattle where her heart seemed to stabilize. Her doctors were feeling positive that she would outgrow her heart problems. The Campbell family felt hopeful as they brought Hannah home from the hospital. However, fear and uncertainty soon took over after a routine cardiology appointment sent her straight back to Children’s for more tests and intensive care. The summer was a roller coaster of bad news, blood transfusions, surgeries, xtensive tests, and hope for a fix. Tests showed she had hypertrophic cardiomyopathy— a combination of heart conditions that no other patient had ever survived before.  


Blood drive is coming! MARCH 25 – 12:00 TO 6:00 2014-03-21 00:00:00Z 0

Guatamala Update #4 Tablitas - More eco toilets

Posted by Donald Hutchins on Mar 15, 2014

Submitted by International Service Chair Gene Medina

More Eco Toilets for Tablitas

Tablitas is a small 250 family village in the hills overlooking Lake Izabel in eastern Guatemala, about 30 miles from the Caribbean. Most of the men work either in the sugar cane fields below or on the road construction project in the area. The women take care of the children and maintain their homes. Microfinance has not evolved here as yet.

For the past several years, our Rotary partners (Sequim and Bainbridge Island) have been installing working to improve the living and sanitation conditions in Tablitas. Twenty five (25) eco toilets have been installed and 15 more are currently under construction as part of the 2nd  global to this area.  Here are the old and new toilets...





 You can see in the new eco toilet photo that it is 80% complete and need  the front door which is currently being built by village carpenters.

Guatamala Update #4 Tablitas - More eco toilets Donald Hutchins 2014-03-16 00:00:00Z 0

Kingston Cares!

Posted by Donald Hutchins on Mar 15, 2014

Submitted by Stan Mack 


Kingston Cares is a group of concerned citizens, including several Kingston North Kitsap Rotary members, which has formed to address the problems of marginalized youth, homelessness, food security, and poverty in North Kitsap.

Kingston Care's mission is "to partner to create opportunities by identifying needs, expanding resources, facilitating connections and educating the community."

   Their first project has been accomplished by working with Kitsap County Parks and Recreation to build and erect a community bulletin board at Billie Johnson Skatepark.  Information about existing social services which are available to homeless and low income Kingston residents including shelter, food, housing, and employment assistance will be posted.  The other side of the board is available for community announcements.

    Kingston Cares is also supporting the Community Forums organized by Leadership Kitsap to inform the public and support bringing the Youth Services of Coffee Oasis to Kingston.  

    The third project is to provide a Severe Weather Shelter. This type shelter is operated under the auspices of the Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management (DEM).  DEM would open the shelter under specified severe weather conditions, but the shelter would be staffed over night by trained volunteers.   

    Kingston Cares is in the process of organizing as a non profit corporation in Washington State, approving bylaws, and electing a board of directors.  Kingston Cares can be contacted through the website at https://sites.google.com/site/kingstoncaresforyouth/

The next meeting of Kingston Cares is Thursday, April 10 at 9:30 AM at the Kingston Financial Center. The meeting is open to anyone who has an interest in the mission of Kingston Cares.

Kingston Cares! Donald Hutchins 2014-03-16 00:00:00Z 0

Rea Mowery family celebration at his home

Posted by Donald Hutchins on Mar 15, 2014

Submitted by Clint Boxman

ImageI just wanted to update you on the date the Mowery family was hoping to have us all come and celebrate the life of a great man and Rotarian - Rea Mowery. The Mowery family would like to invite anyone who is available to drop by his house, at 28228 Hansville Rd. NEthis Thursday, March 20th, between 4 pm and 6 pm to visit and share some incredible memories.


Sorry for the late notice, but I was just informed the house will be going on the market this upcoming Saturday, so they felt this was probably our last chance to get together here. I know this is the day/night of Kingston Cares (among other things), but it was the only day their whole family - who want to express their gratitude  for all of the support Rea's friends, and especially Rotary friends, gave him over the years - could gather. Light food and beverages will be available. Let me know if you have any questions.  


Thanks for all you do!

Rea Mowery family celebration at his home Donald Hutchins 2014-03-16 00:00:00Z 0
ServiceAboveSelf Presidents' series - Episode III - Chuck Atcheson Donald Hutchins 2014-03-09 00:00:00Z 0
Our friend Rea is remembered by the District Donald Hutchins 2014-03-09 00:00:00Z 0

Update #3 from Guatemala- San Lucas Toliman Ecotoilets

Posted by Donald Hutchins on Mar 01, 2014

Submitted by International Chair Gene Medina

Our Rotary funds at work- Eco Toilets in San Lucas Toliman:

During our visit to Guatemala, we met with the Rotary team that is implementing the San Lucas Toliman eco toilets. Our club is a partner with four other District 5020 clubs (Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo, Sequim, and Tumwater) and the Vista Hermosa Rotary Club in Guatemala City. This past September, we received a $57,000 global grant to install 85 eco toilets in San Lucas. These eco toilets are part of Rotary’s efforts to improving sanitation conditions for members of the San Lucas Toliman community. Additionally, it is part of larger efforts to clean up the Lake Atitlan environment and improve the overall living conditions.  There are about 15 United States and Canadian Rotary clubs, our club included, that are partners with Todo Por El  Lago,  a partnership of Guatermalan Rotarians.  It is the goal of the international partnership to install eco toilets, water filters and safe stoves in many homes of Tolima.n.  To participate, home owners must assist in the installation of the eco toilets, stove and filters as well as participate in hygiene and maintenance training and contribute at least 70 hours of community service (e.g. cleaning the streets and helping others install their toilets or stoves.  Attached are a few photos: (1) the older “facilities”,


Update #3 from Guatemala- San Lucas Toliman Ecotoilets Donald Hutchins 2014-03-02 00:00:00Z 0

Support our Buccaneers!

Posted by Donald Hutchins on Feb 21, 2014



 4th Annual Fund Raising Auction
Saturday, March 8 – 5 pm at White Horse Golf Club in Kingston

Join us for a fun- filled evening that includes:

  • Live and Silent Auction Items
  • Wine Toss and Dessert Auction
  • Putting Green Game

 For Tickets call Marjorie Gaines at 360-340-4698 Or email fundraising@khsboosters.com

 $45 each or $90 per couple - cash, credit and checks accepted.
Price includes a generous assortment of hot and cold entrees plus complimentary drink tickets.

 We're still accepting donations too! Call Hope at 360-620-9969 or email hope@peninsulamcdonalds.com

Support our Buccaneers! Donald Hutchins 2014-02-22 00:00:00Z 0

Kick it with Kenya Dinner/Auction

Posted by Donald Hutchins on Feb 15, 2014

Submitted by Michele Fujii

I've attached a poster for an upcoming fundraiser that we're holding in downtown Seattle.  It's a dinner with fine Mexican cuisine and a silent auction.  Items include so far:

A coffee/golf kit

A ski/brewery trip

O.R. Jackets

graphic design work

a photography session

a signed Bill Walton basketball

a signed Sounder's Soccer Ball

Some pretty cool stuff.  The seating for dinner is limited and there's a few spots left, but the silent auction is open to anyone! 

Thanks!  Hope to see you all soon!



Kick it with Kenya Dinner/Auction Donald Hutchins 2014-02-16 00:00:00Z 0

Joint Rotary/Kiwanis meeting coming up soon!

Posted by Donald Hutchins on Feb 15, 2014

Submitted by President Meisha Rouser.

We will have a joint meeting with the Kingston Kiwanis club to talk about doing community projects together.  Please join us for fellowship and partnership:

February 27th, ThursdayImage
7:00 am
Oak Table Restraunt

Everyone is welcome!  See you there...


Joint Rotary/Kiwanis meeting coming up soon! Donald Hutchins 2014-02-16 00:00:00Z 0
ServiceAboveSelfRadio President's series - Episode No. 2 Donald Hutchins 2014-02-16 00:00:00Z 0

Update from Guatemala

Posted by Donald Hutchins on Feb 15, 2014

Contributed by International Committee Chair Gene Medina from the road...


Hola Kingston Rotarians

This is the second update from Guatemala. On Sunday (2/2) our group of Rotarians (8 US and 6 Canadians) headed northwest to Retalhuleu and a visit to several microfinance projects.

As a brief background, microfinance(aka microcredit) provides low interest loans (typically 3%) to small groups of women entrepreneurs (N=15). The Retalhuleu program has 14 small groups and is coordinated by local Guatemalans (1.5 staff). These groups of women borrow 2500Q ($325) to 4000Q ($520) for periods of 3 to 6 months. These funds are used to buy chickens, baby pigs, cosmetics, beads, and other materials at low cost and sell or resell them (eggs, chickens, bracelets, cosmetics, etc) at local markets. This income provide money for their children’s education, food for the family and other things they choose. On the average, they earn $75-$100 per month for families income. Additionally, these groups provide support for the members who are dealing with issues of machismo and abuse and alcoholism from their husbands/partners. They are also a source of support for women’s rights in Guatemala. Built into the program are required savings for the education of their children and family savings (minimum of 10% of the amount borrowed). Program has been operating for the past 5 years and is extremely successful in providing a source of income for the members and new skills entrepreneurship skills.

In the next segment, we head to San Lucas Toliman on Lake Atitlan for a visit to our "eco-toilets" projects. More to come in next week’s bulletin


Update from Guatemala Donald Hutchins 2014-02-16 00:00:00Z 0

District Leadership Training Assembly (DTLA) is coming. Register now!

Posted by Donald Hutchins on Feb 05, 2014

Rotary District 5020 DLTA

Hotel Grand Pacific, Victoria BC

March 29 to 30, 2014


Welcome to the 2014 DTLA Information Portal. This year our theme is BYOB - Build Your Overall Bench-strength. Our goal is to inform and train our leaders and future leaders to work within Rotary, and inspire them to build strong clubs and develop great projects. District 5020 is fortunate in having many talented trainers to assist clubs with member training and leadership development. DLTA is one of the most important events in our district, combining education, networking and idea sharing, all the while building friendships amongst members from the top of Vancouver Island all the way to the Columbia River. 


 We welcome you to DLTA 2014 and hope it will offer you the chance to Build Your Overall Bench-strength.



Registration is open!  Just visit the portal HERE


District Leadership Training Assembly (DTLA) is coming. Register now! Donald Hutchins 2014-02-06 00:00:00Z 0

Kingston Middle School Career Day is a big success!

Posted by Donald Hutchins on Feb 05, 2014

submitted by Poulsbo Rotarian Gary Nakamura

Thanks so much to the Poulsbo and Kingston Rotarians who participated in this second annual event at our Middle School.  

Those who attended (including this Editor) had a ball, and felt it was very well received by the students.  We look forward to next year.  Thanks to Gary for organizing!


Kingston Middle School Career Day is a big success! Donald Hutchins 2014-02-06 00:00:00Z 0

Report from Antigua, No. 1

Posted by Donald Hutchins on Feb 02, 2014

Contributed by International Committee Chair Gene Medina

Hola from Antigua

It's 6:00 pm here so you folks are about ready to head to the Poulsbo Yacht Club and setting for tonight's celebration. 

Give our best to all.... And have a glass of bubbly for us.
As promised, here is my first update from the adventure to Guatemala, the Central America Rotary Projects Fair and tour of our project villages. 

I have attached a brief narrative for the newsletter and some photos, one in particular that club members should enjoy.... 12th Man Fever in Antigua.... Enjoy. Gene

Gene, I'm sure that yesterday's Seahawks win was due in part to their international support.  Thanks!  Don


Report from Antigua, No. 1 Donald Hutchins 2014-02-03 00:00:00Z 0

We start our second Decade of Service!

Posted by Donald Hutchins on Feb 02, 2014

Submitted by Dr. Tom Lamar - our very own Podcasting Guru

KNK Rotary, under the helm of President Meisha Rouser and with the help of District Governor Pete Taylor and our Congressman Derek Kilmer celebrated our first Decade of Service and kick-started our second on Saturday evening February 1st at the Poulsbo Yacht Club.

BUT the celebration of our Decade of Service is far from over....  The video we showed Saturday night was designed not only for those in attendance... but also for that could not attend... to remind us of our history and allow us to celebrate this moment, yes.... BUT, in line with President Meisha's vision, it was also designed to allow the COMMUNITY to celebrate right along with us.

So in that spirit.... I want to encourage you to watch this video (or watch it again) and then SHARE it.  Facebook it.  Tweet it.  Pin it. Email it.  Engage with with.  Get it out there!

Let's make this thing go viral so its message can spread and the Rotary Spirit can take hold and catch fire in the hearts and minds of those that see it.... in our community and around the world.

Check the video out on our podcast website and view some pictures of the Gala Event: HERE

Or watch the video directly on YouTube: HERE

Thanks a million to all who helped put on this fantastic event, including Co-Chairs Nancy Martin and Sondra Peters!


We start our second Decade of Service! Donald Hutchins 2014-02-03 00:00:00Z 0

Our next Blood Drive is this Tuesday! Don't miss it.

Posted by Donald Hutchins on Jan 25, 2014

sent by Jon Sole, our Blood Drive Coordinator

PATIENT STORY: Father-daughter duo survives leukemia

The Cryan family story is an inspirational one. It is a story of a father and daughter who survived a long journey with a rare, genetic blood disorder

and leukemia – together – because of blood and bone marrow donors.

Louisa was an active pre-teen and soccer star. Three years ago, she was diagnosed with leukemia, a  cancer affecting her bone marrow, at the age of 12. Five months after diagnosis, Louisa received a transplant of healthy stem cells through Puget Sound Blood Center’s Cord Blood Program. Stem cells are the “parent” cells of all blood cells and are found in the bone marrow of adults and the circulatory system of infants. Cord blood stem cells can be used in place of bone marrow stem cells when a donor match cannot be found. The Cord Blood Program works with local hospitals and parents who choose to donate the umbilical cord and placenta containing stem-cell rich blood from the birth of their baby. The stem cells Louisa received replaced her damaged blood cells and reversed her leukemia.

Our next Blood Drive is this Tuesday! Don't miss it. Donald Hutchins 2014-01-26 00:00:00Z 0

Focus on Intenational Service

Posted by Donald Hutchins on Jan 25, 2014

Contributed by Gene Medina

Your International Service Committee: So What Do We Do?

As you know, our club is very involved in the Greater Kingston Community through our wide range of community projects varying from support for the Village Green Park and Community Center project, Summer Food for Kids project and our local blood drive to actively supporting Stillwaters Environmental Center, local food banks, and providing college/university scholarships for Kingston High School graduates.  And yes, it is exciting to do this work in partnership with other community groups: Kiwanis, Port Gamble S’Klallam tribe, ShareNet, Kingston Food Bank and our local Chamber of Commerce to name a few.

While we have incredible focus on our local community, it is important to know the breadth and depth of our international work. Image

Focus on Intenational Service Donald Hutchins 2014-01-26 00:00:00Z 0

Kingston Cares!

Posted by Donald Hutchins on Jan 21, 2014

(contributed by Fredrick Branchflower)

Kingston Cares Projects

December 2013


Kingston Cares is an informal group of concerned citizens who have been meeting since mid-October 2013 to explore ways to help homeless youth and adults in Kingston.  Two ideas have emerged as short-term projects: 

1) A Severe Weather Shelter, which will be opened as needed (determined by weather) to allow homeless individuals a warm and dry place to sleep during extremely cold, wet, or stormy weather.  It will be staffed by trained volunteers.  A similar Severe Weather Shelter has been operating in Bremerton for the last several years, increasing in usage each year.  This project is being developed in partnership with the Kitsap Department of Emergency Management, the Red Cross, and Bayside Church. 

2) A Community Bulletin Board, to be located near the Village Green, which can be used to advertise community services and available resources for low-income and homeless individuals.  This project is being supported by funding from the Kingston Rotary and also has support from Kitsap County Metro Parks.

Other key partners in these projects include the Greater Kingston Kiwanis Club, North Kitsap Fire & Rescue, the Kingston Chamber of Commerce, the Village Green Pea Patch, Leadership Kitsap, Coffee Oasis and many other citizen volunteers.  The Kingston Cares group plans to continue meeting to develop additional longer-term projects to assist those in need of emergency housing in Kingston. 

Kingston Cares! Donald Hutchins 2014-01-22 00:00:00Z 0

A Distinguished Rotarian passes...

Posted by Donald Hutchins on Jan 12, 2014

ImageOur Senior and most Distinguished Rotarian, Oscar "Rea" Mowery passed on Sunday Jan 12, in San Diego surrounded by his Children, Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren.  In the words of Past President Clint: "Rea - there aren't enough words in this world to tell you how much you meant to our club, to this community and to the thousands of lives you touched in your 90+ years on this planet. We are truly blessed to have known you and to have been in your presence. The world has lost one of the greatest Rotarians to have ever lived... We will miss you partner!"


A Distinguished Rotarian passes... Donald Hutchins 2014-01-13 00:00:00Z 0

ServiceAboveSelf Radio is back on the air!

Posted by Donald Hutchins on Jan 11, 2014

Our very own Radio Jock, Dr Tom Lamar, is working on an interview series with each of our Presidents, as part of our 10th Anniversary Gala celebration.  Tom's first interview with President No. 1 (and Past President of Poulsbo Rotary) Brad Brown can be heard right here.  Just click on the logo.


ServiceAboveSelf Radio is back on the air! Donald Hutchins 2014-01-12 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary announces president for 2015-16; first Sri Lankan ever to lead the organization

Posted by Donald Hutchins on Dec 28, 2013

EVANSTON, Ill., USA (Dec. 23, 2013) — K.R. “Ravi” Ravindran, a business leader from Colombo, Sri Lanka, will be the 105th president of Rotary International – a global network of 1.2 million volunteers dedicated to tackling the world’s most pressing humanitarian challenges.

Ravindran, a member of the Rotary Club of Colombo, will begin his one-year term on 1 July 2015 as the first Sri Lankan to hold Rotary’s highest office. Ravindran says a top priority will be to strengthen clubs by attracting men and women committed to improving communities worldwide through volunteer service.

From supporting local food pantries to providing clean water in remote villages, Rotary clubs join forces to carry out impactful and sustainable projects at home and abroad.  And Rotary members often are both first-responders and re-builders when major disasters strike, because Rotary clubs are present in every corner of the world. To read the complete news article, click here.

Rotary announces president for 2015-16; first Sri Lankan ever to lead the organization Donald Hutchins 2013-12-29 00:00:00Z 0

We NEED your votes!

Posted by Donald Hutchins on Dec 28, 2013

As of Sunday AM, we are in second place by just 500 votes.  The lead has swung back and forth several times in the last week.  PLEASE - Vote daily, from each internet device you own, through 31 December at


We CAN do this!

We NEED your votes! Donald Hutchins 2013-12-29 00:00:00Z 0

KNK Rotary - making a difference in Cambodia!

Posted by Donald Hutchins on Dec 16, 2013

ImageYou will remember the $1000 grant our Club made to Anne Thomas for her literacy project in remote Ratanakiri Province in Cambodia.  We were pleased to receive this report last week on her progress:

Hello from Ratanakiri,

 I am just back from another visit to Kavet literacy classes (to distant hamlets this time) to see some of my backwoods scholars.  Enroute to each of the  villages or hamlets,  I see  students or teachers on the trails hurrying to classes before nightfall, as the 16 classes reach even the most far-flung hamlets.   Again I was thrilled to see first hand the continuing success of the literacy program,  especially since I have not been able to make village visits to this area since early 2011.

One of the hamlets is an additional  9 km (5.4 miles) on the narrowest of jungle trails beyond the farthest village site. The motorbike ride was breathtaking (i.e. I held my breath much of the way).  There are vines and branches reaching out to try and pull you off the bike at ever turn.  I have only done that track on foot or bicycle before.

KNK Rotary - making a difference in Cambodia! Donald Hutchins 2013-12-17 00:00:00Z 0

The Food Drive Rocks on!

Posted by Donald Hutchins on Dec 14, 2013

With our Michele Fuji Coordinating, and our Interact Club's super support, we had another terrific Food Drive on Saturday.  Way to go, all of you!







The generosity of this little Community never fails to warm our hearts!  Merry Christmas to you all!!

The Food Drive Rocks on! Donald Hutchins 2013-12-15 00:00:00Z 0

A great Christmas Party was had by all...

Posted by Donald Hutchins on Dec 08, 2013

This just in:

KNK Rotary Heralds the Christmas Season with the warm glow of

A Country Christmas”….


This past Friday evening at the Indianola Clubhouse we gathered to have fun and open the Christmas season for the membership. To those who may have been unable to attend, my condolences; you were missed and you missed a time of good food, laughter and fellowship.


We are indebted to Sondra Peters, as in the past, she did all the heavy lifting. If it wasn't for all her days of running around to find a venue, gathering the team to handle all the parts and pieces, and getting all the decorations, lights, and other elements together, the party would never have happened. A special "thank you" to Sondra (and to Skip for his assistance as well) and to the following people:


Don and Sue Hutchins who came to help set up

Helen and Frank Ralph who helped with setup and cleanup

Jessica and Scott Larson, along with Suzanne Jenny, who washed and dried the mound of dishes after the event

To my wife Kathy, who did a little of everything

And to all of you who brought all the delicious food (and wine) along with those always fascinating White Elephant gifts.


I think I speak for everyone when I say that a great time was had by all. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  HO, HO, HO and all that stuff…


Jon Sole

And THANK YOU, Jon for all your good work as party Host this year!  - Ed

A great Christmas Party was had by all... Donald Hutchins 2013-12-09 00:00:00Z 0

THANK YOU, Blood Donors!

Posted by Donald Hutchins on Dec 08, 2013

From the Puget Sound Blood Center:


Thank you life-savers of Kingston for giving at the blood drive last Tuesday.  The time you take out of your day matters and makes a difference in the lives of people in our community.  There were 40 registered donors, which means that 120 lives were impacted by your donations.


A special thank you to the NK Rotary for sponsoring the drive and Kingston Christian Church for accommodating us, and all the volunteers who make these drives possible.


A few facts in case you are wondering if your donation and your continued commitment truly makes the difference in someone’s life:

FACT:  We need to collect nearly 900 donations every day to meet the needs of local patients.  Including trauma, cancer, immune system diseases, surgery, heart disease and transplant patients – just to name a few.   And, to maintain a supply in the event of an emergency or natural disaster.

FACT:  The blood, plasma and platelets your donation provides cannot be created in a lab.  It is only through your volunteer donations that we can provide these lifesaving substances to patients.

FACT:  There is a shelf life to your donation, so the need is constant.  You are eligible to donate every 56 days

THANK YOU, Blood Donors! Donald Hutchins 2013-12-09 00:00:00Z 0

Kingston Rotarian finishes the World's toughest race!

Posted by Donald Hutchins on Dec 04, 2013

Our own Beth Brewster, owner/operator of Kingston Adventures, has put Kingston into the record books by finishing the 2013 Ultraman World Championships held last week on the Big Island of Hawaii.


This grueling endurance contest, open only to a very small number of proven world-class athletes, consists of a 6.2 mile open-ocean swim, 260 miles of bicycle racing and a 52.4 mile double marathon run, all conducted over three days.   Beth finished 4th among the women, and 23rd overall with a total race time of 32 hours, 17 minutes and 35 seconds.  CONGRATULATIONS BETH!  KNK Rotary and all of Kingston are SO proud of you! 

Kingston Rotarian finishes the World's toughest race! Donald Hutchins 2013-12-05 00:00:00Z 0

2014-15 Club Officers and Board

Posted by Donald Hutchins on Dec 04, 2013

At our Dec. 4th meeeting the Club unanimously approved the nominating committee's slate of officers posted below. 

Please notice the positions still needing fills!  volunteers for any of these positions should contact Isaac Anderson asap.

Kingston Rotary Club 2014-15 Officers and Board:

Board Members

President Elect - Nick Jewett         

Vice President - Randy Monlux

Secretary - Gene Medina

Treasurer - Jerry Tellinghuisen

At Large Board Member #1 - Bob Winkel

At Large Board Member #2 - Dé Mackinnon


Sergeant at Arms - Doug Hallock